Sunday, July 7, 2013


"I was awed once again by
the natural beauty of the
lowcountry.  It was impossible
not to be impressed and then
drawn into it.

~ Dorothea Benton Frank


Most of my days have been spent
here at home, although I did escape
to the historic city of Savannah for
a day of shopping and people
watching. I am not much of a shopper,
but watching people is always so
entertaining . It really doesn't take
much to make me happy.

Minus  today we have had rain
for days! My yard is now completely
spongy, the long dirt road I call a drive
is a muddy mess, and most of the garden has
been flooded. While we are still picking
squash most of the garden, except the okra,
is about finished.
To tell you the truth I am so tried of working
in the fields pulling weeds and putting up
produce so it will be nice to have a break
before the fall planting season begins.

I have been spending the rainy parts of the
day cleaning out closets and redoing a bedroom
for my soon to be sixteen year old. With only
one child left at home I thought it would be
nice to makeover a bigger bedroom for  him
and really make it special. There is something
to being the last one at home ;)

Of course there has been knitting in my
days. I am still working on my LOG and
am now half way through Chart D, only
9,280 stitches to go before I can begin
the edging. This project is taking way
longer to complete than I imagined, and
while it is a joy to knit, I am impatient to
see the competed shawl.

Have you seen these maps? I am so intrigued.
All things knitting just fill me with joy. Oh,
and have you seen this and this?  I think these
would be perfect for the mild, lowcountry
winter's we have here. I just need to finish
what I've already started before casting on
anything else.

I hope you have had a great weekend and are
looking forward to a wonderful Monday
Joining with Amanda from the habit of being.


  1. What a wonderful weekend... Send some of that rain this way, will you? We need it badly! xoxo, Erin

  2. Those map/charts are amazing!

    We spent our weekend playing video games as a family. It's been so rainy outside that it seemed like the thing to do. (:

  3. the maps/charts look terrifying. lol i have yet to tackle one, i keep putting it off. the vests look amazing, i especially love the second one.
    i think i might be feeling a bit better because i have been toying with the idea of purging the house... it is a start anyway. LOL

  4. Oh a rainy respite for you, Tracey - what hard work the summer can be. Just not quite ready for charts yet lol xx

  5. I'm sorting out cupboards too Tracey, but the weather couldn't be more different than yours. It's dry and sunny with a lovely wind blowing through the house. I know what you mean about the rain, I often feel the same way when work in the garden gets to be a bit too overwhelming.

    I've never seen any of those knitting charts before. I wonder how they compare to the conventional ones.

    Savannah sounds fun... I hope you have some photos to share...
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. so sorry about the sogginess and the flooding. I dislike mud. I am a people watcher as well-very entertaining. Glad you were out and about and I bet your son is over the moon about the room redo!! hope you get some pics to share if he agrees.

  7. that level of rain sounds pretty grim, hope it's all drying out now. I love those maps, much better than charts I think!

  8. Yuck to the rain! Here's to a bit of a break in garden seasons for you! Thank you for sharing the knitting links!! I love to go out and sit on a bench and people watch too. Very entertaining!!

  9. Wow. That's a lot of rain. We in fire season here and I think I might rather have the rain. They both can have their down sides, but at least all the critters around you are finding places to get so dry in our mountains I worry about the bears getting thirsty. Seriously! That's how my mind works.

  10. I hope you catch a break and dry out some this week!

  11. I'd take any excuse to stop the weeding!!! and, of course, I don't need ANY excuse to cast on for something new!!! Looks like two great projects that need to be on the needles!!!

  12. How funny you are about to take a break from gardening and we are in the middle of it! Inlove the diverseness of this country in terms of weather, temperatures, gardening, etc. i'm sure the humidity is super high with all that rain. Ours was up a bit last week due to some storms. And by up I mean to about 30%! Ha. Ha.

  13. Ooh! Make that Cypress vest! Would love to see that on you.
    That stitch mapping is cool. Good for ppl who are more visual.
    Gardening is not one of my fortes but you do get good exercise from it. You are growing lovely yummies and all organic too.

  14. Your photos never cease to put me in a tranquil state :) Note to self: must remember to visit Tracey for dose of serenity as needed. :)

    Love the yarn map ~ very similar to what Lucy@Attic24 has done with crochet ( ~ makes so much sense, doesn't it? Especially for the novice.

    Have a good week knitting and decorating and enjoying the downtime between plantings!

  15. We just came back from Savannah! Such a beautiful place.

  16. So we have had rain for 17 days straight...ugh. My grass is so high because underneath it is a mud pit that would suck the mower to China. I do love a good bit of people watching...we sometimes make up their conversations as what we think they should be. It can get quite silly. Those maps are how crochet charts are and make so much sense to me. I think we need to do a knit along on one of those vests...just saying.