Monday, April 11, 2011

`Ducks' Ditty.'

All along the backwater,
Through the rushes tall,
Ducks are a-dabbling,
Up tails all!

Ducks' tails, drakes' tails,
Yellow feet a-quiver,
Yellow bills all out of sight
Busy in the river!

Slushy green undergrowth
Where the roach swim--
Here we keep our larder,
Cool and full and dim.

Everyone for what he likes!
WE like to be
Heads down, tails up,
Dabbling free!
High in the blue above
Swifts whirl and call--
WE are down a-dabbling
Up tails all!

~The Wind in the Willows
 by Kenneth Grahame

I would like you to met the
newest members of the group:
On the left in his best white is Spencer Tracy
The lovely lady in back is Lauren Bacall
and to her right is Humphrey Bogart.

Now...does anyone have a milk goat or
a small cow that I could adopt? xx


  1. Oh, aren't they lovely! I adore their names :-)
    The photos are fabulous--you are a *really* good photographer. I think I will always be hopeless with a camera.

    And, _The Wind in the Willows_ is one of my all-time favorite books. This post made me smile.

  2. Oh I love those ducks! They are so darned cute! Make way for Ducklings!

  3. They are beautiful! What fun! I also love those lines from Wind in the Willows! I need to read that book to my younger children! Enjoy those ducks.

  4. Beautiful photos and beautiful ducks. I do wish I had a farm or at least pieces of one. The Wind in the Willows is awesome!
    Hey what kind of lens did you use?

  5. Cool ducks-can't wait to see their eggs.
    You do have quite the zoo at your house.

  6. Oh I love DUCKS! You are so lucky to have them.

  7. So exciting! I love this post and the pictures of your new ducks. Duck eggs are absolutely wonderful. I'd love to know more about how you are housing them, do you have a pond or a river? I would love to have ducks but we don't have a naturally occurring water source but we are digging a pond. They are really beautiful.

  8. I love ducks!! even if they scare me a little when they come towards me...What can I say I'm a city girl ;o)

  9. FABULOUS pictures! And it's been a while since I read The Wind In The Willows. I love these lines!

    Blessings, Debbie

  10. love! i especially love the names you chosen. i think you need a katherine there so spencer tracy doesn't feel too lonely :)

  11. What beautiful new members. I know your granddaughter just loves them :)

  12. What great pictures...I will have to share them with my youngest, we just spent a morning at a duck pond watching them. How much fun.

  13. Soooo sweet and beautiful. Tell me, do the two males make life rough, so to speak, for thefemale? (Judging from the names you have two males and 1 female....) I've heard that more than one male can really be rough on a single female. We don't know the sexes of ours yet....waiting til they get older to tell by the tail feathers...

  14. I never realized how beautiful geese are until I saw these pictures. You most of been really close to them for some of these pictures.