Thursday, October 2, 2014


People are just as wonderful
as sunsets if you let them be.
When I look at a sunset, I
don't find myself saying,
'Soften the orange a bit on
the right corner.' I don't try
to control a sunset. I watch
with awe as it unfolds.
~ Carl Rogers


I overdid it just a little bit
this week. The temperatures
have been in the mid 80's and
I wanted to get out and explore,
a little too much for my broken
toe, so now I am on rocking
chair lock down for then next
few days, sigh. I do not have
a lot of patience for things
like this which is making
me a little stir crazy. Today
I did discover this which I
think would help my mood

One of the reasons I was out
and about was because I needed
to collect mushrooms to try this.
Have you tried it before? It
really works! I did a few practice
sheets and now would love to
make some nice prints to frame.

I found a new tattoo I want to
get, I think it's me, what do you

Well, I am going to sit in my
rocking chair, knit on my sock
and watch an amazing sunset,
they have been especially awesome
lately. Sunday the high is only
going to be 72 and we are suppose
to see lows in the 40's!!! Finally. :)

Enjoy a beautiful October weekend.



  1. you have fall!!!!! happy dance!!! (oops. sorry. you're not dancing right at the moment.....bummer about the toe! feel better soon, please!!!!) love the mushroom prints....really must try that. what kind of spray fixative are you using?

  2. i love that tattoo! not sure i could get one on my finger, though. i used to want one on the side of my foot but i'm so ticklish that it could not possibly end well. (:

    i hope your toe recovers quickly! i, too, have little patience for being idle (though now that i'm schooling two of the boys there's so very little time to *be* idle!). *hugs*

  3. Oh my hope the toes heal quickly - I don't have patience either. Loving the look of those perfect mushrooms. Tattoo ...........cute but.................NO! Have a great weekend watching those sunsets.

  4. I hope your toe recovers quickly :-)
    Follow your heart re. the tattoo and it is a cute little one - where are you having it?
    Have a fun weekend.

  5. Love the tattoo, are you going to get another one?

    Looks like fall is coming your way, enjoy Tracey. And stay put in the rocking chair, okay?

    Enjoy your weekend. xo

  6. Those mushroom prints are fantastic!! I will never look at mushrooms again without thinking of this and will definitely give this a try. I'm sorry your toe is bothering you after your excursion, hopefully getting some rest this weekend will help. Love the tattoo, where would you put it?

  7. Oh, goodness I want that rocking chair!!!! I have never been one for having a tattoo myself...but I have to say you have very good taste for tattoos!! I also love yarn!!!! I say go for it!!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend Tracey!!


  8. I hope your toe feels better soon Tracey- no fun. Enjoy your beautiful view and skies from your rocking chair :) Yes, get the tattoo.
    Thank you again for all your support with the yarn shop.
    Love to you

  9. Coming from one who has broken her toe & foot twice...take it easy! And I know how very hard that is. The bright side: more knitting time! Feel better soon, dear Tracey! <3

  10. What a lovely quote and lovely photos. Aren't spore prints fun? Sorry about your toe.. at least now you can relax and knit and ignore all other obligations for a couple of days!

  11. I so know what you mean. Stuck with chronic tennis elbow here and have been instructed to do nothing. Yeah... I'm so good at doing nothing! So sorry you are getting restless. It,s the worse feeling.

    The mushroom prints are gorgeous! Must try that this week-end. We have so many growing in our yard!

    Have a lovely week-end. xo

  12. Cute tattoo, but ouch - on the thumb bone? Sorry your toes are hurting. At least that means you have plenty of time to knit! Let those boys cook up something for you for a change! The mushroom idea is really cool!

  13. I always seem to learn something when I come here. Love those mushroom prints….so clever!!! Thanks for sharing this. Love the tattoo ….its so you…go for it! & yes enjoy this great weather….just stay clear of the mosquitoes!

  14. Ugh to having to stay still, but sometimes our bodies force us to do what our minds don't want to. Keep resting, thank goodness you have knitting.
    Love the tattoo. I vote yes!

  15. Sorry about the toe! I hope it feels better soon! A good thing about this is you'll get to knit alot :)

  16. I love the tattoo! Rest up... no better reason than a broken toe and sunsets to sit, rock, and knit!

  17. Ooh, neat-o! Spore printing? Very original. Pls take care.

  18. Please, please get that tattoo. It is so fabulous! Hope your weekend has been lovely!

  19. heal up and stay off that little foot of yours! I am so sorry that you are temporarily sidelined. Hopefully when you read this you are feeling a tad better :)

  20. Beautiful photos, love the mushrooms ones especially. Those prints look so fun to make, I bet my boys would like to make some of their own - what a great idea.
    BTW - I think that might have to be the most lovely back and white photo of a foot I have ever seen :) Hope it keeps mending and that your yarn supply never ceases to disappoint while it does. xoxo