Sunday, May 25, 2014


For thousands of years, the Atlantic
Ocean has beat against the beach of
my childhood, its weary fingers stealing
more and more of the soft silted sand,
grabbing at the estuaries and creeks of
the South Carolina Lowcountry, leaving
us with the detritus of old forests, battered
dunes, and bleeding loss.

~ The Memory of Water by Karen White

 With Mike working and all my
children scattered about I have
been left to my own devices
this long weekend.

A day spent too long at the
beach [really, is there such
a thing?] has left me with a
little too much sun so I decided
to take a break for a day.

I drove to the art store over an
hour away for more paints and
picked up some modeling paste
and new brushes to play with.
I was white knuckled by the time
I arrived due to the amount of
traffic and terrible drivers on
the road. Sometimes I wonder
just what people are thinking,
do they want to be in an accident?

I finished the little cardigan I
was knitting for Miss Addie and
am now working on a hat to
go with it.

I am hoping to make it back to
the shore tomorrow, read my
book and listen to the waves
and then come home and paint,
I'm working on a gift for
Christmas. Sorry Steph, but
there are only 214 days left. :)

Weekending with Karen.


  1. NICE!!! I wish we could spend our weekend together! If only there were not so much distance between us! Unfortunately, I am still trying to get my house in order.. a much needed task to get completed before I loose all sanity. I see it fleeting away moment by moment. Off from work Monday, so I have an extra day without the phones to interrupt me!

  2. A day at the beach sounds like a perfect way to spend some time. I know what you mean about bad drivers. Hubby and I ran an errand this morning and this one car was weaving across several lanes for several miles. When we were finally able to get around him we realized he was playing with his phone. Unbelievable...
    Enjoy your long weekend!

  3. :) sounds lovely! can't wait to see what you are painting!

  4. I dislike traffic and rude people and it seems when you combine the two, there is a headache to be had! Lovely beach photos and really, I hope you show your artwork here on the blog, I'd love to see what you are doing.

  5. I'm hoping for a trip to the beach this week. It's been too cold still...well probably not for Ree and myself but I don't want to bring the baby yet. Soon though we won't be able to get there often (we only live 10 minutes!) because of all the other people heading there....I don't like to drive with them because of what you experienced yesterday. They scare me!

  6. if you want to count the enormous mud puddles we have as water, then we've had a waterish weekend too! It has thunderstormed everyday this week. Most drivers scare me...including my mother.

  7. noooooooooooooooo! that just can't be right. please count again!!! :) I need at least 50 more days....maybe even 60 or 70. i'm jealous jealous jealous!!!! dig in the sand for me, too, please!!!

  8. I would love a trip to the beach about now. Are you going to share you artwork? Would love to see it.

    Have a the most wonderful week Tracey.

  9. Yes, long weekend drivers are scary. So glad to hear you have started on your Christmas gifts...not long left now ;-) Have a great week! I would so love to be able to join you at the beach!

  10. Enjoyed the quote and the pictures of course. Painting, knitting, and lazing (is that a word?) - sounds like a good weekend!

  11. Sounds like you had a lovely week-end... that beach is just amazing. I'm just itching to get my feet in some sand, but it's still a bit too far away still. Soon...

    Wishing many wonderful hours of crafting and working on your art. And don't feel bad about the Christmas thin : I've started planning and making as well. :-)

  12. Would love to spend a couple of days at the beach - sound pretty amazing. I hope you share your paint and art work - have fun :-)

  13. Your breach sounds lovely. Ours has so much debris. I don't find it a luxury at all. Anywhere else is nicer.

  14. sounds like an amazing weekend. <3 the wee little cardi came out awesome.

  15. What a beautiful beach, Tracey. Sounds like a great weekend.

  16. gosh, look at that gorgeous beach.
    beautiful photos, Trace.