Tuesday, September 6, 2011


"Doing nothing for others is
the undoing of one's self. We
must be purposely kind and
generous, or we miss the best
part of existence. The heart
that goes out of itself, gets
large and full of joy. This is
the great secret of the inner
life. We do ourselves the most
good doing something for others."

~Horace Mann

Today is my birthday.
I am now 48, although
inside I feel like I am
Over the last year of
having this blog, I have
had the chance to
connect with some
pretty awesome women.
Y'all are all really great!
I am always inspired
by comments left here
and from visits to your
blogs. In honor of my
birthday I wanted to give
a little something back,
a little something to
bring a smile to your
face like you do for me
on a daily basis.
This giveaway is a little
red and black glass leaf
necklace that I thought
would be perfect for fall.
Leave a comment telling
me what brings you
joy, I'll draw a name 
and post the winner
next Monday Okay?
I hope your day is
a beautiful one filled
with much happiness~
Now we can all eat cake!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! I hope your day is perfect in every way, Tracey! I appreciate your wisdom, kindness and thoughtful words so much.

    To answer your question, one thing that brings me joy is the hint of fall in the air with the lingering warmth of summer days.

    Enjoy every moment, dear friend!

  2. oh happy birthday dear tracey! although i've not know you long, i feel it is just like you to give to others on your own day. such a sweet giveaway!

    what brings me joy is always my family and friends(and my little puppy). today i had a text from my youngest son, just to say i love you, and shortly after that a phone call from my youngest girl, she just wanted to say the same thing. i sometimes think my heart will burst!

    enjoy your day my friend!

  3. Oh Happy Birthday Tracey! I hope you are celebrated all month.

    What brings me joy? Good health, baby giggles, sweet notes from friends, fresh tomatoes, butterfly kisses, the colors of Fall, basil, holding hands, gifts of Mason jars filled with homemade treats, low tide, potlucks, my incredible girlfriends, and Cedar Waxwings. That's a start.

    The necklace is gorgeous. What an incredible item to giveaway.

    Thank you for your wonderful heartfelt notes. They always make me smile. XO

  4. Oh Happy, Happy Birthday Tracey. There are so many things that bring me joy. But like Lori, I think on top of the list would have to be family, and when that includes grandchildren, well the cup just runneths over. Have a wonderful day. I have really enjoyed connecting with you over the last few months and there is always joy when I log onto your posts.xx

  5. Tracey, I just want to wish you a very happy birthday! I hope this year brings you exactly what you envision...

    It brings me joy to log into my blog and see a comment from you!!! :)

  6. Happy, happy birthday Tracey! I hope your day is filled with joy, laughter, and love.

    Things that bring me joy is watching my son grow and learn every day and how he always amazes me.

  7. Happy Birthday - we are the same age and from the same region of the country! Just found your blog and I really like it....your photograpy is amazing...would you share the camera and lens that you have. If you have time, just leave me a note on my blog or answer here, I will check back! Thanks

    The joy my children celebrate in their life brings joy to my life. When they are happy and thriving, my world is complete!

    I love your blog and will be checking in regularly!

  8. Happy, happy birthday!

    (I don't wear necklaces, so don't consider me for your giveaway. I just wanted to send you well-wishes!)

  9. Happy birthday!!! You are older than me by a couple of months :D My family brings me joy and knitting of course. I also enjoy your blog so very much and wish you 10,000 more birthdays!!!!!

  10. You are so sweet. Giving the present when it's YOUR birthday? I'm happy to tell you what brings me joy. Almost everything. My joy comes from the Lord, and no matter the circumstance, knowing that He is in it and that His purpose is being fulfilled in my life (I am just a vessel, dearly treasured by Him) leaves me a constant source of joy. I've learned that being happy and having joy are two different things. Happy comes from externals, joy from the Spirit... Oh, and chocolate! Yes, chocolate brings me joy AND makes me happy!! ;)

    Happy Birthday sweet Tracey~

    Blessings, Debbie

  11. Happy Birthday Tracey...What a wonderful way to celebrate....with a give away!!

    What brings me joy...being home with my family, knitting, and getting to know others like yourself...you have become a new member of our family ..Tracey is doing this or Tracey is doing that....we love seeing all that you have been doing...


    A Knitters Notebook

  12. Oh my Tracy! Happy birthday, I know what you mean about feeling much younger. the 40s are not what I thought they would be at all, so much better! What a lovely necklace, you are such a sweet person.

  13. Happy Happy Birthday To You! Although I have not hit 40 yet, I hope to look and feel as good as you :) Mmmmm.....right now cool weather and falling leaves are bringing me joy. And a happy little boy who is playing quietly in his room :)

  14. Happy Birthday Tracy! I am 36 and I when I look in the morror I still see me at 16. You are as old as your heart is and I think your heart is very young

  15. Happy Happy Birthday! Have a lovely day!

  16. Happy Birthday, have a wonderful day!

  17. That's lovely. Happy Birthday.
    What brings me joy? Giving love brings me joy.
    Much love to you.

  18. Happy Birthday, Tracey!! Sorry I'm a day late, but I was unplugged yesterday :) Hope you had a magical day!

    As for your question...at the moment what brings me the most joy is watching my children grow up. Watching them learn and embrace life.

  19. Yeah! Happy birthday and i am a day late too as we were out of town. thanks for the permission to eat cake...lol...we all need that once in awhile.

    what brings me joy? long extended stays in nature...with no computer, phone, responsibilities...except to keep my children alive and fed. ;)


  20. happy birthday, my sweet friend.

  21. happy day darling! your comments on my blog bring me joy. reading to my children brings me joy. the great outdoors, mashed potatoes, fresh tomatoes, a hard laugh, a good book, art, the pattern on my cat’s fur, warm bread.....

    thanx for getting me thinking!

    i made the dinner links live for the sweet potato/black bean burritos just for you! have a wonderful day and make your family do the cooking!

  22. Happy Birthday! You look fantastic by the way!
    As for what brings me joy, I have to say its silence and stillness after noise. I love to enjoy quiet. X

  23. Oh happy birthday Tracey!!! You deserve the best and I hope that you get all that you wish for!!!

    What brings me joy is the laughter of my children, friends and family, moments I get to myself, and moments I get to spend just with my husband. And like you, meeting all of these amazing women on the web!!

    xx oo

  24. Happy Happy Birthday dear sweet Tracey!!! I know what you mean about feeling 17 inside. You are gorgeous inside and out! What brings me joy-so much-holding my kids little warm bodies, tea, the sound and smell of the ocean, laughing w/friends online and off, oj, my washing machine. I'll stop there! Happy Birthday! Enjoy your cake!

  25. Happy Birthday sweet lady! I hope this year treats you well and is full of love and laughter for you. Joy...in a hot cup of coffee while the kids are still asleep, little people hugs and kisses, rainy days at home baking with my littles...

  26. Happy |Birthday Tracey. I have a lovely cake for you over at mine!
    I find joy in so many things - sitting here right now, with a warm blanket round me to ward of the chill -( i will not light the fire until the equinox.) A hot cup of tea, my children, my granchildren - the warmth of family, - so many things. I am blessed with joys. Wishing many blessings to you. xxx

  27. Happy Happy 48th! I heading in your direction in a few more years. What kind of cake will you celebrate with? I think one thing that brings me joy is when I see my children getting along/helping one another/taking joy in each other.

  28. happy birthday!!! what an awesome necklace too! what brings me the absolute most joy is being able to stay at home with my children and live our days however we choose. :-)

  29. I can just feel that lovely heart against my skin. Enjoying it's smoothness. . . . . .
    What brings me joy - - -
    My joy comes from being able to live each day in our normal routine, well, perhaps with just a few modifications.
    Tracey, while we mark each year of our lives, we know in our hearts and minds our true age.
    Keeping our thoughts forever young is the best part.
    Happy Birthday sweet Friend - wishing you only the very best.

  30. What brings me joy? Lots and lots of things, but tonight my son Stuart comes to mind. He turned three today, so you and he are birthday buddies! Stuart was born when I was forty, and he is pure joy! Happy, happy birthday, Tracey!

  31. Happy Birthday! I'm gonna be 51 this year! Where does the time go...seeing my little 10 yr old give me joy...she was a sweet present from God~

  32. Happy (belated) Birthday, Tracey!

    Joy for me?

    Listening to my niece, Peyton, tell me a story about her pretend friend, Buddy. She is so animated that you can't help but follow along and ask her questions.

  33. Happy birthday lovely lady! What brings me joy, my kids smelling flowers in spring. It is such a lovely time of year here now. Jacinta x

  34. Happy Belated Birthday Tracey! I hope you had a wonderful day!

  35. Happy birthday, Tracey. I hope it was wonderful. How nice of you to give us a gift for your birthday.

    You inspire me, too.

    This is Stacy at golden bird knits. Blogger doesn't seem to recognize me tonight.

  36. I hope you had a wonderful birthday Tracey,
    and thank you for sharing this space with us. I always love popping over.
    Joy.. stirring a pot of rice pudding, the way my mum makes it, in the evening while reading a book..hmmm.. I might just have to go off and do that now! :)

  37. Happy belated birthday Tracey! What brings me joy? My children of course ...mostly when they're sleeping! Have a lovely weekend!