Sunday, June 21, 2015


" It isn't about being the best,
because once you tap into the
creative, flow, the best doesn't exist.
It's about experiencing the magic.
It's about being in that place where
            your heart is free.
It's about grabbing hold of the
and making something beautiful."

~ Laura Jaworski


A weekend of early, quite
mornings with tea and wool.
Putting a huge dent in my
mountain of cantaloupes
by making preserves and
freezing a dozen bags to
be enjoyed this winter.

Playing with paints and
channeling my inner child
with oil pastels.

Picking berries, not only
to freeze, but so I can make
this. { It's freezing now.}

Taking it easy today with cups
of vegetable broth and my
favorite magazine. My issue
never arrived, but as soon as
I inquired about it another
copy was sent, arriving
yesterday. Thank you

My Mike smoked ribs for the
guys to eat, there are several
games being played, and I
have some knitting that is
waiting. Enjoy a beautiful
night my friends and
Happy Summer Solstice!

Weekending  with Karen


  1. you are quite talented! I bought some markers and paper and such and have not had time to sit down and focus. BUT....come September I'll have oodles of time!

  2. my doodles are never more than that....usually in my travel journals; you, on the other hand, are a real artist!!! Lovely.

  3. Your artwork is terrific, Mrs. Tracey! I like that shot of your pain brushes. I can hear the waves and a frolicking sheep.

  4. Wow Tracey your artwork is amazing. So much talent. I love quiet mornings with tea, it is the perfect way to start the day.

    Happy Summer Solstice!

  5. Sounds perfect! And I absolutely adore the sheep!

  6. Looks like you had a perfect Summer Soltice. The best kind of weekend doing lots of creative things. I will definitely have go at that cake...I just need to stock up on a few of the ingredients first. Love the seascape and cute sheep.
    Have an awesome week.

  7. Tracey you are so talented! I would love to paint & draw but think I *can't* so I don't try so of course I won't be *good* at it if I don't practice. I also don't want to mess up the supplies. I need to stop making excuses and just dig on in like my little one would do! I hope you have a good week <3

  8. wonderful you were able to tap into your well of creativity!!! Your art work is beautiful and so inspiring...Glad to see you got your Taproot!!!

  9. Your so creative Tracey! I love your oil painting, it's so pretty! Wishing you a happy Monday! :)

  10. I am envious of anyone who can do art on paper...not my gifting! Thankful my girls have the gift, though. :) My blueberries are full but not yet ripened...looking forward to them! Have a great week, Tracey...see you on Wednesday for YA. :)
    xo Lisa

  11. Sounds like all is good at your house Tracey. Glad you're living it up.

  12. Love your artistic ventures! You are naturally talented! I had been trying some water colors for awhile. But not too good at it - LOL! But I had fun. I think I need to move into another medium - like acrylic paints....

    Linda in VA

  13. Your week-end sounds heavenly. I just received my nw Taproot issue and I'M already half way through it. So much about the new issue speaks to me. I hope you get yours soon. xo Oh! And your paintings are lovely.

  14. I planted two blueberry plants in pots on the patio. We'll see how they do. The dessert sounds interesting.

  15. Enjoyed seeing the result of your inner child. I think that is the best of ideas.
    Your creativity in all things is inspiring, Tracey!

  16. i've never had cantaloupe preserve, want!
    yay to creativity unleashed.
    happy summer solstice! to you and yours.

  17. Wow - you have many talents, and everything so beautifully photographed too.

  18. Belated solstice good wishes to you, too.

    I followed the link and that blueberry cale looks delicious :)

    1. Cake, cake ... I seem to have lost the ability to spell!

  19. What a lovely quote! Tracey you are so talented, I am in awe. Funny, I can still imagine the smell of oil pastels even though I haven't touched them in, well, a LONG time : ) happy first days of summer to you too! xo