Wednesday, June 17, 2015


“All of us have in our veins the exact same percentage
of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean, and,
therefore, we have salt in our blood, in our sweat,
in our tears. We are tied to the ocean. And when
we go back to the sea – whether it is to sail or to
watch it – we are going back from whence we came.”

~ John F. Kennedy


 [No sand dollars were harmed in the taking of these
   photos, I quickly took the photos and then put the
   sand dollars back in the ocean].

I have found for me the perfect
summer knit project, Water's Edge
by Cabinfour. 

With my temperature now reaching
100F and a heat index of 120F to me
the best place to be is at the beach.
One of my favorite beaches is Hunting Island
and I thought that would be an appropriate
name for my knit,  Hunting Island Shawl
since that is where I am spending a lot
of my time.

I am using The Fibre Co. Meadow in
Bluebonnet to knit the body of my
Hunting Island Shawl and I will be
using Knit One, Crochet Too's Cria Lace
in light teal for the border.

All the light we cannot see is still on my
night stand, but in my beach bag is Hissy Fit,
a light reread just right for the beach.

Joining Ginny


  1. Oh wow, I just added Water's Edge to my favourites, it is gorgeous. The beach looks lovely Tracey, enjoy your time there, and stay cool my friend.

  2. Yes, stay cool....looks like you have found the perfect way to do it!

  3. I love your beach knitting photos! Equivalent to knitting by the fireplace in winter! xo

  4. if I was home (and not at the beach!!!!) I'd be casting on that shawl this very minute!!! Love it!!! Hoping you all are getting some ocean breezes....for some strange reason, there has been very little wind so far this week. (The sand flies are relentless!!!!!)

  5. That is an ideal knitting project for the beach. I've been to Hunting Island before. Would love to be there again right now :).
    The sand dollars are an awesome find and so kind of you to return them to their natural habitat.

  6. love your disclaimer :) Lovely knitting but boy oh boy I love what you see when you are knitting. I'm hoping the ocean is a calming effect and brings joy to your heart.

  7. I would be sitting knitting right with you if I could...........but would have to be in the shade, too much sun for me. I love your part of the world. Had a wonderful vacation on the Isle of Palms a few years ago. Other than the no see um's it was a perfect vacation!

  8. beautiful knit. you know, i have never seen a live sand dollar. do they crawl around? or just go where the ocean takes them?

  9. Love the sand dollars and the note about them. :) The shawl is lovely and I adore your stitch markers. You're making me miss the beach!

  10. Waters Edge is a real pretty pattern. It's darn hot down there isn't it? I'll keep sending cool vibes your way and you stay on that beach! xoxoxo

  11. Lovely shawl pattern. And look at that driftwood - amazing photo!

  12. How beautiful! The waves look a bit like green tea hehe. I wish we had a beach near here. I really miss that from my childhood.

  13. Perfect beach knitting - gorgeous photos.

  14. You are so lucky to live so close to the beach! Up until a few years ago, I never gave the beach too much thought... Now, I want to live close to one! Your knitting project is perfect!!

  15. I love the color of your shawl! I can't wait to see it finished!! LOVE the color of the nail polish too!

  16. I can feel the ocean breeze here in the mountains, as I read your lovely post dear lady :0) enjoy your time at the beach ... mari

  17. It's just as hot in NC, but sadly I am not at the beach! I have such fond memories of camping on Hunting Island when I was a kid (I grew up in SC). Love your knitting!

  18. I think the beach is a perfect place to be! We've been thankful for the rain, as it is the only thing that has kept our temps lower than yours, though summer sits on us now like a wet blanket. Enjoy it enough for all of us! (I've never seen a live sand dollar, thanks for sharing!)

  19. Amazing photos, a truly wonderful creation. Have a great time at the beach.

  20. Oh. My. The heat index is horrible! FR we are expected to hit the upper 90's here. I think we'll be turning the AC on now.

  21. Added both the book and the knitting pattern to my queues.

  22. Love the beach and also love the book All the Light We Cannot See. Knitting at the beach sounds fun. I haven't done it yet, but I would love to someday. :)

  23. I envy your beach jaunts. I miss the beauty of Oahu. It around me how those ginormous trees wash up on your beach. Your shawl will be so pretty. Glad you're cooling down at a lovely place and enjoying yourself.

  24. Those huge pieces of driftwood are amazing! And to find so many sand dollars - happy nature finds!

  25. So behind on reading your blog, I'm almost embarrassed The shawl is beautiful. I've added it to my "one day I'll be good enough" folder. :-) Your beach is beautiful. As much as I've enjoyed finding little beaches around here, I long for the ocean. It's been so long..