Sunday, May 22, 2016


It's up to you to see the
beauty of everyday things

 After three days of clouds and
rain I think we are all happy to
see the sun! I don't mind a
day of rain, it makes for a
great reading day, but after
that I become depressed and
find it hard to accomplish

On Friday I cleared out two
of my book cases and boxed
up 6 boxes of books make way
for empty and open shelves.

I have been working on using
the Konmari method to declutter
my home and am finding joy
in the process. I feel lighter
with each box and bag that
goes out the door.

The garden is coming along quite
nicely and I am spending time each
day weeding so it doesn't become
over bearing. It won't be long and
there will be vine ripe tomatoes!

I started a new pair of socks, this
pair with a chevron pattern that
is fun to knit. Christmas socks
for all on my list is keeping me

My guy's have been gone all day,
off to chop fire wood and fish a little
so I've spent the day watching a
moviereading and even taking
a two hour nap! Now I'm off to
prepare dinner and wait for my
family to return.

Have a great week.

Joining Karen

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Each day I knit
and I breathe,
and I wrap it all
together into 
this life.

For many years I wanted to
learn to knit
so I could knit socks
and seven  years ago
this month, with the
help of Youtube,
I taught myself
this amazing craft,
 and I've been knitting
every day since.
.I usually like
to have only
two wip's going
at once, but I seem
to have thrown that
rule out the window
and now...

have three pairs
of socks in progress.

 Using yarn imported
from Germany,
 soft and colorful
 yarn spun by
a dear friend,
 and self striping
 yarn mass produced
for a box company.,
 worked on
 Knitter's Pride
Karbonz dpn's,
 Brittany birch dpn's
and Hiya Hiya 9-in
circular needles
slowly I make socks.

I am thankful in more
ways than one for having
this fiber love in my life.
On my night stand is a beautifully
written book...

 Joining Ginny

Sunday, May 1, 2016


What's difficult in life is to stay centered
when somebody does or says something
that tempts us to close our hearts because
their heart is closed. That is hard. But that
is also how we grow. We go through those
circumstances in order to evolve into people
who can hold to our loving center no matter
what the world throws us. 

~ Marianne Williamson 

These days have been hard,
and I awake each day and
seek peace.

My Alex has been house
sitting for over a week
now and it's funny how
just one member of the
family being gone can
make the home feel so

My Mike and I have been
escaping almost daily to
the beach, away from emails,
phone calls and endless texts
that come at all hours of
the day and night, we escape
the stress and wickedness that
can come [sadly] from one's
own family when someone
passes away.  We walk
for miles and miles, talk,
take photos, knit [well,
I knit] and listen to the sound
of the waves and the birds
as they call to one another.
It's a place that soothes me and
I am forever grateful to live
so close.
I'm still finding time to practice
each day with my camera,
and I'm going into my fourth
month of slow stitching on my
little piece of linen.

We have been eating lots of
salads as it's just too hot to cook
 [we have already hit 90F] and I
refuse to turn the A/C on just yet.
 My new favorite is mixing
leftover quinoa patties, beets,
onion, goat cheese and romaine
lettuce with a apple cider vinaigrette.

There's been time in the garden transplanting
a zillion wee kale and weeding, weeding, weeding.
The onions, potatoes and garlic all look wonderful
and there are even little tomatoes growing each day.

I finished my book, it was wonderful!
and watched the last episode of the Soprano's,
I've knit on socks and my yoga shawl and
gone out for late night milk shakes,[berry
lavender for me, chocolate for him].

I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring, or even the
next hour for that matter, but I do know that I refuse
to let horrible situations change who I am and how
I see the world.

Much love.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


You are the finest,
tenderest, and most
beautiful people I 
have ever known~
and even that is an

Thank you so much for attending
the Baby Shower for Ginny last
week, it was a joy to have all
of you here.

I have a few gifts to distribute
and with the help of my husband
we randomly drew names....

1. Debrorah [A Delightful Glow]
a pattern of your choice from Ravelry
up to $12.00 donated by Karen.
Karen is Swanski on Ravelry so you
can send her a message.

2. Tania [ Hedgrerow Harvest] a pattern
of your choice from Ravelry up to $12.00.
I am 1tims on Ravelry so just let me know.

3. Donna [Knit1Spin2] I have a skein of
yarn for you if you wouldn't mind messaging
me your address.

My knitting this week is a sock. I am using
Opal yarn and am enjoying each new stripe
as it appears.

I have a basic vanilla sock pattern in my head
that I use and while I have always knit a slip
stitch rib heel this time I tried something
new, Eye of Partridge, which I think is quite

On my Kindle is a book I highly recommend,
Secrets of a Charmed Life. The book reminds
me a lot of books written by Kate Morton, even
the setting and time frame [England during
WWII] are the same. This is my first time
reading anything by Susan Messiner, but it
won't be my last.

Joining Ginny

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


"Surround yourself with people
who make you hungry for life,
touch your heart, and nourish 
your soul" ....

Ginny, thank you for giving
that to us each and every week.
 Welcome to my home
and Ginny's baby shower,
I am thrilled that you are
It's a beautiful day here
on the coast of South Carolina
 so I thought it would
be nice if we could all
gather outside
 under the apple tree to
talk, laugh, open gifts
and celebrate together.

 There is hot coffee,
 and juice on the table
so please help yourself.
There are some oat cakes,
 and these amazing looking
cupcakes that Debby has so
graciously brought!
Please, enjoy.
 If everyone is settled
lets open some gifts!

Ginny, since you know
you are having a girl I
decided to put together
a little baby spa set.
I knit little booties with
big pink bows,
 and found the sweetest little
buttons to finish them.
 I made a wee hat in the
softest bamboo yarn
perfect for a sweet baby head.
 And then there is an
In Threes
 cardigan/robe knit in silk and
 There are also a couple of
knit wash cloths and some
lavender-olive oil soap.
And now for the prizes...
to keep things simple
I am going to add everyone's
name to a hat and have drawings
which will be posted on next
week's Yarn Along.

The prizes? Oh, yes,
First up is a skein of yarn:
Sierra Quatro by Cascade Yarns.

Karen has graciously donated
any pattern [up to $12.00] of your
choice from Ravelry and I am
also doing the same.

Thank you everyone for coming,
it was my great pleasure to have
you here. Okay, who would like
to be next to share their gift?

Please mail your gifts to::

Ginny Sheller
PO Box 9073
Fredericksburg,VA 22403