Sunday, November 22, 2015


Every accomplishment starts
with the decision to try.

~ Unknown

I have spent most of my
weekend knitting, organizing
for knitting, making lists of
things I want to knit, and
looking at patterns.

After spending some time
loving my home I hopped
in my Mike's truck and drove
to the yarn store [Coastal Knitting
if you're in the area] just so I
could pick up some more
Top This hat kits that I talked
about in this post. I spent some
time there visiting with the
owner, Judy, [that's her in the
photo with the squirrel] one
of my most favorite people
on this planet, She and Ann,
another awesome soul, were
making wee scarfs for their
Christmas critter displays.
There is something about
visiting a yarn store that just
makes my whole day happy!

On my way home I stopped
to pick up my mail and found,
the most lovely package from
Stefanie of Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons
Thank you Stefanie, for everything!
Not only did Stefanie knit the softest
socks, she made the cutest bookmark
and bracelet, a woman of many talents!
There is still time to donate socks
if you forgot.

Sunday has been blue skies, organizing my
yarn stash and taking inventory, sugar
cookies, relaxing and more hat knitting.

How about you?

Joining Karen for Weekending.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


In life you will realize there is a role
for everyone you meet. Some will
test you, some will use you, some
will love you and some will teach
you. But the ones who are truly
important are the ones who bring
out the best in you. They are the
rare and amazing people who remind
you why it's worth it.

~ Unknown

My mornings have been slow
this week. I've taken the time
to watch the sun rays come
thru the bedroom curtain ,
 or I've slowly walked
and felt the rain on my
 and  been totally awed by the
setting sun.
 I've spent time with my
knitting and tea, finding
comfort in these every day
things, especially after a
rough morning of being
attacked by my rooster Hercules.
While we both survived
the incident, I left bleeding
and bruised and I will admit
to being more than a
little upset.  I now
walk in the yard with
a really big walking stick!
I made a huge batch
of granola, and I have
been snacking on it
for days; adding cardamom
is what sends it over the
 There was some  really great
mail, more socks for the homeless,
[I know of more that are coming in
so it's not to late if you want to con-
tribute], along with some special
gifts from a dear cousin.
 I had lunch out with my Mike
at a favorite Mexican restaurant
 and then there was a visit
to my favorite yarn store
to smell the yarn fumes
and pick up a few things.
 I discovered this really adorable
hat kit, instead of adding a pompom
to the top it comes with a little animal head,
the wee giraffe came home with me.
I knit a hat that I am pretty stoked about,
it has reflective strands running thru it
that will reflect light, [ex: headlights] when
worn at night. It's the perfect running/walking
I spent some time this week
talking with some awesome and
inspiring women, women who
make me smile, laugh and offer
the most wonderful encouragement,
women who make me believe in
myself and who give me courage
to put myself out there, something
I struggle with, I owe you all a
big thank you!

I opened an Etsy shop and while
it's still small I have lots of ideas
and am knitting away. Tell
me, what do you think?

Have a great weekend.
Much love,

Sunday, November 15, 2015


There is nobility in compassion,
a beauty in empathy, and a grace
in forgiveness.

~ CherokeeBillie

My weekend began along with
so many others as we once again
watched evil touch so many, and
while I am saddened and heartsick
I refuse to let it alter my outlook
because I believe that there is still
so much goodness in the world
and I will not be afraid.

Saturday morning saw me out
the door early to visit a few yard
sales with a daughter in love and
then brunch at a local cafe. As
I sat knitting and drinking my
chai I saw the walls decorated
with photos from around the
world, Paris, France was directly
in front of me.

I am always on the look out for
old Pyrex and every once in awhile
I am rewarded, I found two small
icebox dishes and love that they
have the rooster print.

We has a lovely couple stop by the
house for a visit, my Mike's young
cousin and his girlfriend. It was fun
to catch up and share stories and
photos of when he was a baby. I have
a promise they will be back again
which makes me smile.

Sunday has been relaxing, starting with
really good teabag quotes, and a long
walk around the property. While it
still hasn't been cold enough for a frost
it was cold enough for me to wear my
wool poncho and a hat. I started a new
knit project and now am preparing to
cook dinner and then enjoy a really
big bowl of butter pecan ice cream,
my favorite.

Weekending with Karen

Thursday, November 12, 2015


"If you must look back, do so forgivingly.
If you must look forward, do so prayerfully.
However, the wisest thing you can do is be
present in the present...gratefully."

~ Maya Angelou.

 Now that the rain has moved on
we are starting to slowly dry out,
and it is fun seeing all the
mushrooms that are springing
 The drive is still a wee
bit soggy, but the sun
is shining and I have
managed to get my walk
in each day.
 I have a plan for when I
'must' visit the market and
that is to try at least one new
thing. I get tired of eating/
drinking the same thing over
and over, I need to try new
foods, it helps keep my world
interesting. This week I tried Suja
Juice and have plans to buy
more, it was quite good. Have
you tried it?
 Along with celebrating Veterans
Day, this week was also the 240th
birthday of the Marine Corp.
Since I am the daughter of a
career Marine and live in a
town that trains recruits this
was a really big deal in my world.
I am so grateful to all the service
members for their sacrifice.
 It was a great mail week,
I received a package of
handmade bookmarks
after winning a giveaway
hosted by A butterfly in my hair.
Thank you so much V, I love them.
I am finally finished with
my chunky [cheater:Karen;)]
knitting, I had a few requests
for chunky knits, but I am
now thrilled to be knitting
with needles that don't feel
like logs in my hands.
Emerson had her 2nd grade school
photos taken and I will admit to a
few tears, she is so beautiful and getting
so big!

Enjoy the most wonderful weekend
my friends. We are going from a
high today of 80F to 63F and maybe
I will see the first frost of the season,
fingers crossed.

Much love,

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


of beauty.
This is what
life is.

~ Pinterest


Super chunky yarn,
Size 15 needles,
and a day to sit and
knit.  I am on a roll
casting on and off
the Seed Pattern Stitch
Berets in lots of pretty

Just downloaded The
13th Gift to read for
book club, I'll let you
know what I think.

Joining Ginny