Wednesday, July 8, 2015


"Doesn't it seem to you
that the mind moves more
freely in the presence of that
boundless expanse;

That the sight of the ocean
elevates the soul and gives rise
to thought of the infinite and the

~ Gustave Flabert : Madame Bovary



It's a wonderful feeling when you
cast off a project, block it and  discover
your knit came out even better than you
had hoped, such is the case with my
Hunting Island Shawl, it is so much
prettier than I imagined. I adore knitting
with Meadow, it knits like a dream,
and while Cria Lace is soft and squishy,
it is a wee bit spitty so I had to really
be careful. A bonus to using these two
yarns was  there was enough  left over
that I could cast on another shawl
just like it to give as a Christmas gift.  

I followed the pattern, Water's Edge
exactly except I added three inches to
the main color and I'm glad I did just
to have a little more body to the shawl.
I love all of Cabinfour's designs and
look forward to casting on more in
the future.
While sitting on the beach I always have
a magazine in my beach bag and Organic Life
is a favorite.
On my night stand is The Truth According to Us
this book has drawn me in and I am savoring 
every word.
 Joining with Ginny.


  1. So beautiful Tracey! I love the pictures of the beach too. I was just journaling how I need to get to the ocean soon (I have no excuse for not going more often....we have a beach about 10 minutes from us!) I hope you have a beautiful day!

  2. It's gorgeous Tracey, and your beach day looks just wonderful.

  3. ah, the beach!! I want some. the shawl is gorgeous and of course it's photo shoot is just a pretty. I am itching to cast on lots and lots of projects now that I'm down to one.

  4. Nice pictures. I love all the shells at the beach-Ocean City's beach has hardly any in comparison.

  5. Love the shawls! I agree with the quote, having just come home from a beach holiday. I love the beach more in winter than summer, I think.

  6. Lovely photos and such an elegantly simple shawl: Perfect!

  7. Oh Tracey, how I envy your ability to bask in the sunshine with the waves for company :) your shawl is just beautiful! :-)

  8. What great beach shots Tracey! The shawl looks gret and I can imagine how soft it is. I just bought a project bag this week in that same pattern - I love it!

  9. As always, your photos are stunning, as is your shawl! Really beautifu, I was already longing for a trip to the ocean but even more so now , although our ocean trips aren't quite relaxing with the ages of our girls still, but our craggy coast is the place I feel most alive!

  10. Oh, you are torturing a Midwesterner! Your beach shots are so wonderful. As is the shawl. I like the idea of adding to the body. I'm finding that my shawlettes are a bit too small.

  11. Those colors look so soft! Any day spent by the water is an ideal day in my book.

  12. Those colors look so soft! Any day spent by the water is an ideal day in my book.

  13. Those colors look so soft! Any day spent by the water is an ideal day in my book.

  14. loving those shells on the beach and that gull has the opposite coloring of a bald eagle we saw fly low along the river on Sunday (black head and white body rather than the white head and black body of the eagle...). Birds in flight amaze me! Love the simple design and color blocks of your new shawl, Tracey! We are off to the Oregon coast for a week in August, and I cannot wait...

  15. Inspiring as always Tracey ... both the pictures and the shawl!!! Absolutely love it! Now I want the pattern ... I should go add that to my wishlist. :D

  16. Pretty shawl...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  17. Such a lovely shawl! I've written this pattern down to buy next month - if I can wait that long! Love your photos! I can almost feel myself there - wish I was - I love the beach and ocean.....

    Linda in VA

  18. What a beautiful shawl! I think I want to knit one again soon, they are so satisfying! Beautiful beach pictures as well.

  19. that one really turned out beautifully!!!!! looking forward to that book,'s on "the list"!!!!

  20. Beautiful photos and shawl! Thanks for taking me to the beach.

  21. The shawl looks great Tracey - what a beautiful setting you have for knitting! I recently received a subscription to Organic Life and have enjoyed the past two issues. I just saw the Guernsey book mentioned on another blog and it sounds really interesting - I'm going to put it on my list for my upcoming vacation.

  22. Corrine would be in sea shell heaven! I love your shawl. It may go on my queue for Christmas knitting.

  23. Your shawl turned out beautifully! I am so in love with blues right now.

    And the beach.. I miss the beach so much!

  24. Love your shawl...the colours of the beach and the sky are beautifully into it!!!

  25. How serene and lovely this post is. You know your last post, you don't have to post all the time. You can do 2 to whatever when you're inspired or in the mood.