Thursday, June 18, 2015


That moment when you can actually feel
the pain in your chest from seeing or hearing
something that breaks your heart.

Praying for Charleston.
God Bless.
UPDATE:: Got him!


  1. I immediately thought of you when I heard this last night. Praying for all.

  2. OMGosh, I just read about this on People and cannot believe it. Damn it, so unfair. Those unsuspecting parishioners, RIP. Their poor families. My condolences to them. I liked how President Obama expressed himself recently about this tragedy.

  3. On a positive note, I love your new header. It's you, enjoying the fresh air on your walks and the sun at the beach.

  4. Heartbreaking is what this is. That it can happen in 2015 and that we still don't know how to love each other. We're all human ... this is very frightening for me and members of my community nationwide.

  5. Breaks my heart...we were out to dinner with friends when we heard about the "breaking news" on the many TVs hanging on the walls of the pub. So thankful that young man was captured. Praying for the families as well as for that entire church and community. Devastating!