Tuesday, July 2, 2013


“I wish the bald eagle had not
been chosen as the representative
of our country; he is a bird of bad
moral character; like those among
men who live by sharking and
robbing, he is generally poor,
and often very lousy. The turkey
is a much more respecta"

~Ben Franklin

Remember these?
Well, I had four to

and I loved them
and talked with them,
took their photos,
and even told a certain
wee little girl she could
have one of her own.
Then something awful happened.
She ate three of them and
killed the the fourth.
I live in the country,
I know these things

happen. It's the
circle of life, but I
my heart was broken
and I cried.
One of my daughter's in love
knew how I felt, made a trip
to the feed store and showed
up at my door with two little babies
for me to love.
And love them I do.
 They are really growing,
and while we thought we
had a Lily and a Daisy,
 It is looking more and more
like Lily might just be a
Which is fine with me,

I just hope I can
have a few more
eggs to hatch.


  1. Oh so sorry Tracey. I know how hard this is, we had three chicks disappear a few weeks ago, broke our hearts.

    Happy there are two more to make you smile again.

  2. That's one of many reasons why I'm too scared to try to raise chicks. I find it hard enough to deal with a neighborhood cat having five kittens one week and only seeing three the next. :/

    *big, big hugs*

  3. Oh how sad. We had a similar thing happen years ago with some chickens. Breaks your heart. A couple of dogs got in and carried off two hens just the other day. As you said, just part of being in the country/on a farm.

  4. So sorry about the loss of your first little ones, but we're looking forward to the further adventures of Daisy and Leroy!

  5. oh no! that is terrible. ((hug))
    maybe leroy and daisy will make wee babies??

  6. Oh my! I'm so sorry, Tracey! Even though you know it's the circle of life, it's still such a frustrating loss. That is a big snake. *shudder*

  7. Gosh that is a sad tale, I do not think I could see death that closely. But how nice your daughter in law to be gave you more love to hold!!

  8. Oh how sad!!! I know nature is at work but it's such a sad thing at times. Your new ones sure are cuties too though! How sweet of your daughter in love to bring them for you!

  9. The cycle of life can be sad...when I got in the car to give Hannah a lift to work this morning I had to wash off a little broken egg from the cherry tree above.
    But on the bright side...welcome Leroy!

  10. a sad story, but with a happy ending....let's hope leroy and Daisy are in love soon!

  11. That is one big snake. What kind is it? How sweet of your daughter in love to bring you new turkeys. She's good people.

  12. Holy Crap that's a big snake.
    Farming isn't for the faint of heart.
    I am so glad you got more "babies."
    Speaking of farming, I have a sick chicken and I bet you are the person to ask about it....

  13. P.S. Did you ever see the (I think PBS) show about the man who lived with the wild turkeys? It is AMAZING and you must see it. If you have not heard of it, let me know and I will find you the name.

  14. That mean old snake...I would have cried too! I like the name Leroy :)

    I hope you have a wonderful 4th...



  15. Oh no, how sad. Hope Leroy/lily and Daisy grow up big and strong. I saw the Turkey man show recently too (as above Lady Cordelia) - it truly was amazing - you must see it!

  16. Oh I am so sorry Tracey! May Leroy and Daisy help mend your broken heart!!
    Happy July 4th lovely lady!!

  17. Oh, knowing that it's the way things are doesn't make it any easier to deal with. I hope the new babies help!

  18. Man, that snake was huge! Where'd he come from? Poor baby turkeys. Sorry you lost them. But these two new ones have a home with you now.