Monday, May 26, 2014


Some people come into our lives and
quickly go. Some stay for a while,
leave footprints on our hearts, and
we are never, ever the same.

~Flavia Weedn

Most days I get very little mail,
I am paperless all the way,
but not long ago my box was
over flowing with special wonders.

First to arrive was a box from the
beautiful and sweet Katie. I won
a giveaway she was hosting, a
giveaway of the most lovely
bows made from a recycled
calendar. I can do a lot of things,
but bow making isn't a skill
I was blessed with so these
bows will come in handy.
Next came a package all the
way from Denmark from a
participated in that Vibeke
hosted. My partner, Mette,
outdid herself. I love everything
she picked out from the tea,
the turtle necklace, the candy,
to the yarn, but my favorite
is a print that I have named
Lorraine because she reminds
me so much of my Granny.
'Lorraine', which I named her
after my Granny, now hangs in
my kitchen where I can see and
talk with her daily ;)
Katie and Mette, thank you
for coming into my life, You
both touched my heart and
I am forever changed.


  1. You received some wonderful goodies! Love the print, necklace and yarn, too.

  2. Such lovely packages to receive. I love happy mails days :)

  3. I do love snail mail! And nowadays it's even more special because we get so little of it. I love that you both got each other yarn and jewelry!

  4. Oh Tracey, they are all wonderful gifts. :~)

  5. How fun to receive such snail mail.

  6. I'm glad they arrived safely Tracey. Thank you for the warm thanks - Katie.

  7. oh you received such wonderful mail surprises! There is nothing like opening the mailbox and getting a nonbill package :)

  8. FUN! You gotta love a package like that!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  9. what a great bunch of goodies! i love getting stuff in the mail. <3

  10. what lovely mail!!! you deserve it all :)

  11. I just love getting snail mail. It's such a rarity these days! You got some fun stuff! I would be thrilled as well. Enjoy your week Tracey!

  12. and she's in her bathing suit…..for our beach girl!!! isn't it great getting something in the mail besides bills??? (and advertisements for things you would NEVER buy?!)

  13. Tracey It was a great pleasure finding and getting all the things together for you.
    I´m happy you liked it all and I hope Lorraine - I love her name <3 - and you will have lots of good times together.
    Have a lovely wednesday.

  14. That is really neat that you got all that mail! How fun!
    I have an un-sent package on my desk for my family, have had it there for a while now... I keep wanting to add something before I send if off. You inspired me to finally finish it up and send it off!

  15. Wonderful! I love receiving snail mail. It's funny to read Simona's comment above. We have some items sitting here as well waiting to be sent off to the States :)