Sunday, June 14, 2015


"I need the sea because
 it teaches me."

~ Pablo Neruda

It's been hot here in the
deep south with temperatures
in the high 90's and heat
indexes over a hundred!
I'm not even going to mention
the humidity, but you know
right? Sigh.

I spend Saturday doing
some house loving, even
completely gutting my ice
box and clearing out quite
a few jars that needed to
be removed. Cleaning out
the ice box is my least
favorite job, but now I am
so pleased with how pretty
it looks so I keep opening
the door to peek.

The corn is ready so it has
been on the menu twice a
day and with the egg production
up they are making a lot of
appearancse too.  Have you heard
that egg prices are going to
sky rocket due to a bird flu?
Kind of scary.

One of my son's stopped by
for a visit and brought me
a gorgeous pair of earrings
he bought while on vacation
in Sedona, AZ. Thank you
Charlie and Ashley, I love

I frogged my grey socks!
Evidently the day I cast on
the second sock I couldn't
measure and when I when .
to fix my error I made a mess.
I really wasn't loving how
they were looking so it was
all for the best, now I can
devote all my attention to
my Hunting Island Shawl.

Today I have been at the beach
and it was nice to see the flag
flying, especially since today
is flag day.  I spent most of
my time in the water, floating,
swimming, planning my week
ahead. Now I'm ready for
Monday, how about you?

Weekending with Karen


  1. wow that's hot...I'm glad that you got to go to the beach to cool down a little. I love your colour choice for the shawl and the simplicity of the will be gorgeous and what a lovely surprise gift. It's the best when the children come to visit. We managed to catch up with Hannah for one night and it was so good.
    Happy monday.

  2. I could eat corn on the cob every single day if I could. Lovely earrings so pretty and so you! I hope the egg prices do not climb too high..I kind of like them.

  3. Such lovely earrings - I might have known they came from AZ ;-) That corn looks so good. Eggs are over $3 a doz. out here. Friday the news reported bird flu in chickens and quail here in AZ. I love that you get to spend so much time at the beach. It is hot here too, but our heat is actually coming to stay a bit later than usual. Enjoy this coming week!

  4. i can almost taste that corn and eggs (yummm!!) Soaring egg prices?!? maybe it's time for me to get some chickens? Your weekend sounds lovely - Happy flag day Tracey

  5. Oh Tracey...what a lovely day you had :0) and those earrings are just lovely! Have a wonderful week dear lady ... mari

  6. wow, surprised how hot you have it ready. in typical british fashion summer so far is... mild. lol

    yum to fresh corn. one of my fave veggies that i don't end up having very often.

    well, glad the frogging cause focus to occur. hehe

  7. Love the jewelry. I'm craving corn on the cob now.

  8. The corn looks delicious, I could eat it every day. The earrings are a real delight, a beautiful gift.

  9. I'm with you when it comes to cleaning out the fridge being my least favorite job...but we are also kindred spirits in peeking in to enjoy the fresh look brought about my our labors. ;)

    Have a wonderful week, my friend.

  10. Gosh that corn looks delicious! One of my favorite summer foods! I need to clean out my fridge as well, it's on my to do list for this week. Same as you, not my favorite chore, but so good when it's done.

  11. I spent a lot of my weekend giving my house love as well... I cleaned the fridge and freezer (yuck) as well as the gutters and the back porch.
    Hope you stay cool this week!

  12. Regarding the egg thing - I hope that perhaps this will encourage people to look for more local, and most likely more humane, sources for their eggs.

  13. Most of the day at the beach, how lovely. Those earrings are gorgeous. Have a wonderful week Tracey.

  14. Looks like we were both at the beach on Sunday then. Mine, not quite as warm though, but so wonderful none the less. You made me giggle with your ice box story. I get excited when I clean out and rearrange too! :-) Have a wonderful week!

  15. Corn never looked so good until this post! I want to steal your earrings!

  16. I heard egg prices were going to go up. I may start to either hoard or sell mine. I'm not sure yet!