Sunday, March 30, 2014


I love spring anywhere, but if I could
choose I would always greet it in a garden. 

 ~Ruth Stout


The weekend was raining
all night on Friday, but the
clouds moving out Saturday
morning, just in time to attend
the annual local yarn store
sale, everything 25 % off..
I picked up some yarn because
I want to knit this and another
one of these, and I have already
cast on this for my friend Heather.
Sunday was brunch out with my
son Peter and his fiancé Shaylin,
then driving around taking engagement
photos [more later] and finishing
the afternoon with a visit to the
farm to pick strawberries and watch
the bees. Dinner is done, the dishes
washed and now a pan of sweet
biscuits are baking, just perfect
to top with a few fresh sliced berries.
Wishing you a sweet start to your
Joining with Amanda.


  1. My mouth is watering...those strawberries look so good. It will be June before we have any here, luckily I still have some in the freezer from last summer, but nothing is as good as fresh picked strawberries. Enjoy.

    Can't wait to see the photos :) Have the most wonderful week Tracey.

  2. 25% off. That is terrific. You always make lovely wraps.

  3. Those berries look so good! You always take such lovely pictures! What fun taking your son's engagement photos! Have a great week.

  4. Oh my goodness berries alrrady😍

  5. Oh 25% off that's an amazing sale and I especially love the first shawl. It looks nice and substantial.
    The photos are first I thought they were your garden.
    I hope that your week has a similarly sweet start.

  6. Oh, look at those berries and honey bees! My husband and I have only just ordered two hives of bees - won't pick them up in New York until the end of April. My stomach is now rumbling for morning granola with raw milk and fresh berries!

  7. oh you taunt me with your springtime photos....Lovely sweet and full of sunshine! We have snow again, but I'm sure it will melt, right? Engagement photos?? Can't wait!!

  8. I am so looking forward to picking fresh strawberries! I can almost taste them thanks to your beautiful photos. :-)

  9. we started our weekend with biscuits, cut by little chubby hands, warm from the oven and slathered with strawberry preserves. we like that the heat of the biscuits makes the preserves ooze and spread :)

  10. Look at those strawberries! Yummy! And sweet biscuits? Sounds dee-lish!