Wednesday, September 17, 2014


 The days may not be so bright and balmy—
yet the quiet and melancholy that linger
around them is fraught with glory. Over
everything connected with autumn there
lingers some golden spell—some unseen
influence that penetrates the soul with
its mysterious power. 

~Northern Advocate

There has been a lot of
knitting in my days which
is always a good thing.
I turned the heels on my
am working on the gussets.
I cast on to make my own
Tolt Folded Bag and hope
to line it with some pretty
fabric and add a leather
handle...I'll keep you posted.
I wanted to say thank you
for all your help to yesterday's
post. I now know that the
yarn is 3 ply, has 8 wpi and
has a stitch count of 18
stitches per four inches.
After winding up the hank
into two balls I am making
a guess that there is about
400 yards of aran weight
yarn to play with. Now to
find just the right pattern.
I am still reading What Alice Forgot
and while it started out with humor
it has now taken a darker, sadder
turn. Alice bumped her head and
has lost the last ten years of her
life, not remembering that she has
three children and is in the middle
of a nasty divorce. 
It has made me wonder how I would
react to not remembering the last
ten years of my own life, Oh dear!
a huge part of my life just gone.
Joining with Ginny

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


One friend can change
your whole life.

~ Pinterest

My best friend, Heather, is
married to a French Canadian
and every year they spend time
in Quebec with his family.
This year Heather visited the
last remaining mill in Quebec
and brought me back a present.
I have no idea as to the weight
or even how much yarn there
is in the hank, but I love this
yarn. Can anyone suggest what
I should do with it?  I have no
information on the yarn at all.
Should I make a gauge swatch?
Weigh it?  I really want to knit
something, but am kind of stuck.
Thank you Heather for thinking
of me, the yarn is beautiful.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Never apologize for being sensitive
or emotional. Let this be a sign that
you've got a big heart and aren't afraid
to let others see it. Showing your emotions
is a sign of strength.

~ Brigitte Nicole

 This has been a weekend of highs
and lows.

There has been a bow wearing cat,
cheesecake and gifts unwrapped as
I attended a bridal shower thrown
by my daughter for my future daughter
in love. My gift was a copy of a photo
I keep in my kitchen of her future
husband at age four, it's a favorite.
It was fun hanging out with such a great
group of women.

I turned the heels of my socks, always
fun and knit a swatch {my crown should
be arriving shortly because I never knit
a gauge swatch, I usually just keep my
fingers crossed and wing it  ;) } for a future
project using this; On a size 5 I meet
gauge and will be casting on soon,
another joy in knitting.

Can I ask you to say a little prayer for my
Pappaw?  Remember, he is the one I knit
a sweater for a little while ago [here. and
here ].  He is 96 years old and not doing
very well. While I do realize he has lived
a long live, he is my grandfather and has
always been a part of my life, I love him.

Joining with Karen.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Life is short,
if there was ever a
moment to follow your
passion and do something
that matters to you,
that moment is now!

~ Padgram

This week has been an
enjoyable week, much
of my time spent with
my Alex, the youngest
of my babies and the
last one here at home.
{Home} school is going
well and I think we have
a nice rhythm to our day.
I am so blessed to have
this time to spend with
such a wonderful & thoughtful
young man, he's pretty
great and I'm not saying
that just because I'm his

I hung my 70's lamp,
it's it far out? I love it
and think it adds just the
right touch to my studio.

The mail box has been
overflowing with good
I was gifted from a dear
friend with the pattern
Color Affection and I
received my yarn order
so I can cast on.
I received the cutest birthday
card made from a recycled
juice can, it's that clever?
And I now have plenty of
magazines to read this month.

I took the time to hand wind a
ball of yarn, enjoying the
meditative process and then
cast on in threes for a sweet
baby girl that will be born
into the family next month
[my husband's cousin].

Thank you to all who entered
my birthday giveaway.
The winner is ...

Happy Birthday Tracey!!!
I always asked my mother for
cherry pie for my birthday (cake?)
Sally, if you would please email
me your snail mail address I will
get your package in the mail.

Please enjoy all the moments
each day brings and have a
great weekend.


Sunday, September 7, 2014


(n.) lit. " cloud-walker"; one who
lives in the clouds of their own
imagination or dreams, or one who
does not obey the conventions of
society, literature, or art.

Thank you for all the love and
heartfelt birthday wishes. The
weekend has been filled with
cards, calls, warm hugs, sushi,
cheese cake, knitting, naps,
walks, rain, sunshine, cloud
watching, reading, yarn browsing,
[that might have lead to a yarn
order; ahem], vases of beautiful
fresh flowers,  and day dreaming
....a perfect way to spend a....
birthday weekend.

Did you enter my giveaway?

Weekending with Karen.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Why Birthdays Are Important

They acknowledge our steps along the road.
They let us savor the joy, yet again.
They inspire laughter and shenanigans.
They embrace pageantry and tradition.
They ask us to close our eyes,
And make a wish for the future.

~ Tiffany & Co.

If you've been a follower of my
blog for any length of time you
know how much I love birthdays
and how much I love giveaways,
adding another year to my life hasn't
changed that one bit.  Saturday I
will celebrate my 51 year around the
sun with laughter, love and cake.
It looks like my beach trip may
be cancelled due to rain, but that's
okay, we need the rain and there
is always knitting;  to quote one
of my son's, "it's all good".

In keeping with blog tradition I
am hosting a little giveaway. I have
a blown glass heart necklace, a little
wool felted bag and a package of bird
gift tags I want to give to one lucky
reader.  If you would like a chance
to win please leave me a comment
telling me your favorite birthday cake
and I will draw a name next Friday.
Oh, and please leave me a way
to get in touch with you because it's
a real bummer when I can't find you.

I'm making a wish for all
of you!

Past birthday's :

Wednesday, September 3, 2014



~ Pinterest





are coming right along and
I am almost done with the
leg of the second sock,
then it's on to the heels,
the really fun part of sock
knitting in my opinion.
After homeschooling all day I
wanted something light and fun
to read at night so I downloaded
What Alice Forgot, it's exactly
what I wanted.
Joining Ginny