Thursday, June 18, 2015


What is fundamentally beautiful is compassion,
for yourself and those around you.

~ Lupita Nyong'o

 Summer didn't look at the calendar,
it arrived here early, bringing with
it temperatures of 100 degrees, heat
indexes even higher, air conditioners
that run non stop, humidity that makes
it hard to breathe and me wishing for

I am getting outside before dawn
and walking with a flash light so I
can see. I walk on long dirt roads
and it would ruin my day to step on
a snake so I watch closely.  I have
been managing to walk over 10,000
steps before breakfast so I am super
motivated to keep at it.

The last day lily bloomed, it was
beautiful while it lasted.

I've been snacking on fresh SC peaches
and dinners have been cold salads and
melons since it really is just too hot to

The afternoons are devoted to card writing,
reading, knitting and game playing. Now
if I can just get the cat, Miss Bette, to leave
the dice alone!

Cantaloupes are really coming in now and
the blue berries are being picked twice a
day. The gardens are hanging on, but in
this heat they won't last much longer.

There has been a lot of soccer watching
as the days draw to a close which has
allowed me the time to pick up my shawl
and knit a little before going to bed.

As we end the week and begin weekending
please remember that we are all out here
doing the best we can, love and compassion
my friends, love and compassion.

Much love,


  1. Gorgeous photos Tracey, and that lizard, so awesome! Oh, what I wouldn't give for a fresh local peach, a few months away still. Enjoy one for me, okay?

    Look at all those cantaloupes, you are making my mouth water.

    A big yes to your final message, we need much more of that in our world. Enjoy your weekend Tracey. xo

  2. I need to head to one of the farm stands and get some fresh peaches or nectarines. Sooo good when it's so hot outside! You are right Tracey, we should all be more loving and compassionate!

  3. Your days are full and blessed. :)

  4. Your summer days sound full and wonderful. I had my first peach of summer this week and it was so sweet and delicious. I love this time of year for all of the fresh fruits and vegetables available to us. That humidity, however, is another thing. I know what you mean about it being hard to breathe. That was my thought today when I was out grocery shopping.
    Beautiful post, Tracey.

  5. Your photographs are amazing especially the top two. I bet the mornings and evening are the best time for you in this heat. Keep cool and enjoy your early morning walks...oh and watch out for snakes. Thank you for your gentle reminder. It's good to try and walk in others shoes.
    take care.

  6. Those beautiful peaches are making me drool!

  7. that's wonderful to get those walks in before breakfast! how marvellous to be that motivated lol it takes me a lot. yes, keep at it!

    peaches and cantaloupe, all good summer treats. enjoy your weekend.

  8. i really admire your 10,000 with a flashlight before breakfast!!! Dawn around is about 4:45 am, you must get started just as my kids get to sleep these days.
    I must get my postcard out for that exchange....thanks for the reminder...have a great weekend Tracey!!!

  9. I admire your darkness walking while avoiding snakes, sounds intriguing. Lovely photos of your days and your area. We have cloudy overcast days, bleh. Maybe today the sun will shine! I am looking forward to a slow weekend.

  10. 10,000 steps before breakfast? You are amazing! I think the idea of running into a snake in the dark would prevent me from walking at that time. Enjoy your weekend Tracey :-)

  11. Love your pics, Tracey. :) While we've had temps in the mid-80s for the past few weeks, it's cloudy and only supposed to reach 74 here today which is typical for here in late spring. We've had no rain to speak of for weeks which is only making the drought conditions here out west worse. Our river is so low which makes me worry, but I shouldn't. Would send some cool weather your way if I could! Enjoy that beautiful beach!!
    xo Lisa

  12. Wow Tracey, walking in the early morning dark during Summer? You must be out EARLY! Enjoy all of that fruit - the raspberries are almost in here - yeah!

  13. That is an interesting lizard. Perhaps he was trying to attract a mate? Ooh boy, 100 degrees? We once had a 95 degreed day here. It was dang hot.

  14. I am joining you in the miserable heat party love. In true Tracey form you have managed to make the best out of these hot temps.
    Fingers crossed that your fruit hangs on there a bit longer, giving you some time to enjoy.
    Love and compassion indeed.

  15. I am loving all the colour in your photos today, Tracey! Your early morning walks inspire me, perhaps almost as much a that beautiful yarn you're using for your shawl (its going to be SO pretty!). xo

  16. Oh my stars that's hot. I do hope the days have cooled down for you a bit this week x

  17. So behind on reading, I apologize. Athough I long for slightly warmer days (which we should be getting this week-end), I'm like you. That is just too hot. We had a summer (5 years ago, I was heavily pregnant with my daughter) when the heat got so intense it sent me into false labor. I had so much Braxton-Hicks that I couldn't do anything. I felt like a beached whale and we would drive one hour round trip every day to soak in my parents' pool every night before bed. We get 1 unbearable - to my standards - summer every 7-8 years, So of course we have no AC. I'm glad you are finding ways to get out and still enjoy yourself before the heat sets in.