Sunday, October 5, 2014


Whenever you are creating
beauty around you, you are
restoring your own soul.

~ Alice Walker

Thank you for all the well
wishes concerning my toe,
while it isn't 100% it is better.

I sat Thursday and Friday
with my toe buddy wrapped
and elevated, but by Saturday
morning I needed to get out!
I taped my toe extra well and
put my favorite shoes on....

There was a much needed
trip to the market, it had been
almost three weeks since I
had been. I hobbled around
the isles, taking my time and
have no plans to return until
the end of the month when
I have a wedding rehearsal
dinner to prepare for. And
my dress? I have no idea.

There really is something about
knitting that is soul soothing.
I finished my socks and must say
that this pattern fits my feet perfectly,
I especially love the heel. There
will be more socks cast on in the
future, but first I need to do a little
Christmas knitting, [81 days and

TCM was playing Bogart this weekend
so I was able to watch an old favorite.
Did you know I am a Bogart fan? I
even have a duck named after him.

Fall finally reached the deep south,
if only for a few days. I made lentil-
dill soup for dinner, a favorite.
And snacking has been all things
apple. My new favorite snack is
sliced apple with almond butter,
chopped pecans, chopped dark
chocolate and coconut.

Wish you a warm and gentle
start to a fabulous week.


Weekending with Karen.


  1. The socks are so bright and pretty! I really need to start knitting my own socks so I can have such happy feet too! (SmartWool does a pretty good job for now.) Your apple snack sounds good - a bit healthier than my poor girl's PB cup - a spoonful of homemade pb with a handful of chocolate chips, eaten at the same time.

  2. fall for us, too!!!! isn't it grand?!? glad the toe has at least progressed to hobbling...can't imagine you down and out for long!!! love the socks....and lentil soup! on the docket here....if I can just stay home long enough to cook it!!! yum

  3. those socks are AWESOME!! perfect yarn! and that apple treat sounds so yummy!

  4. Love the socks. I can't believe the wedding is coming up, time does fly. Happy that you enjoyed a little bit of fall, fingers crossed it comes back for a visit again soon. Have a great day Tracey.

  5. It did feel like fall these last few days, didn't it? The last two mornings when I got up the temperature was right around 40 and it never made it above 65 on Saturday! As chilly as it was walking that early in the morning, it was awesome! Sock weather is (hopefully) in our near future. ;-) I love how happy your socks look. Bright colored hand knit socks are my all time favorite!

  6. Wow the wedding really is getting close!! I know you will find the perfect dress. It will come! Glad the toe is getting better AND that you were able to enjoy a little bit of Fall!! Have a wonderful week!

  7. Fabby header- really beautiful Tracey.
    he soup sounds delish and restorative must try that one day- and I am SO making that apple yumminess.
    Have a lovely week ahead.

  8. Can any of us ever get over how amazing knitting is? What would we do without it? The socks are absolutely fantastic!
    The soup and apple snacks are making me drool. You always provide the best eye candy. :)

  9. I love your colorful socks. And your new favorite snack sounds extra yummy. Have a wonderful week!

  10. I agree. Knitting is very soothing for the soul. I just love your socks. I have been thinking about Christmas knitting but that's about it!

  11. Hope your toe is feeling better!

  12. I love lentil soup! and I'm the only one in the house...Glad you are feeling a wee bit better and keep off of it so that it heals! I hope you find a dress to wear :)

  13. You've been making so many lovely things. I'm glad that you had knitting to do whilst resting your foot. It make the healing so much better. You snack sounds scrumptious...I must try to get or make some almond butter. I've never tried it before. I have a bag of almonds, a coconut in the vegetable basket, no pecans but always apples and some other kind of nuts. I think I will do some experimenting tomorrow. Just going to google how to make almond butter.
    Happy soul restoring days.

  14. Happy fall! I am glad to know the socks fit! You always feel a satisfaction when you finish a project. :)

  15. Love your quote today! Oh your poor toe :( It's been ages since I've watched a Bogart movie, do you have a favourite? xo p.s. apples looking delicious...might have to give that combo a go :)

  16. lentil-dill soup? Sounds dee-lish!

  17. I'm sorry your toe is plodding along slowly in recovery. I hope you're not in too much discomfort. Your newest pair of socks can only make you smile and think wonderful thoughts. The apple snack looks yummy. What a great , healthy one.

    1. And that quote is so true. When I'm helping out at the school and get smiles and thank you from teachers, it's uplifting.