Thursday, August 28, 2014


namaste (nah-mas-tay): My soul honors your soul.
I honor the place in you where the entire universe
resides. I honor the light, love, truth, beauty & peace
within you, because it is also within me. In sharing
these things we are united, we are the same, we are
one.  I mean it from the center of my universe.

While the temperatures are still hitting
in the 90's there has been a shift this week,
a noticeable change in the light, lower
humidity levels, the 'smell' that says
fall will arrive, if not today, then soon.
Needless to say, I've loved it.
I have spent hours outdoors in the
beauty and peace that surrounds me,
soaking it all in deep.

The books are ready, my lesson plans
are written, on-line classes have been
signed up for, and the pencils sharpened.
Tuesday Alex begins his Junior year
of high school, I am excited for both
of us, it's going to be a great year.

Daenarys surprised me and started laying
eggs. I thought the eggs would be the size
of quail eggs, tiny, but she is laying pullet
size eggs. She is such a big girl now.

I discovered an apple, just one, but it's
one I grew and the squirrels didn't take;
an apple that will be cut three ways so
we can all enjoy it's sweetness.

My kitchen creativity was a little bit of
a flop this week. I made quinoa patties,
replacing the carrot with freshly ground
raw spinach. The patties looked pretty
with the flecks of green, but the taste just
wasn't what I hoped for so from now on
I will stick with carrot.

Next I made gluten free blueberry muffins
with brown rice flour and they were a little
on the dry side, ahem. They weren't wasted
though since I have a 17 year old garbage
disposal with legs and he loved them. Gluten
free cooking is new to me and I definitely
need more practice.

I've enjoyed this week and now I am getting
ready for the long weekend and spending
time with my favorite six year old. There
are no plans, just hanging out here and
playing, I'm so excited!

I wish you all the love, light, beauty, truth
and peace that this universe has to offer,
from my heart to yours, you deserve it!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Why did she make things?
Well, she enjoyed it, of course;
but it also somehow helped
her remember who she was
and where she came from

~ Aubon

 My Aise' is slowly growing,
a very easy pattern, nice to
pick up and work a few rows
after a busy day.

There are also socks on the
needles, such joy in my world.

Still reading Joan of Arc and
now understand why this was
Mark Twain's favorite book, it's
that good.

Joining Ginny.

Sunday, August 24, 2014



The great purge of 2014 came to
a close today.

Living in a home for twenty
years it's very easy to accumulate
this and that, stuff I don't even
remember being brought in.
I've raised my family in this house
and with four babies now grown
and the fifth leaving in two years
for college it was time for a change
to bring in a new vibe to these rooms
and I did it!

There were eight trips to Goodwill,
a few trips to the dump, items given
away to family members.  There is
not one thing in my home that
I haven't touched. This was a deep
clean...closets, cabinets, trunks,
cedar chests, book cases, light fixtures,
curtains, walls... I cleaned it all!

There are now open spaces, even book
shelves that are empty.  I painted and
recovered stools and hung new drapes,
framed art work and redecorated rooms
by just moving things around.  There
are plans for some rooms to be repainted
and one room is getting new hardwood
floors, but that can wait a few weeks, I'm

The temperatures climbed to 100 degrees,
not sure what it was with the heat index
factored in and the 5000 % humidity, every
time I step outside I die just a little.  I was
even praying for rain just to cool it off, but
not a drop fell on my land so today I stayed
in and let myself rest.

As a reward for all my work I cast on a
sock,  the Vanilla Latte Sock pattern, and
I have spent the afternoon knitting away.
There was even a cupcake in my day, a
dark chocolate whiskey cupcake [thank
you so much Shaylin].

Weekending with Karen.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


For creatures such as we
the vastness is bearable
only through love.

Carl Sagan

Once again my week seems to
have flown by, but it was a super
productive week and I am pleasantly

Today I wished the man I have been
married to a happy 32 anniversary.
We met when we were both 16 years
old and have been together ever since.
It seems like a life time and a blink
all mixed up together.  He is my everything!

I hauled 14 boxes of books out of my home
yesterday! Then I came back and loaded
up 'stuff' and hauled that off too. My studio
is the only room left in the house that I
haven't touched and it's on the list for
tomorrow.  Can I tell you how wonderful
it feels to remove all the excess? It's great.

I will confess that after dropping off my
boxes I took a quick look around the local
Goodwill and walked out with a pair of boots,
brand new from the box for only $4.99. You
would have done the same too right?

My friend dropped by and gifted me with a
kitchen towel from her trip and a bag of
green peanuts to boil. Do other parts of the
country boil peanuts with salt to eat? It's so
popular here there is even a festival this

Late at night I finally have time to pick up
my knitting and knit at least four rows before
my eyes are too tired to focus.  I have discovered
that knitting with lace weight cotton is quite
a  nice experience.

Emerson dyed me a tee shirt and I have worn it
twice since it arrived. I do love a little tye dye.
Did I tell  you, Emerson will be here over Labor
Day week to hang out with me while her mom
and dad go hiking,? I can't wait.

The rain has finally moved on, but now we are
melting with 120 degree heat indexes and I know
the humidity must be about 500 % ! Winter can
come anytime, I'm ready.

It's weekend time and I hope yours is a great one!


Sunday, August 17, 2014


We live in a wonderful world that is
full of beauty, charm and adventure.
There is no end to the adventures we
can have if only we seek them with
our eyes open.

~ Pinterest


 This weekend has been beautiful
sunrises and the return of the heat.
Spending time on my bike, riding
the dirt roads.
Sitting in the shade of my favorite
oak and knitting on a new project.
Watching hundreds of dragonflies,
Hearing the song of winged friends
in the home I hung for them.
Noticing what looks like a bumper
crop of pecans this year so I am putting
the squirrels on notice....stay away!
Being overrun with eggs, lots and lots
of fresh eggs.
Spending time in the kitchen and trying
out two new to me recipes. Go ahead,
try them, you'll thank me ;)
Watching the sun set and the lightening
bugs come out to play.
I ready for a new week and I hope you
are too.
Joining with Karen

Thursday, August 14, 2014


May my heart be kind,
my mind fierce and my
spirit brave.

I blinked and this week flew by.
I am still deep in the home cleanout,
and while it's going slower than I
would like, I am pleased at the end
results.  I have made three trips to
Goodwill so far this week and there
will be another tomorrow. With each
trip I make I feel a little lighter, it's a
good thing.
There were terrible thunderstorms
and lightening so bad I thought my
home had been struck. Thank goodness
no, but it was pretty scary.
I cried along with so many others
when the news of Robin Williams
suicide was revealed.  Heartbreaking.
This morning I woke to clear skies
and the scent of fall in the air, I know
it won't last, but I'm enjoying it while
it does.
I knit a hat for a son who does a lot of
work on an airport run way,
and I finished my shawl. I love this
shawl and plan to wear it a lot!
I have been teaching Daenerys
and Tyrion their names. I am
finding bantam chickens to be
so very sweet and can't wait to
hatch out a few more.
There are still figs everyday, but
they will be coming to an end soon.
They do make the heat of summer
a little more bearable and I've enjoyed
every one.
The mail delivered a Lady Cordelia orginal
and music to enjoy as I continue my
clean out. Wow! What an amazing talent
this woman has, I love her voice.
Amanda was kind enough to share the
pudding recipes she mentioned and
I just happen to have all the ingredients,
hooray, I love when that happens and
can't wait to try both puddings.
Okay, it's time to get back to work, but
first I want to wish you the best weekend,
stay happy and safe.