Sunday, July 5, 2015


Along your pathway of life you will observe
that you are not the only traveler. There are
others who need your help. there are feet to
steady, hands to grasp, minds to encourage,
hearts to inspire, and souls to save.

~ Thomas S. Monson


Well, it feels good to be here. To be honest I
wasn't sure I would be back in this space,
I had thought maybe it was time to
move on, but after taking a week off
I found myself missing you, wondering
how things are going in your lives,
what you are creating, eating, reading,
if you are healthy and happy.
I have really come to love you all.
This month my blog is five years old
and I am not ready to say goodbye so
let me catch you up on my week okay?

~ it's been wicked hot
~ the figs are just now
   starting to ripen
~ the squirrels took every single
   peach off my trees...every one!
~ I learned to tie dye
~ I finished my shawl [more later]
~ finishing my book and starting
~ I worked on embroidery
~ I learned that you can cook
  spaghetti squash in the crock pot
  [ 1 cup water to pot, poke squash
  with a fork, cook on high 4 hours.]
~ Summer storms every day
~ I've walked 385 miles in 46 days
~ babysitting wee Porter who wants
   you to hold him and walk around,
   for hours!
~sitting on the shore and listening to waves.

It was a great week, so how about you?

Joining Karen


  1. Five years, wow, congratulations Tracey! There is an ebb and flow to this blog thing, isn't there? There are times when I think maybe I am done, but then, like you, the connections call me back, the friends I have made. I am happy that you are back in your space, I missed you last week :)

    Porter has changed already, gotten cuter I would say. Those darn squirrels, they are causing a little havoc around here too, chewing on pretty much anything they can chew on, including our cottage in the backyard.

    Have a wonderful week my friend. xo

  2. Congratulations on five years of blogging, Tracey. Though I have only recently come to know you, I would miss you very much if you were no longer a part of the blog world.
    We finally admitted defeat and chopped our one and only peach tree down. It was heartbreaking to see the peaches just about ready to pick only to discover they had all disappeared thanks to the squirrels. I can't imagine how the peach farms do it so successfully.
    Love this idea for spaghetti squash in the crock pot, especially on these hot days.

  3. ebbs and flows just like your beloved ocean.....that's OK, as long as you come back to us!! Sounds like your week was well as fun. And it's summer.....a little vacation was due. :)

  4. On Tracey...I pray that you do not stop writing for a long while yet :0) I just think your dress is just beautiful...breezy and perfect for a hot summer day. Thank you for sharing your lovely week with us...mari

  5. Sweet Tracey! I am glad you didn't decide to leave us. You can totally take chunks of time off, like I do, just don't ever shut down your blog. We would miss you! I love your embroidery! So beautiful. And that baby is really something special. xxx

  6. Happy 5th year of blogging...I for one am glad you came back to the space...missed you during the week you were away!!! I love the colour of your tiedye!!!

  7. That boy is so sweet! I would want to carry him around all the time too.
    Beautiful photos as always, and proud to have known you for all this time. Take more breaks if you need them, but I know what you mean about missing the space xxx

  8. Happy half-a-decade, Tracey. :) I have the same thoughts about my friends in blogland whenever I'm away, too; what a blessing to have friends and acquaintances all over the country and even in far off lands! Of course, you know that time spent with your family is time well-spent. I've not updated since last Wednesday (yarn along day) and am catching up rather than posting since I couldn't sleep. Have a blessed week!
    xo Lisa :)

  9. Oh Tracey, please don't go away, I would miss you soooo much. :-) I have found a lot of interesting books thanks to you and I enjoy your pretty photos so much. I am blogging a lot less this year than I did last year, but it comes and goes. Happy blog birthday!

  10. I understand that need/desire/pull to step back for awhile from the blog. Heaven knows I've been more gone than at my own spot this year! But I do love the little community that has built up around it and would miss you all so much! (Hence me slowly beginning to blog again and popping by all my favorite bloggers) The new baby is such a handsome little guy! And I love the tie-dye. Beautiful!!!

  11. Blogging regularly is hard work. I know. We'd sure miss your special blog though so glad you are still here :-).

  12. Glad that you're still enjoying being here Tracey! Too bad about your peaches - drats. Our two trees aren't looking too healthy, but we do have some peaches. (Which I'm always afraid will ripen while we're on vacation!)

  13. you can't quit.....but I will let you take breaks :) I love that you babysat!! I bet you could not stop staring and staring and matching heartbeats :) Love that you had a good for you break and are ready to be with all of us. You are a blogging blessing.

  14. I'm so glad you decided to stay. I would have missed you terribly! That Porter is adorable. I bet it was fun to get to hold him. Look at you with the tie dye!

  15. Half a decade. That is a terrific accomplishment. You must not go. I would miss you terribly. I can't believe you have wily squirrels in your backyard. We have a chattering dominant one in our neighborhood who tries pee on my daughter to show his territory.

  16. Oh my gosh! I would have missed you so much if you had stopped blogging! Take breaks when you need them - but please don't go away for good!! I just started the same book you just started!

    Linda in VA

  17. I'm glad you've decided not to close up your blog. I've thought the same thing though and I've taken almost a month off from posting on my blog, but I still think about what I would post if I wasn't so busy. And I miss reading everyones blogs everyday. That Porter is adorable!

  18. I am so glad you are still here! I would have missed you terribly if you had left.

  19. You have taught me so much about blogging, and it has been fun to get to know you and your family. You are in my daily rotation of blog surfing, and I would truly miss you a ton if you weren't one of those links. Maybe it's just writer's block? I'm a big fan of yours!!!! xo Tammy

  20. I'm so glad that you are going to keep writing I would miss all your purls of wisdom and beautiful photographs, oh and the lovely baby photos too. But most of all you. I value your blogger friendship. Happy days...