Sunday, September 1, 2013


Yes we are [friends] and I do like to
pass the day with you in serious and
inconsequential chatter. I wouldn't
mind washing up beside you, dusting
beside you, reading the back half of
the paper while you read the front. 
We are friends and I would miss you,
do miss you and think of you very often. 
I don't want to lose this happy space
where I have found someone who is
smart and easy and doesn't bother to
check her diary when we arrange to meet. 

~Jeanette Winterson

On Friday I will turn 50!
[September 6th]
Inside I think I will always
feel 17, that hasn't changed,
but the calendar says different.

I wanted to thank each and every
one of you for your friendship.
You all mean so much to me,
and I am honored to call you my
friends. I look forward to reading
your comments, visiting your
spaces, reading about your days.
My only wish would be that
we all lived closer and could
visit in person.

Always on my birthday I like
to give a gift to someone dear
to me. This year I put together
a little knitter's gift bag....a
note pad, a sheep tape measure,
two  sheep stitch markers,
all put in a little cloth bag that I
decorated with a sheep button. If
you would like a chance to win
please leave a comment and I will
randomly select a winner on
Friday before I head out to celebrate.
Emerson's [my only grand] school is
having Grandparents Day and I will
be traveling to have lunch with my
favorite five year old,  I think spending
the day with Emerson will be the best
gift ever, I am just a little excited.

UPDATE; This giveaway is open

Before I go did you hear that my all time
favorite shoe company has been nominated
for the Martha Stewart Made in America Award?
It you have a moment would you please vote?


  1. your birthday is friday? the 6th??? that is MY BIRTHDAY TOO!!! i will be 41. sept 6th is the very best day to be born. :) have a wonderful time with your granddaughter. what a great day. <3
    oh and those shoes are rockin!

  2. Happiest of Birthdays Tracey- I hope you have a most wonderful day- filled with fun and surprises....and the year ahead, well I hope it is filled with good health, lots of love and I really appreciate your kindness and friendship too

  3. Ooh - have a wonderful birthday, Tracey - so lovely to spend it with your precious Emerson. 50 is good - just like 17 but without the teen angst. Would love to have you over xxx

  4. happy happy happy days!!!! (isn't it nice growing older with friends??? Unfortunately, I have a really big head start on you!!!!)

  5. Happy Birthday Tracey. You are such a lovely friend and I just love catching up with you here. Love Kate. PS those shoes are just like mine, but I have the burgundy colour. they are the most comfortable shoe!

  6. What a wonderful way to spend your birthday! I hope you have a ball with Emerson at grandparents day.

    Happiest of birthdays, Tracey. May your days be full of love, laughter, and spirit.

  7. You SO don't look it dear September sister. I'm happy that you're happy and content. And what awesome goodies you're giving away! Mahalo for your sweet and generous spirit and your golden heart friend.

  8. That sounds like the perfect way to spend your birthday.

    Happy birthday Tracey, and may the year ahead be filled with adventure, laughter and lots of love.

    PS Love your shoes, one day I will have my own day :)

  9. That surely *is* the best way to spend a birthday! Happy, happy birthday, Tracy!

    Wishing you your birthday wishes...

  10. Tracy - Happy Birthday! The sheep button is awesome! In fact the whole kit is lovely, but I don't think you will post to Australia, so I will just be a bystander.

  11. Happy Birthday Tracy - hard to believe another year has gone by. Enjoy the day with Emerson what could be a better gift.

  12. Happy Birthday and thank you! I love this little sheep bag!


    hef117 (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. Happy birthday, Tracey! I think that's such a great idea - to give a gift on one's birthday. On my next birthday, I'm going to do the same thing. I hope your lunch with Emerson is a great one. (:

  14. Happy, Happy birthday. I love those shoes! They look like something I would totally love wearing. Thanks for the give away and do enjoy your birthday and your entire week!

  15. Fifty never looks so good! Another Virgo baby, love it.

    Lovely giveaway for your birthday.

  16. lots of wonderful September birthday friends

    I'm glad you're one of them, Tracey :)

    thanks for having a giveaway for your special day!

  17. Happy Birthday Tracey! And your birthday plans sound wonderful!

  18. Happy birthday sweet Tracey!!!! Praying for a blessing filled day!

  19. happy birthday to one of the sweetest blogging friends I know!!! May happiness and good health surround you for many many decades to come.

  20. I hope you have the most fantastic birthday! I've often thought how cool it would be if we all lived close by and we could have a knit night! If you ever make it to Colorado you are more than welcome to come by!

  21. Friday is also my daughter's birthday. She will turn five. :)

  22. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend a birthday Tracey! Have fun!!!

    P.S. Those are my favourite shoes too – hands down the most comfortable.

  23. what a sweet gesture on *your* birthday! don't count me in for the giveaway...i'll save that entry for one of your proper knitting readers ;)
    but wishing you the happiest of birthday, my dear!!!!

  24. Happy happy happy birthday, dearest Tracey! Yes indeed, we are friends. Blessings on another trip around the sun.... xoxo, Erin

  25. Yay for birthday's!!! And yay for spending it with such a cute little one!!! (And thank you for the reminder it being grandparent's day...I always do something special for my parents on behalf of my little one but totally forgot this year!) I so wish everyone could get together for a knit night. It's wonderful we're all able to "talk" on-line but nothing would beat real life conversations!! I love those shoes, I'm off to check them out :-)

  26. Happy Birthday friend...I hope you have a Very blessed birthday:)


    A Knitters Notebook

  27. Happy Birthday! My daughter's is the day after yours! I really do wish we all lived closer together.

    May you have a blessed 50th year <3

  28. Tracey, I'm 50 at the end of October this year. Such a wonderful time of life, no? I'm loving it! Wishing you a blessed day filled with all the things and people you love most!

    ~Lisa :)

  29. You are so kind ~ gifting a gift for your own birthday! You really are lovely. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays (we say Hoppy Doppy here. Do as the two year old does, right?!) And enjoy every moment of your very special day...from lunch on up!
    Paula xox

    p.s. BTW Fifty is pretty year into it and I love it. It's going to be a very good decade, I think.