Monday, June 15, 2015


We may think we are nurturing our garden,
but of course it's our garden that is really
nurturing us."

~Jenny Uglow

It's cantaloupe time in my little spot
of the world, not yours yet? No
worries, it won't be long.  While you
wait I thought I would share some
old favorites and some new ones too
for us all to try when cantaloupes fill
the table and counter tops of our homes,

Cantaloupe Preserves

Black Pepper and Honey Marinaded Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe Smoothie

Cinnamon Almond Sauteed Cantaloupe

Grilled Cantaloupe

Spiced Cantaloupe Tea Loaf

Cantaloupe Meringue PIe

Salted Cantaloupe and Ginger Ice Cream

Cantaloupe Sorbet

Chilled Tapioca Cantaloupe Coconut Dessert Soup


  1. Tracey, some of these recipes sound amazing! I have never had anything but fresh cantaloupe and now I think I may need to experiment a bit more. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ooh, how interesting. I never thought cantalope could be used in these ways.

  3. I love cantaloupe and those look so good! I also really like the garden quote at the beginning of the post. Thanks for some great recipe ideas!

  4. The smoothie and the teacake sound just like me!

  5. I love the quote. So simple, so true...

  6. Rocky Ford cantaloupe in SE Colorado are the best around. The hot days and cool nights make for some seriously good melons (when they aren't killing people with listeria outbreaks). Here in Denver though the growing season is too short. I've given up trying to get melons before they freeze. I'd rather save the garden space for something that will grow!

  7. Wonderful quotes!! I have not done anything with cantaloup...

  8. Yum cantaloupe! Here in France we have a melon like a cantaloupe but smaller & a bit sweeter also very good. Maybe I can try some of these recipes with them but the they are so good just on their own. Happy summer eating!

  9. i don't think I'll be able to grow cantaloups without a green house...yours are amazing. We've been having our first strawberries and radish, lots of spinach and salad and so excited because the seeds I planted out of a butternut squash we'd eaten are germinating and there are little green plants. It's so wonderful to watch and then enjoy.

  10. One of my favorite summer fruits :0) mari

  11. I LOVE Cantaloupe and can't have them right now... SAD! Those recipes sound yummy too.

  12. I've never thought of cooking or baking with cantaloupe. It's one of those things that just seems best eaten straight up. Perhaps because the season here for it is so short, it seems right to appreciate it in its natural state, though the dessert soup sounds great.

  13. Yum! I must admit I have never thought of preserving or baking with canteloupe either, probably because they are expensive here. Hopefully I'll be able to grow some this summer and then I can try some of your recipes.

  14. Oh yum... i really like the look of that cantaloupe coconut soup !!! I love cantaloupe - and yes, we are seeing some come our way this time of the year.
    thanks for the links

  15. wow what a nice resource! I've only eaten them with salt, but now I have some variety :)