Thursday, September 4, 2014


Why Birthdays Are Important

They acknowledge our steps along the road.
They let us savor the joy, yet again.
They inspire laughter and shenanigans.
They embrace pageantry and tradition.
They ask us to close our eyes,
And make a wish for the future.

~ Tiffany & Co.

If you've been a follower of my
blog for any length of time you
know how much I love birthdays
and how much I love giveaways,
adding another year to my life hasn't
changed that one bit.  Saturday I
will celebrate my 51 year around the
sun with laughter, love and cake.
It looks like my beach trip may
be cancelled due to rain, but that's
okay, we need the rain and there
is always knitting;  to quote one
of my son's, "it's all good".

In keeping with blog tradition I
am hosting a little giveaway. I have
a blown glass heart necklace, a little
wool felted bag and a package of bird
gift tags I want to give to one lucky
reader.  If you would like a chance
to win please leave me a comment
telling me your favorite birthday cake
and I will draw a name next Friday.
Oh, and please leave me a way
to get in touch with you because it's
a real bummer when I can't find you.

I'm making a wish for all
of you!

Past birthday's :


  1. You are so very sweet dear Tracey. Favourite birthday cake...hmmm, I don't really like cake, I know, crazy. When birthdays roll around there is usually dairy free ice cream and cookies :)

    Thank you Tracey, and happiest of birthdays to you. xo

  2. celebrating them! My favorite birthday cake is Italian Cream Cake! Oh so yummy! May your birthday be extremely special, my friend!

  3. I love birthdays!!!! Mine or someone else's. Doesn't matter. It's a special time to celebrate the gift of life and it's awesome! My favorite cake is chocolate with vanilla frosting. Although really any kind is good. I hope (and know) you have the most happiest of birthdays!!! (I was lucky to win last years giveaway, no need to enter me in this year! Thank you!)

  4. Ah, Happy Birthday!!! My favorite cake...dang near anything with cream cheese icing! :-D

  5. omygoodness!!!! three fabulous gifts rolled into one giveaway!!! YIKES! My hubby's favorite b-day cake is a decadent chocolate mousse cake---he requests it every year. Me? When my mom was living, she would make me 3 (yes THREE!!!) shoo-fly pies---the recipe made 3---and I would eat every last bit all by myself. (The fact that no one else likes shoo-fly pie really doesn't factor in because I wouldn't have shared anyway.) I refuse to make my own birthday cake----so I haven't had one since. (believe me, I'm still fighting the calories from those shoo fly pies, even though it's been 15 years!)

  6. Happiest of birthday's dear friend. I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend in the sunshine :)
    (Blotkake...Norwegian birthday cake, just whip cream and strawberries)

  7. I bet you'll have a wonderful birthday whether its at the beach or not. My favorite cake is chocolate with peanut butter icing. The stronger the pb, the better.

  8. Well I guess the first posting I wrote did not get posted.
    I am just a few days younger than you. I will be celebrating the same number of years next week.
    I love chocolate fudge and banana cake with cream cheese frosting.
    I usually am the one making the cakes not eating them.

    I am a knitter too--love the craft.
    Happiest of birthdays to you.

  9. I have been reading your blog for a couple of months and I really enjoy reading your posts. My favorite cake would have to be chocolate cake! Hope you have a Happy Birthday and thanks for the chance to win.

  10. When I saw that heart I thought it must have been a gift you got for your birthday, not the giveaway - It is awesome, and the hot pink pocket is just as nice. I always ask everyone what kind of cake they would like me to make for their birthday, but hmmm... my favourite? for myself? I think carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I am turning 60 next year - enjoy your fifties, they fly by so fast.

  11. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! the 6th of Sept is the best day to be born! it is my birthday too. <3

  12. Happy, happy, happy birthday sweet Tracey!!! Wishing love and peace and joy for you this year!

    (my favourite cake would have to be cheesecake!)

  13. Happy birthday.

    My favorite cake is a family recipe from my husband's family. It an Olive's Chocolate cake. (Olive as in Great Aunt Olive not the Mediterranean fruit.) It's a very rich layered chocolate cake. I love it with a chocolate mint frosting I've concocted from basic chocolate frosting. There is only one major issue with an Olive's cake. It's an older recipe and if the cake is bumped in the baking in anyway it will fall. (My FIL accidentally slammed a door 30 years ago while one was baking. It fell. He still gets spoken to about this. Though he will tell you-with a sheepish grin-that it still tasted great as a brownie like substance.)

  14. Happy Birthday Tracey!!!

    I always asked my mother for cherry pie for my birthday (cake?)

  15. Happy happy birthday dearest Tracey - it is very important for me to celebrate my girls and hubby´s birthdays.
    Favourite cake: lemon poppyseed with creamcheese on top is one of them

  16. Not going to wish you a happy birthday just yet. ;-) I do hope it will be a fabulous birthday for you and you'll enjoy the day.

  17. Happy birthday to you! Thanks for giving us the present of your beautiful blog. My favorite birthday cake is marble with chocolate buttercream frosting.

  18. happy happy birthday dear blog friend and in real life friend! may you be blessed on your birthday and everyday :)

  19. Hau'oli la hanau darling. I'm sorry I'm a bit tardy to the partay. Don't count me in for the drawing but I just wanted to wish you this: May spiritual sunshine, since you're expecting rain, flood your celebrations fill of hugs, smiles, and love that your heart is bursting the happy meter.

  20. Happy Birthday beloved friend! Here's to a wonderful birthday and many many more trips around the sun!!! <3

  21. Oh, I am so glad I stopped by so that I'm not too late to wish you the happiest of birthdays! May this new year in your life be full of love and joy and peace and growth and adventure - especially of the knitted kind ;) You and your wonderful blog have been such a joy for me to discover, have a marvellous day! xoxo

    1. oh yes, if I had to choose just one piece of birthday cake, it would be a good sour cheesecake but, truth be told, I'm more of a birthday "pie" girl myself - any fruit will do :)

  22. Hello Darling! Well, Happy 51st. I am so glad you are here on this planet, you make it a better place for me and countless others, I am sure. Even those who don't know you must benefit from your good energy just circulating in the air. : )

    My favorite bday cake. Hmm. That's a tough one. I love just good ol' chocolate, maybe with coconut frosting. But once back I made an amazing chocolate bunt with stout beer that was about the richest thing I ever tasted. Also a southern strawberry cake would be nice.

  23. Happy happy birthday dear Tracey!!!! I am so sorry this greeting is late.....praying blessings for you! My favorite birthday cake is homemade angel food cake with fresh strawberries and whipped real cream! My birthday is in June and my momma blessed me with this almost every year!

  24. So sorry I missed wishing you a happy birthday, Tracey. :( Hope your day was filled with all the things you love most! xo Lisa

    1. my "51" comes late next month... loving this phase of life!

  25. Hope your day was super special. Hmmm - favorite birthday cake? Anything with chocolate works for me!