Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Your simple daily acts of
service may not seem like
much in and of themselves,
but when considered collectively
they become just like the
one-twelve teaspoon of honey
contributed by a single honey
bee to the hive.

~ M. Russell Ballard



Christmas is 79 days away so
along with the return of the
heat to the south I put away my
blanket knitting and pulled out
yarn to knit a few scarves for
the single young men on my
list who need easy to care for
items. The pattern is an easy
four rows to memorize and
on size 10.5 needles things
are moving along quickly.

The Honey Thief is still on my
night stand and it's a book I am
thoroughly enjoying.

Joining with  Ginny


  1. Beautiful images of bees...I get it...your leading us a long, perfect tie in with the book. Lovely pattern you chose Tracey for the scarves, very nice fall tone. I bet it will be well loved by the "singles".
    Happy knitting :)

  2. Honey Thief sounds like something I might like just from the title, Tracey! I love the reddish yarn you are using... yummy!

  3. love those bees.....and the book is now on my 'list'! (btw.....I'm going to try to get to the po tomorrow with the book i promised you----finally!) did you really have to remind us of the christmas countdown?!?

  4. You just had to mention that Christmas was coming. Why did you do that? Ugh. It's ok though, I still won't do anything until Dec 20th.

  5. I started Christmas knitting, how could I not when you keep showing the countdown ?? (just kidding you). Love the tweed of the yarn and yes it's manly and very chic.

  6. Gorgeous images Tracey. I have been knitting solstice hats, and all are done, except mine, which is next to be cast on. Other than that there is no other Christmas knitting this year, but still lots of other handmade goodies to be made, so my hands won't be idle.

    Love the scarf, the pattern is perfect. Have a wonderful day.

  7. Love your pictures! I am thinking about Christmas too, but am afraid all of my projects may be deterred by the new baby who will be with us soon (hopefully!). But, a quick knit scarf sounds really good!

  8. It got warm again down there? Oh dear. It's in the 60's here but that will be ending soon and we will be envious of your weather for the next 7 months! I just love the color of that yarn.

  9. Some great photos. The yarn colour is beautiful.

  10. Your photos are all so gorgeous!

  11. lovely photos! is that golden rod?
    the scarf looks great

  12. Gorgeous photos! Pretty scarf, too... a delightful gift it will be!

  13. I like that thick, chunky pattern. I've been eyeing something like that in my knitting book.

  14. Phew, 79 days doesn't seem so bad. (I had it in my head, for some ridiculous reason, that it was actually less than that.)
    I don't think I have enough stamina to tackle too many more lengthy projects (scarves and I don't get along well. I procrastinate with them, for some reason.)

    That does look like a perfect man scarf though ;)

  15. The scarf looks beautiful, and the color reminds me of fall! As always I love your pictures! :)

  16. The bee photos go so well with your book!

  17. Such beautiful photos!! The book sounds like a fun one!

  18. Oh what a handsome scarf!! And I love all your pictures!

  19. So wonderful to see this bright pop of yellow before it disappears for awhile. Beautiful photos, Tracey :) Your scarf knitting is inspiring, what a great gift I'm sure will be appreciated by the single men in your life. Have a lovely day! xo

  20. ha! it looks like it's turning spring in your photographs, not autumn :)) a quick and easy knit is perfect from time to time. i'm sure the recipient will love it!

  21. I love that quote. I always discover such fascinating books to add to my list during the hops...the yellow and rust in your pictures just sings autumn color to me!

  22. You are right, the heat is most definitely back! The scarf is turning out really nice, it's going to make a lovely Christmas gift!

  23. Ack! 79 days? I totally fell off of the Christmas wagon. I would feel better to get two more done by then. You just made me think how bees are always so busy and never complain.