Thursday, May 29, 2014


it doesn't matter what
others are doing.
it matters what
are doing.

~ satsuki shibuya

 It's been a busy few days
and I've love it.
 I took a little trip to
visit my son Charlie and
his wife Ashley. I was
able to get a tour of the
area they live and if
it was closer to the beach
I might be tempted to
move ;)
 We traveled on a long dirt
road that at one time was the
main connection between
Georgia and the upper part
of South Carolina.
 You can still see the stumps
in the road after all these years.

If you look at the right of the
photo you can see what is left
of a plantation's stairs after the
home was burned on  Sherman's
March to the Sea.
 There was this little guy
sunning himself on a log.
I'm sorry it's a little blurry,
but he jumped in the water
right after I took the picture.
 I saw a fox squirrel
who posed for a photo.
 The cotton fields
were everywhere
and I want to see
them when the cotton
is ready to harvest.
I saw the cutest little home
that I think would be perfect
for me and Mike now that
most of the children are grown.

 I loved this old building that
was built in 1910. It's a shame
it's now being used for storage
because it would cost over a million
dollars to make it safe  and the
owner can't afford that amount.
The snakes here at home have
been horrible this year.
We found this guy on the
side of the rabbit hutch
and I am still trying to catch
the one that is visiting my ducks
and eating eggs.
The Good Year Blimp
flew over the house which
is always fun to see.
I picked the first ripe
blueberry of the season.
And we finally had a good ol' summer
storm with lightening, thunder and rain!
I wish you a weekend that is nourishing
to your soul.


  1. The house you saw...that is just perfect - isn't it? I like the squirrel, quite a beautiful coat he has :D

    How wonderful that you were able to visit your son and enjoy that time together... have a blessed weekend! mari

  2. Just come on down this way and you'll be able to see cotton fields for miles and miles. It really is quite a sight. :-) Sounds like you had a fantastic visit, I enjoyed the photos. Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh that house looks just lovely. Glad you enjoyed your visit with your son and his wife, it is funny to think in years to come I will be doing the same :)

    Snakes, yikes. If there is one thing I don't particularly like it is snakes. Hope you figure it out.

    Have the most wonderful weekend Tracey.

  4. what a great trip ~ thanks for sharing all the pictures, Tracey :)

  5. What beautiful photos. I remember the flower in the first two photos, it smelled good surprisingly and it had stinging spines on it. ( I grew up in south Fl and it grew there) such interesting history too......

  6. Wow, lots of nature Tracey. I'll take a blurry alligator picture! The fox squirrel is cool - we don't have those up North. Seeing history, like that old staircase, is so interesting. And what is the flower in your first picture?

  7. I can see where the temptation comes from, what a beautiful place filled with charm and history! So happy you had such a nice trip. Wishing you a wonderful week-end.

  8. I think I've been on that road...we used to live in Jacksonville FL and we'd often go out driving on dirt roads like that...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  9. I love this post and how you crammed so much goodness in one day! looks like a lovely place to settle down and the sights are pretty and so different to my daily sights.

    May you have a blessed, wonderful weekend :)

  10. What a richly beautiful and historic part of the country you live in, my friend. Thank you for sharing your visit with us too, I feel like I was right there with you!

  11. A lovely post to read this morning. Are those snakes poisonous?

    1. There's a beautiful plantation in North Carolina I believe that I would love to tour one day.

  12. so much goodness here!
    and that blueberry…!!!

  13. wow! such beauty you captured! that dirt road is fabulous! is that a crocodile or an alligator... i have no idea what the difference is... i can't imagine seeing one in person!

  14. the squirrel made me laugh :) i love all these photos and the descriptions, made me feel like i took a little trip myself!

  15. oooh! blueberries! my mouth is watering! :)

  16. ps: how amazing that you have such history around you. I'll be showing this post to my Daniel who would love to see those stairs.

    Dan and I often talk of downsizing and dream of a tiny cottage here on our property...