Sunday, October 12, 2014


Autumn is here. It may be the
sneakiest season; it disguises
itself with warm winds and late
evening golden light. It wraps
itself in colors that look like
fire and the slowly fading sound
of crickets at night. It comes
without warning or apology,
and before you know it, the
air is cold and the leave are falling
and the summer you thought you
were enjoying is just a memory.
Sly. So sly.

~ Tyler Knot Gregson


I need to realize it takes longer
than a week for bones to heal,
even if it's a small bone like a
toe, ahem.

Although the thermometer
has reached almost 90 degrees
the last two days I'm pretending
it is the season for wool accessories.
I have spent the weekend watching
old movies, knitting a hat and
a pair of mittens. 

Now bring on the cold weather!

Weekending with Karen


  1. I love the hat and mitts!!!! Gorgeous :) I'm glad that your toe is feeling better, please continue to take it easy, my dear. Lovely fall foliage :)

  2. Your pictures are always so beautiful! You find the absolute perfect backdrop for your knitting every single time! Love the mittens and the hat!

  3. The hat and mittens look great! I am using Cascade 220 for the first time to knit a scarf. It seems a little scratchy. Does your experience with it tell you it will soften up with washing?

  4. It's beginning to look very fall-ish around here. I noticed the other day, the woods across the road are taking on a golden hue. You are a very talented knitter! I'm working on putting together a Sunbonnet Sue baby blanket for my friend who's daughter is expecting a little one in Feb. I'll be doing the Sue's in needle turn applique. I love handwork!

  5. Gorgeous knits, love the colour combination. Keep resting Tracey, soon you will be up and about again. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Love your knits Tracey- such pretty color combo! Can't believe it's 90?! Wow...I'll blow so artic air from Montana your way to cool thing down.
    Ps. I hope your toe is on the mend.

  7. You didn't make a matching set?!! You did! I love them, perfect colours. Poor you, poor toe :( my husband broke his toe last summer - the first few weeks were tough but then the pain seemed to ease up considerably (or at least the complaining did! poor dear) hope your pain will ease up soon too, Tracey. Xo

  8. I love the photograph with the falling leaves and your colour combination. I used the same for my Bergen cowl. Hope your toe heals soon but I'm glad that you can spend some happy knitting time whilst it heals.

  9. It may not have been the way you wanted rest to happen but I'm glad the situation with your toe is giving you more time to relax and knit some more.

  10. Eventually the cooler weather will arrive for you. Make sure you are resting that foot so that toe can heal! It's amazing how one little toe can mess things up huh? Have a good week Tracey!

  11. Old movies + knitting. The best!

  12. I love autumn...and your grey and gold mittens and hat...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  13. oh your knitting photos always make me swoon and wish I were a more able knitter! love the combo of grey and yellow.

  14. Love the matching set! And yes - bones can take a LONG time. Several years ago I had a Jones Fracture in my foot and was in an air cast, on crutches and not supposed to be putting weight on it for NINE months. And I was a petsitter - made walking dogs difficult!

  15. Wow. 90 degrees and it's fall. Is that a norm for you? We have had warmer temps with cold ones scattered like grains of pepper around here. This is a terrific grellow set.