Sunday, June 28, 2015


Learn how to see. Realize that everything
connects to everything else.

- Leonardo da Vinci

 Just in time for shark week there
was a shark attack on one of my
favorite beaches and today the
purple flag [dangerous wildlife]
was flying as more sharks were
seen near the coast.  I realize
the ocean belongs to the sharks
and all the other ocean wildlife,
but I do hope they decide to
move out soon since I have
a healthy respect for any shark
and now have beached myself
until all is clear.
In the mornings I walk for exercise,
usually without my glasses, but
on my evening walks it's all about
seeing my world.
I've been paying close attention
to the little creatures that live
in me and marveling at their
beauty. Notice how each little
being has orange, cool huh?
Emerson is now back with her
Mom and Dad, but we had a
blast while she was here. She
is a great blueberry picker...
and eater. I really do love
this little girl.
My oldest son, Michael and his
wife Jordan, along with Porter
came to spend some time so
there was a lot of baby loving
going on. I am looking forward
to Friday when I will have this
sweet baby here all day!
My daughter, Erin, introduced me
 you tried it? Really good, especially
after being outside.
This evening I have some knitting to
do, I am two inches away from finishing
my shawl  and then I have plans for
a long soak in the tub and wrapping up
reading my book.
I wish each of you love and peace,
not just this week, but always.

Much love,
Weekending with Karen


  1. A nice soaking bath and good book. What a wonderful way to end the weekend. Happiness during the coming week, my friend!

  2. All day with Porter on Friday, how wonderful Tracey. I bet you can't wait! Emerson looks so grown up, I'm glad you enjoyed your time with her.

    I just finished soaking in the tub, finishing up the book I was reading. Now onto to knitting once the little man is tucked in.

    Have a wonderful week Tracey.

  3. i am soooo sorry those sharks have migrated to your part of the world....the beach has taken on a different aura for me since our near shark encounters. It shouldn't---like you said, it IS their home, but it still does. :( Love the grands pics!!!! Emerson is my kind of gal...blueberry delight!!!

  4. I do not swim in the ocean. Scary. That butterfly shot is so cool. Glad you had visiting, beautiful family.

  5. Sweet blueberries...and sweet babe! looks like a wonderful weekend was had...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  6. Fabulous weekend, Tracey. How big those babies are. I had a couple of days with my youngest granddaughter and it was just the best. Take care xxx

  7. Tracey, I love it that you had your sweet girl there and that she was such a great blueberry picker! Our girls are now back with their mom and on their way back to Maine. I love the picture of Porter! Oh what a cutie! And how hard it is to believe he has grown so much! Nothing like baby-sweetness. xo

  8. Yikes...sharks!!! Your weekend sounds lovely...I'm glad you get to spend so much time with your grandchildren!!! You are truly blessed... have a wonderful week

  9. Everything sounds so good, except for the sharks...Scary!!
    Thanks for introducing us to the probiotic drinks. I'm a big fan of turmeric. I make the tea with powdered root every morning and swear it's cured lots of my aches and pains. Loving all your little babies.

  10. What a great weekend! Look forward to seeing the shawl - I have been waiting as I love the pattern and can't wait to see yours. I am trying milk kefir for the first time - just started fermenting it today. Not sure if I will like the taste, but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

  11. You were quite the insect spotter Tracey! Great photos. I read that article about the shark bite and what a small world it is - the one man who was bit was from a town only about an hour away from me in PA.

  12. wow! a weekend with E and with P (double the love). E looks so much older and grown up such a sweetie to see her smile. I've been thinking of you and your beaches. This is not the year to be in the ocean is it? I think I read it has to do with the currents.

  13. lovely weekend. and wild about the sharks! what is up with that??

  14. lovely weekend. and wild about the sharks! what is up with that??

  15. Hi Tracy
    Thank you very much for your postcard, it arrived today. The beach on the card is beautiful - and sounds quite dangerous with all those sharks!!
    Blueberries in your part of the world are enormous.
    Hope you are having a good week - it's pretty warm here in the alps.
    kindest regards

  16. Sounds like you had a wonderful week and weekend. Those two grands are beyond adorable! Your account sounds to lovely but yikes at the sharks! LOLOL!

  17. So much to love here Tracey : ) What a wild summer with those sharks - I would beach myself too (if I wasn't already beached!) Wishing peace to you, too. xo

  18. That tonic looks full of good things :) I've been trying apple cider vinegar lately and it is very cleansing. The pictures are really beautiful. The one of the butterfly fluttering is amazing!

  19. Your pictures are stunning. I do hope the sharks make their way elsewhere for every fish and human's sake. We've been paying more attention to insects as well. Birds too. This year, it was about learning how to look and notice. Honestly, it had never occurred to me how diverse these little creatures could be. It's just amazing.