Thursday, April 11, 2013


There are many wonderful things
that will never be done if you do
not do them.

~Charles D. Gill
Thank you for all the
lovely birthday wishes
for my soul mate. We had
a wonderful time celebrating
his 50th with all the children
here to see their Daddy, eat
barbecue and birthday cake.
[German Chocolate of course,
his favorite.].

 There was special gifts
in the post, thank you
Amanda and Dawn.
 There were new bushes
to plant,

and vegetables to pick. Oh yes,
and lots of weeds to pull. Honestly,
sometimes I think the weeds grow
faster than what I've planted.
Seven turkey eggs were
rescued from the blades
of a tractor and are now
safe in an incubator. I've
never hatched turkey eggs
before so we will have to
see what happens, my
fingers are crossed. I
would love to release seven
new birds back into the
wild. For so long our turkey
population was down, but
now it's starting to make
a come back and I want
it to continue to grow.

Tomorrow I will be
spending the day
helping my second
to the last son move
to his own place in
town, leaving me
with only one left at
home. I have cried
all my tears so I hope
tomorrow to be nothing
but helpful and supportive.
I will confess though that
I would love if all of my
children would live at
home, selfish I know,
but true.

I hope you do something
wonderful this weekend.



  1. How exciting to find and rescue the eggs. I am hoping you are successful. Is that an egret/heron. I saw some the other day while on my run. It is funny seeing them in the desert, but they are attracted to the man made riparian areas. Good luck tomorrow. I was just telling Dave that I would love to have my kiddos never venture too far away from us.

  2. Wow Turkey eggs, what an experience that would be if they all hatched. Watched a documentary not long ago about a man who hatched (similar to your find I think) and raised wild turkeys and lived as one of them as an experiment for a while, extremely interesting.
    Hope the move goes well - sad when they all move out. Still sometimes they come back too, two of my daughters live in walking distance - one next door - its lovely.

  3. ...that's the problem with kids- they grow up and out. I hope you will be okay- it pinches my heart to read about your sadness- I don't know how I will handle it? Guess what Tracy- We saw egrets! Lots of them in Florida- such a beautiful and elegant bird. We have tons of turkeys in Montana I'll be sure to point them in your direction ...the bird kind ofcourse :)so lovely that you rescued the eggs(hope to see some pics of the babies).
    Hugs to you

  4. how cool is that? turkey eggs. i hope all goes well and they hatch. and YOU WON! how awesome. those aprons looked so great.
    i so hear you about the kids. i would LOVE for my children to live here always, or at least on a compound. lol we all live together, but have our own space.

  5. How cool that you have an incubator and will hatch those turkey eggs. I've never seen turkey eggs before. Will you keep one for Thanksgiving?
    Glad your spouse had a wonderful la hanau with all who loves him. I understand how you feel about your baby leaving the nest. I have a long way to go w/that milestone but whenever my girls are at my mum's I miss their noise for sure.

  6. hope the move goes smoothly! turkey eggs!!!! I wonder how long the incubation period will be ?????? can't wait to see baby turkeys!

  7. Oh Tracey sending a big hug. I found it easier to leave them at their new place instead of them leaving me at home, if that makes sense. Still hard, though. Blessings to you all xx

  8. Sending hugs and hope your way for a day full of love. Hopefully "in town" is not too far away.
    We have successfully hatched wild turkey eggs, and in the end they all flew away. So you may be able to add to your wild population... fingers crossed xx

  9. Wild turkey eggs! How great of you to take them on and nurture them. When we lived in Charleston on the Naval Base we had wild turkeys visit us regularly. Sending hugs for the move. My girls are little but I am learning that time goes by so quickly.

  10. I tried commenting yesterday on my ipad and well, it just wouldn't work for me. So if I remember correctly I said: I hope you hatch those turkey eggs and set them free! I'll be thinking of you as you pack up and move your second to last son out....bittersweet indeed! But I bet as long as you cook some fabulous meals he and others will return again and again. Hugs!

  11. What an eventful week you've had! I do hope the eggs hatch and that we get see some pictures of baby wild turkeys! Sending hugs your way as you help your son move. I know that will be me all too soon as the years fly by. I do love seeing my children growing up (but I do wish they'd be my babies forever too). Sigh.

  12. All the best for the move! What is this with kids wanting to move out and experience life when they have it made at home? ;)

    I'd love to be updated on how the turkey eggs/babies will do!

  13. Good Luck with the turkey eggs! Keep us posted.

    We've discussed quite a bit how we'd love to have everyone safe and sound and tucked under our roof, but alas, this is not going to happen. So I am sending lots of hugs and mama strength your way.

  14. wow your garden looks great. Hatching turkey eggs! Too cool. I can't imagine my kids leaving the nest. I'm hoping to have a lot of property one day and we all have different houses on the property. My brother in laws family lives like that. Its great.

  15. TRACEY! I love everything about this post. I'm teary! From the quote, to the beautiful photo of your farm, that you found wild turkey eggs! Oh, I think I just need to come visit you. How about I'll move in with my girls for a bit and we will help fill your house up again with plenty of messiness.

  16. oh dear tracey i am sending hugs to you, i so understand. i think i cried for years as each one of mine moved out. and then i cry again when i go to visit them and have to leave, some, thousands of miles away. we need extra strength at this mothering time in our lives. hugs hugs hugs.

    happy birthday to your love!

  17. How exciting about the turkey eggs. We've got many years to go before C moves out. But I'm sure I'll suffer.

  18. So many wonderful things happening for you this week! Good luck with the move. My your garden looks tasty. Turkeys are pretty interesting. I just saw a turkey run across a busy BJs parking lot-poor thing.