Sunday, August 30, 2015


Wherever you are
 be all there.

~ Sam Elliot

It's been a weekend of the normal
tasks, rising early to walk, cooking,

loving my home since I like
things nice and tidy.

Sitting outside late at
night just watching the
moon and the lightening

 Noticing that the cool
front finally arrived and
dreaming of winter.

 Knitting another dishcloth
to add to the basket.

Slowly making my way through my
treasures, That little guy with just
two teeth is my Daddy.

I do have one request to make,
please make sure all of your hard
copy photos are marked on the back
as to who is in the photo, if not
for you then for generations yet
to be born. I have dozens of photos
in this box that are nameless and no
way of finding out who they were.
I spent all day Saturday with
little Porter! We played, had
a little photo shoot, napped,
and rocked. He really is a
sweet, happy baby.

I met 'Fred', Porter's lovey
and now a part of the family.

Sunday has brought the
rain, and since it's not
a hurricane I'm not complaining.

I've been working on
a few Christmas ideas,

I spent a few hours on the
sofa reading and eating
popcorn, then took a nap.
I just got back inside from
my walk and have dinner
waiting, creamy tomato dill
soup and sourdough bread.

Hope your weekend was
as pleasant as mine.

Joining Karen

Thursday, August 27, 2015


The past is always present;
our memories and experiences,
dreams and struggles, the good
and not so good, create the mythology,
the amazing stories, of our lives.

                                      [Erin posted this photo of Emerson while she is on the phone with me]
                                                              [My paternal grandmother]

It's been a week filled with::

* Just laid duck eggs still warm
    in my hand.

* A cat who thinks she can read
   and gets a little testy if you try
   to move her off the book.

* Watching the sunrise every morning,
* Then watching it set at night.

* Celebrating National Dog Appreciation
   Day with my almost almost 11 year old
   chihuahua Twinkie.

* Talking with Emerson on the phone, hearing
   all about her pet snail named Rascal, then
   getting a photo of her talking on the phone
   with me.

* Receiving a huge box filled with family photos,
   letters, cards and other bits of family members
   that are no longer here. Reading letters in my Dad's
   handwriting, seeing my grandmother's school memory
   book and photos of great grand parents I never knew
   except thru stories, old passports, my grandparents
   marriage license, it's a lot. My table is still piled high
   and in between the tears I am sorting it all out. I didn't
   expect to be so emotional, but for some reason I
   am a wreck.

Enjoy your weekend my friends, the last one of August.

Much love,

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


“And in the act of making things, just by
living their daily lives, they also make history.

Knitting is clothing made in spare moments,

or round the fire, whenever women gathered
together... It's something to celebrate-clothes
made in love and service, something women
have always done.”

~ Anne Bartlett 

A sweet wee cardigan
for a sweet wee one
who just turned three
months old.

A well written pattern that
takes you step by step so
there are no guess work and
has me browsing the designer's
page for more items to cast

Using Red Heart Anne Gedde's
Baby Yarn so it can be thrown
in the wash with ease, important
for a young working family.

After being disappointed in my
last two books I have finally found
a book that I am enjoying, at
least so far, so my hopes are high.
Ordinary Grace ...

From Amazon::

“That was it. That was all of it. A grace
so ordinary there was no reason at all to
remember it. Yet I have never across the forty
years since it was spoken forgotten a single word.”

Told from Frank’s perspective forty
years after that fateful summer,
Ordinary Grace is a brilliantly
moving account of a boy standing
at the door of his young manhood,
trying to understand a world that
seems to be falling apart around him.
It is an unforgettable novel about
discovering the terrible price of
wisdom and the enduring grace of God.

Did  you see the ABC's of Knitting Survey?
I would love to read your answers. :)

Joining Ginny

Monday, August 24, 2015


It is better to have knit and
ripped than to never have
knit at all.

I saw this survey on Alina's Blog,
The Gift of Knitting, who was inspired
by Alexis of Yarn Birdy Blog,and thought it
would be fun to play along.....

Alone- I have never had the opportunity
to knit with a group of knitter's so it's always
just me, but I think I would like group knitting.

Best- I love most of my projects, but the one
I am most proud of is Seabrook [Jared Flood's
Leaves of Grass]. I love the design, the yarn,
the color, how delicate it is and I can't wait
for cold weather so I can wear it again.

Circular- I can use dpn's, but circulars are
so much faster so that is what I grab first if
I can.

Dream- I want to knit A dress for my daughter
Erin, it would look amazing on her.

Earliest- Sitting in front of the computer five
years ago hitting the replay button on You Tube
learning how to cast on, I did it over and over
again until I could do it without thinking.

Family- My mother knit years ago, but
with arthritis she can no longer hold
the needles without pain.  I did teach
Emerson to knit so now there are two of
us in the family who are knitters.

Gloves- I learned to knit so I could knit socks,
I've never knit gloves.

Home-I can and do knit anywhere, but sitting
in my rocking chair knitting is my favorite...
well, unless I am sitting at the beach then it's
the beach.

Intarsia- I have never knit intarsia and really
don't like the look of it so while I've only
knit a wee bit of fair isle I do like it.

Jokes- Knitting and driving
A policeman spots a woman driving and knitting at the same time.
Driving up beside her, he shouts out the window......
"No," she shouts back, "a pair of socks!"

Loyal- I want to do it all, draw, paint, pottery,
Photography, needle work, ect...

Mistake- I was so excited to knit my first cardigan,
but didn't know how to read the pattern properly,
I cast on and frogged four times before a dear
blogging friend taught me to use a piece of paper
to write out my rows and that the words
at the same time are pretty important. 

Next- I think I am going to cast on Shield for Alex
and Guernsey Triangle for me.

One- At one time I had four projects going at once
which made me jittery, so no more than two for me.

Pattern- Any pattern by Jared Flood, he is amazing.

Quick- I can be quick if I need to be, but at this
stage I really don't want to rush, I just enjoy the
whole process.

Ravelry- Totally awesome as evident by the amount
of time I spend there each day

Stitch- I like garter stitch, it's relaxing, but I've been
looking at the linen stitch and think it might be pretty
fun to try.

Toys- I'm not much for knit toys, but hats I love to knit.

Ugliest- A knee brace for a friend in a flesh colored
yarn, she loved it, but it was so ugly I didn't even
make a project page for it.

Volume- A trunk, an old suitcase, a drawer, and
a few baskets....ahem.

Wool- I prefer wool, but with all the baby knitting
I've been doing I have been using some acrylic, sigh.

Exactly- When I first began knitting I followed every
line to a tee, but now that I am more comfortable
I modify a pattern to suit my needs.

Yarn- Most of my yarn comes from my local yarn
store, Coastal Knitting. I love the ladies that work
there, I love the yarns, and I want the business to
stay open. Shopping local!

Z end-   That was fun.Okay, your turn!

Sunday, August 23, 2015


What a wonderful thought it is
that some of the best days of
our lives haven't happened yet.

Thank you for all the anniversary
wishes, I shared them with My Mike,
We had a super day, he has been
my one and my always since I was
16 years old and I am looking forward
to a life time of memory making.

We have been having some very
impressive summer storms painting
the skies with beautiful clouds and
pretty rainbows. All this rain is really
helping the weeds grow.

I spent quite a bit of time playing in
the kitchen yesterday , listening to
Van Morrison  [ this song is one of
my favorites ] and trying to use up
the large supply of eggs the girls
have been laying recently. A huge
frittata with kale, onions, peppers,
and two cheeses, along with salad
made a nice dinner on a hot day.

Andi, of My Sister's Knitter pinned
a few recipes on Pinterest  that caught
my eye and I found myself  pulling out
butter and flour to bake this pie, using
black berries in place of strawberries
because that is what I had fresh on hand.
Very good, but a wee bit too sweet for
my taste, but all is well,  with Alex here
there is only one small piece remaining.

I talked with Emerson on the phone!!!

Sunday has been slow, and peacefulled,
I  cast on a wee little cardigan for Porter
and watched a movie, browsed Amazon
and Goodreads trying to find a new book
to's between The Silent Sister and
Ordinary Grace.

Enjoy the upcoming week, it's the last
full week of August and then my birthday
month will be here!

Joining Karen

Thursday, August 20, 2015


In life, you will realize there is a
role for everyone you meet. Some
will test you, some will use you,
some will love you, and some will
teach you. But the ones who are
truly important are the ones who
bring out the best in you. They
are the rare and amazing people
who remind you why it's worth it.

~ Unknown

                                                           {Photo credit: Emerson's Mommy Erin}
                                                               {Photo credit: Porter's Mommy Jordan}

Well, the first week
of school lessons wasn't
too bad, even Algebra,
it would seem I know
more than I thought I
did. My favorite class
by far is Life Skills,
we're cooking, using
Tamar Adler's An Everlasting
Meal and it's a joy to
share my love of food
with the last of my babies.
{All of my children can
cook....and clean].

I discovered a wee nest where
my tiny girls have been laying
their eggs, they weren't in the
regular nest. Silly Bantam's.

We celebrated Black Cat
Appreciation Day, thanks
to friends on FaceBook for
keeping me up to date on
all these important days.

I knit a hat for Emerson.
Karen's, from Fringe Association,
Stadium Hat Pattern was so
easy to knit and I think it
will look perfect with the
She is hosting a knit along,
Fringe Hatalong No.4, this
time using colorworks which
I might have to cast on.

I woke up this morning to
seeing this photo of Emerson
on my computer.
I miss her!
She will be starting 2nd grade
on Monday and is excited to
begin a new journey and I am
excited for her.

Porter is growing, fast, and will
be 3 months on Saturday. I will
be babysitting next Saturday and
am looking forward to holding
this wee love.

Tomorrow My Mike and I
celebrate thirty three years of
marriage! It's been worth it.

Happy weekend my loves!