Friday, March 28, 2014


Create each day anew by clothing yourself
with heaven and earth, bathing yourself
with wisdom and love, and placing yourself
in the heart of Mother Nature. 

~Morihei Ueshiba

Thank you so much for all your 
kind comments about my Hair,
you made me cry and I wish I
could give each of you a big
hug! You are the best and I
am so lucky to have you in
my life.

This week has been quiet mornings,
going from a high of 81 degrees one
day to a low of 20 degrees the following
night. I am hoping we had our last
fire in the wood stove for the season
since we are almost out of wood,
something that never happens.

I discovered Miss Bette Davis, the cat,
has been having little nibbles on my
violet, so it has been moved to prevent
further violation.

I was almost to the toe of my sock when
I realized I knit the heel flap, but never
turned the heel! Ahem.

My Mike brought me a load of pallets
and made me two of these. Now I
need to clean out my studio and hang

The fruit trees seemed to have faired well
in the frost.  I am on my last quart of
blueberries so I was a little worried
about my bushes, they are almost
twenty years old and too tall to wrap,
but the buds look fine. And the fig
tree is starting to leaf, always a good
thing since figs are my favorite fruit.

Pollen is everywhere!

I have been listening to The Orphan Train
everyday when I walk, have you read
or listened to it? It is fantastic, so
much so that I walked for almost two
hours yesterday because I wanted to
keep listening.

I wish you the best of weekend's
and hope you have some time
to get out and enjoy this wondrous
planet we all walk on.



  1. And to you Tracey... enjoy the sunshine if any is visiting ;0) mari

  2. that man of yours can do anything, can't he??? great little storage pieces! Looking spring-like there....hoping the rain will stop here, for a glimpse of it, too. And oh, that darn sock-thing. How many times I've done that-----knitting has a way of keeping you humble! hugs. happy weekend.

  3. Love the wall shelves, so clever and useful! Yes, allergy season has arrived and so far I'm okay but then nothing is blooming yet! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and you right your heel turning (love the pattern on the heel flap).

  4. Love the shelves, such a great idea! Happy weekend Tracey.

  5. I love that, Miss Davis violating the violets. I’m glad that you managed to rescue them. I noticed your new profile image on your comment and love your hair, you are beautiful. I missed your last post but am so happy to hear that you are embracing your grey. I am bit obsessed with grey hair. I was trying to find the links to a couple of videos that I thought may be of interest you. I wrote about them a while ago. I just found them but accidentally re-published them. I keep doing that…I’m not sure how. I must be more careful in future. I rush too much. I can’t get them back to where they should be. But I found the links for you. I think you might like these Tracey.

  6. I love quiet mornings. They are so peaceful and start off the day well. I didn't know cats liked to nibble on flowers. Glad you're full of sunshine and happiness.

  7. Those shelves are going to be great! You'll have to show us how you're going to use them. :-) Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Hi Tracey, I love your sock, that is so cute, I have done the same thing before! I just wanted to get to the part where I could peacefully knit in the round so bad, that I forgot to turn the heel. I decided to try something new this week and I am doing a toe-up sock. I am having a frustrating time figuring out the wrap and turns, for some reason. The top of the toe looks beautiful, much nicer I think than using a kitchener stitch. But I know I'm doing something wrong because I am getting holes down both sides of the toe as I wrap and turn, so I know I must not be picking up the stitches just right.

    When I go back to it, it will probably all click and make sense. I wish there was a yarn shop nearby that I could go and visit when I have questions. I can look at a youtube video 25 times, and not get it, but if I had a person in front of me I know it would be easier.

    But I sure do appreciate all the videos that people make, I have learned almost everything I know about knitting from them. The sock I am making now is a pretty saphire blue. I'm using some left over yarn from one of the shawls I made a few weeks ago. It is a little thicker, and the sock is going to be more like a warm slipper.

    It is dark and dreary here today, I wish it would just rain and wash everything clean instead of having the storm cell hanging over for days at a time. The barometric pressure has a real bad effect on my fibromyalgia. But on the bright side, the trees are beginning to bud. When I look out my upstairs windows in the summer it almost feels like I am in a tree house. I just love sitting there in my chair and watching the birds and squirrels running up and down. I will be so happy when Spring is here to stay.

    Have a lovely afternoon ahead Tracey and thank you for all the sweet comments you leave on my blog. It has been so nice getting to know you, and I look forward to reading your beautiful blog and seeing what you are doing next. Your projects are very inspiring. With Love, Delisa :)

  9. It is dark and dreary here, too--nothing but rain in the forecast for the next five days, but that is typical springtime weather in New England. Ah, kitties and plants--my Miss Willow decimated my Maidenhair fern! That sock pattern is so nice--I like the diagonal texture. You know, I've forgotten to turn the heel a time or two myself--no kidding! I'm glad your fruit trees survived the winter. We are considering adding a peach tree to the garden this spring. I love the pallet shelves--what a great idea. Enjoy the weekend. ♥

  10. Your Mike is a handy one! I love your shelves. I have Orphan Train on my shelf. I haven't gotten around to it yet. I keep hearing such wonderful things about it. Have a great weekend!

  11. That is SO clever Tracey- I love the palette idea.
    Gorgeous light and spring-y images- I can only dream of 80 degree's....swoon. Still snow on the mountains.
    Happy weekending

  12. I burst out laughing when I saw the website name with the pallet shelves - great idea. My husband always has access to pallets at work, he stacks our wood pile on them, and we are going to attempt a pallet fence for the garden this year. Have to add this idea to the list.

  13. I love your photos...and all your calm words. But most especially, I love your hairdo! Good for you, Tracey! You are a beautiful soul.
    xo Jules