Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I'm so glad I live in a world
where there are Octobers.

~ Anne of Green Gables

    [Chanterelles !!!]

I took a little time off from
knitting my shawl to work
on a few hats, [here and here],
but now that they are done
it's back to the zen knitting 
this shawl brings.

Station Eleven is on my night
stand and Autumn is my after-
noon reading.

Joining Ginny

Sunday, October 11, 2015


The world only exists in your eyes
You can make it as big or as small
as you want.

~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

It's been a quiet weekend,
a good weekend.

My home was loved from
top to bottom, even moving
all the furniture to clean deep;
not something others notice, but
I know.

I've been having fun on Instagram
and can finally appreciate it's appeal.
Are you there? Let me know so I
can find you.

The rain came, but nothing like
what we experienced last weekend,
although any rain at this point just
adds to the mess.

I cast on a cowl and once that was
cast off I wound some pretty yarn
from Quince & Co. and am working
on a little hat design.

I have consumed gallons of hot tea,
sweet with raw honey and just a touch
of homemade almond milk. I do love
this cooler weather.

I tried to play with my camera, but the
mosquitoes were so bad I gave in and
headed for the indoors. That will have
to wait for another day.

I finished my book, The House We Grew Up In.
I only gave it three stars, and was sadly
disappointed.  I've started a book, Station
Eleven, something I wouldn't normally
pick up, but I've heard good things so
my hopes are high.

I laughed at the chicken harness photo
my sister sent. I wonder just how my
girls would take to being walked with one?
I need to check to see if they make an extra
large one because I have a feeling Daisy May
the turkey would do well.

I was able to see lots of photos of my daughter,
son in love and Emerson! Gosh I miss her.

Weekending with Karen

Thursday, October 8, 2015


It does not mean to be in
a place where there is no
noise, trouble or hard work.
It means to be in the mist
of those things and still be
calm in your heart.

~ Unknown

Thank you are all the emails and
calls checking to make sure we
are okay , yes, thank goodness,
although there are others in my
state who are still dealing with
all the flooding South Carolina
has endured, and it looks like more
rain is headed our way this weekend,
sigh. I have decided to take the Scarlett
O'Hara approach and not worry about
the rain today, I'll think about that tomorrow.
Today I am at peace and just enjoying
this life.

I have taken advantage of the sunshine
and much cooler temperatures to spend
as much time outdoors as I can. To be
honest if it wasn't for the mosquito's I
would sleep outdoors, but oh my, they
are huge and fierce!

I have enjoyed watching the birds, the
insects, butterflies and moths as they
gather nourishment for the colder months
that are not far off.

I have been knitting, but you knew that right?
Hats, lots of hats, so easy,but so appreciated.
Did you see the newest pattern release from
Quince & Co.?  These wicked cute boots will
be on my needles just as soon as I get my kit,
they are so stinking cute I can't stand it!

Do you have fun plans this weekend? My Mike
and Alex have to work and with the rain I
plan on staying in, my studio could use a declutter
and I have some much needed home loving that
needs to be attended to.  Enjoy your weekend.

Much love,

Sunday, October 4, 2015


There is quiet beauty found
in nature when heaven weeps.

~ tlkp

My land, my town, my
state are flooded. Yesterday
my land received 7 inches
of rain by noon and it's
still raining; I haven't had
the heart to check today
and see how many more
inches have fallen, it doesn't
matter.  There was a
break today, and for
about thirty minutes I
was able to get out without
a raincoat and walk a little,
check on my poor animals,
actually see a bit of blue sky,
but then the clouds descended
once again and the heavens
opened up.

I am lucky, my home is elevated
so I haven't had flooding inside,
but others are not so fortunate and I
am heartbroken for them.
The storms are suppose to continue
throughout tomorrow and maybe
then we can start to dry out.

I've spent most of my time watching
the Weather Channel and TCM, and
when the satellite signal is lost, I listen
to my book, Sycamore Row, which I
loved, and knitting. Christmas is only
82 days away in case you were wondering.

How was your weekend?

Joining Karen

Thursday, October 1, 2015


I let go. I accept my life as it is. I do not judge,
I do not dramatize. I let life's events come freely
and I welcome the lessons they convey. I stop
struggling now. I let go and know that God
always gives me that which is the most
appropriate for my soul.

~ Pinterest

I was thrilled to turn the calendar
this morning, October...Yes!
Right now the rain is falling and
the Weather Channel is predicting
epic flooding, but there is nothing
I can accomplish by worrying so
I'm not.

My week has been filled with foggy
mornings, spider webs decorating the
sides of the road where I walk, mushrooms
springing up everywhere, I love the red
ones, but the chanterelles  we can eat! Missing
the eclipse due to clouds [every single time],
marveling at how high the tide has been,
very unusual.

I've given up trying to keep Miss Bette
Davis Cat off my bed, every time I look
she is stretched out on my side. Can a
cat be trained? I am at a loss.

I have been busy in the kitchen, baking
soothes my soul just as much as knitting
does. Apple hand pies were enjoyed, as
was a lemon-blueberry jam cake. I found
myself enjoying these treats right along
with my guys and then woke up the other
morning feeling terrible, I just can't eat
sweet treats like this and feel good.
Now I am back on my plan and today
feeling much better.

Enjoy your weekend, I will be trying
to stay dry and knitting! :)
Much love,

Lemon-Blueberry Jam Cake

Your favorite yellow cake batter

[I use the Sunshine cake recipe from
a 1950's Better Homes & Garden

Jam of your choice

[I used some homemade blueberry-
lemon honey jam, about 1/3 cup]

Spoon jam around batter of cake and
gentle swirl. Bake

Top with confectioner's sugar mixed
with the juice of one big lemon.