Monday, April 20, 2015


When you're passin' drop and sigh
And i know the reason why
You're much sweeter....goodness knows

~ Louis Armstrong

I knew as soon as I
walked outside this
morning after a night
of rain and smelled
the sweet scent that
filled the air it was
time, the honeysuckle's
are ready.
It's time to make a
few batches of honeysuckle
cordial. I have plans to
try honeysuckle ice cream
and I think honeysuckle
goats milk yogurt sounds
pretty good too.  Oh, it's time
to play!

Do you pick honeysuckles?

From:: Local Milk

Honeysuckle Cordial

yields 3 cups
So here’s the basic building block recipe, it’s basically a
honeysuckle simple syrup with the addition of citric acid
& lemon. The citric acid acts as a preservative and also
cuts the sweetness with a pleasant tart taste.


4 cups honeysuckle blossoms, picked over & rinsed
3 cups water
3 cups sugar[ I am using honey in place of sugar]
1 tsp citric acid (I found this in the supplement section at Wholefoods)
1/2 a lemon, zested & sliced thin

Cooking Directions

Bring water & sugar to a boil, stirring to dissolve all the
sugar. Pour hot syrup over the flowers in a heatproof
container. Stir in the citric acid, lemon zest, and the thin
slices of lemon. Let steep, covered, on the counter until
it reaches room temperature then place it in the fridge
and let it steep over night, totaling 24 hours. Strain
through cheese cloth or a very fine mesh sieve.
Store in the fridge.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Hanging with old friends and
saying, 'remember when'?

~ Kush and Wizdom

[Photo Credit: Waitress at restaurant]

[Photo Credit: Waitress at restaurant ]

The weekend has been filled with
playing with my camera and learning
all I can about  aperture.  I still have
a life time of learning photography
in front of me, there is so much I
need to learn, but it's fun so I don't
mind at all.

Eating lots of salads and smoothie bowls,
I add strawberries, almond milk, dates,
coconut oil, soaked raw cashews and
protein powder, then I top with goji
berries, raw pumpkin seeds, and chia
seeds. I can't wait for the blueberries
to ripen so I can try a smoothie bowl
with them. It is the perfect dish on
a warm day.

The best part of my weekend so far?
I met with a group of women, some
I haven't seen since high school. We
had the most enjoyable lunch, talking,
laughing, reminiscing, and just enjoying
being together.  Beautiful women who
I am glad are in this world and now
back in my life.

Today it's raining, I have a sock to knit,
a movie to watch and a book to read.
Oh, and maybe a nap to take. Enjoy
the rest of your weekend.

Joining Karen

Thursday, April 16, 2015


"I do believe in an everyday
sort of magic;
the inexplicable connectedness
we sometimes experience with
places, people, works of art
and the like; the eerie appropriateness
of moments of synchronicity;
the whispered voice,
the hidden presence,
when we think we're alone."

~ Charles de Lint


It has been a happy week,
nothing out of the ordinary,
no major events or happenings,
just everyday living and connecting
with my world.

I've done lessons, both his and mine.
Smelled woolie yarn fumes as I've
knit probably more than I should.
Can there be such a thing?
Connected with friends, old and new.
Eaten very 'clean', only raw vegetables,
protein smoothies mixed with almond
milk and my morning cup of Bulletproof
Broke and turned on the A/C to sleep
one night only to pull a quilt on the bed
the following night when the temperature
drop over twenty degrees.
Smelled the sea air and watched birds
dance as waves crashed on shore.

Now to see what the weekend holds.
Have a great one my friends.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Woke up this morning with a
terrific urge to lie in bed all
day and read. Fought against
it for a minute.

Then looked out the window
at the rain. And gave over. Put
myself entirely in the keep of
this rainy morning.

Would I live my life over again?
Make the same unforgiveable mis-
takes? Yes, given half a chance,

~ Raymond Carver: Rainy Day

Only sock knitting is seeing any action
this week. I'm working on my sleeping
socks in the evening and my Jellybean
socks during the day, and while I do love
them both I have been eyeing this
sweater and am not sure how much longer
I am going to wait before I cast it on.

I woke this morning to the sound of
rain so I decided to stay in and
finish reading my book. I thought I
knew where the story was headed,
and while I did know who the 'bad
guy' was, there was an exciting twist
that I loved. Not a bad read.
Joining Ginny

PS: The roses are 20 year old New Dawn
that grow on my pump house.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


In between goals is
a thing called life that
has to be lived  and enjoyed.

~ Sid Caesar


 Days filled with long
walks in my woods.

Playing with my different
camera lens and dreaming
of owning this.

Discovering what looks
to be a grand blackberry
season if I can beat the
deer to them first.

Watching the Blue Angels
and seeing the Blue Angels
female pilot fly over my

Storm clouds that blew in
much cooler weather, but
no rain.

Setting up my easel and
dusting off my paints.

The first strawberries of the
season, eaten with  coconut
flour pancakes and coconut
whipped cream.

Watching Game of Thrones
and knitting, waiting on the
new season to begin tonight.

It's been a pretty nice and relaxing
weekend and I hope the same for
you too.

Joining Karen.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


"I would rather be ashes than dust.
I would rather that my sparkle burn out

in a brilliant blaze than it should be
stifled by dry-rot . I would rather be
a superb meteor, every atom of me
in magnificent glow, than a sleepy
and permanent planet. The function
of [wo]man is to live, not to exist. I
shall not waste my days trying to
prolong them. I shall use my time.

~ Jack London

This week....
It has felt like summer here
with temperatures in the mid
to high 80's, but I am holding
off turning on the a/c because,
well, it's only April.
The tree pollen is extremely high
so I have been using my neti pot
faithfully and am drinking cups
of green tea with local honey and
lemon. There have been a few
sleepless nights, a lot of coughing,
and a lost voice, but things
are turning around and I am feeling
much better.
Last week I watched an alligator turtle,
the first I've seen in awhile and then
I spied another this week. I do love
their little faces, but I know not to
touch them, they are a wee bit mean.
I've made quinoa patties twice this
week, along with peanut thai sauce
served over buckwheat noodles. 
My favorite this week was peppermint patties,
although I took the lazy route and just
added a dollop of dark chocolate to
each square.
There was  a long distance call from a dear
friend making me wish we lived a lot closer
than we do. I started my photography lessons,
and am having a lot of fun, even with having
to do homework.  I am dreaming of traveling
this January on a fun trip to pet the whales
because I just have an overwhelming urge
to do so, doesn't it sound like fun?
What about you, did you have a good week?
Much love,