Thursday, October 9, 2014


I love early mornings when it feels
like the rest of the world is still
fast asleep and you're the only one
who's awake and everything feels
like it isn't real and you kind of
forget about all your problems
because for now it's just you, the
world and the sunrise.



Dear You,

Did you have a good week?
Here I felt a return of the
heat, but the humidity is
down, and the nights cool
allowing for open windows
and screen doors. This evening
the crickets are singing and
the frogs are answering, it's
quite lively out there.

Were you able to see the lunar
eclipse where you live? It was
quite a sight to watch, sitting
in the lawn chair, a hot cup of
tea by my side and quiet silence
filling the air. I'm glad I had
the opportunity to enjoy such
an awesome event.

My New Dawn roses are back
in bloom and I discovered I
am not the only one who enjoys
their scent. I am thankful Miss
Bette just smells them and doesn't
eat them like she does my violets.

There has been knitting, but then you
already knew that didn't you? I am
enjoying my sock knitting and now
I am also working on a pair of
mittens. I know, so many projects
now on needles, but I just can't
help myself. I may need an intervention!

I saw a rainbow today, a tiny one,
but a rainbow none the less.  I'm
not sure why, but there is something
about rainbows that are magical to
me and they make me smile.

Tomorrow begins another weekend
in my world, do you have three day
weekends? Oh no, this will be a four
day weekend since Monday is Columbus
Day.   Regardless as to how many days
you have or what you have planned,
I hope you enjoy yourself and your
heart is light and happy.



  1. Dear Tracey,
    I hope your weekend is filled with all the best knitting, cool temps, beautiful posies, and happy end of the season fun.

  2. So many projects Tracey - I can't have that much going on at one time. Even though it is all for fun and my own self imposed deadlines, I feel stressed if I have too much going on at once. Glad it keeps you calm though!

  3. Wishing you the most wonderful weekend Tracey.

    We celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend, so long weekend for us too!

  4. dear Tracey, I did not see the lunar eclipse because I forgot but now I saw it on your post. I hope you have a fabulous weekend and that your toe is all healed up and you can walk. Love your knitting as always and warm hugs!!

  5. We did not see the lunar eclipse - we were all in bed sound asleep. Since we were on vacation, nobody wanted to get up extra early. :-) Your sock looks great, such bright colors! Have a beautiful weekend with cooler weather and pretty knitting!

  6. The moon is stunning capture- awesome. I couldn't get mine that good.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend with a few extra days off and some cooler knitting weather.

  7. Dear Tracey, thank you for sharing the lunar eclipse. We couldn't see it here as it was pouring rain! We have a had a slow, purposeful week, despite the stuffy noses. Which seem to be almost gone! We are enjoying autumn and if I could bottle up the crisp air, the need to wear a light sweater and the falling leaves I would send it to you. I love your sock knitting. I am working on a pair myself. I hope you have a wonderful four day weekend!

  8. I missed the eclipse - we had cloudy skies. I can't believe another weekend is upon us. The weeks seem to be flying by, don't they? Have a wonderful weekend Tracey!

  9. Love that first photo....
    you sound like you are doing well Tracey.
    love to you

  10. What gorgeous photos of the moon! I didn't catch it, but my husband caught the very end of the eclipse as he headed to work very early in the morning. I can't wait until Silas is just a wee bit older and we can share in these things together. :)

  11. Miss Bette has beautiful eyes. I missed the lunar eclipse because it was cloudy. We always miss out when something interesting is going on in the sky.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Dear Tracey...I am so glad you were able to enjoy watching the lunar eclipse earlier this week. My hubby was able to watch it as he commuted to work...I was inside where it was nice and warm. ~smile~ I'm glad you are having such lovely weather right now. I ate beets, fresh from the garden, sprinkled with goat cheese and I thought of you! ~smile~ Enjoy this lovely weekend coming up!

  13. You are such a love.
    I did get to watch the eclipse, it was breath taking.
    Yay to sock knitting and knitting in general. ;) XO!

  14. What a beautiful post, Tracey, really and truly. Your photos are so beautiful too - the moon - how wonderful! (forgive the broken record me, but it's true). I love your quilt, such pretty soft colours... and mittens?! can't wait to see! My cat eats my oxalis - I'm not impressed :( Big hugs to you! xo

  15. Waaaah I can't believe I missed the eclipse. Great shots! Hope you are having a great weekend :-).

  16. Dear Tracey,

    Wishing you a great Sunday full of knitting!


  17. That is an extraordinary rainbow pic. This was a busy week for me.