Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Between every two pines is a
doorway to a new world. 

~John Muir


One sleeve complete,
working on the second.
Finished the ribbing for
the body and now it's
on to the charts, working
two charts simultaneously,
a first for me.
Acer is a joy to knit and I'm
enjoying every stitch.
Reading Wild and dreaming
of hiking trips to come.
Joining Ginny


  1. love the sweater you are knitting and a fantastic color!! The front panels are going to be fun to knit :) Have a super day Tracey!!

  2. Lovely as always. Have the most wonderful day Tracey.

  3. Great pictures. I have seen that book and wondered if it was good...maybe you can let us know what you think when you are finished! Enjoy the rest of the week!

  4. i REALLY want to start this sweater....need a break in the weather to venture out for yarn!!! we're pretty iced in at the moment! (oh, drat....guilt-free knitting in front of the fire!)

  5. Nice... thank you so much for sharing :) It was lovely to visit. m.

  6. Beautiful photos and adore your yarn. I loved that book too ~ a great read!

  7. looks wonderful. and as always stunning photographs. <3

  8. I am always in awe of trees. They are majestic and one of nature's priceless gifts.
    I love that happy teal of the garment you're working on.

  9. Oooof. We had significant ice damage to my two oldest pine trees last night so your quote completely caught me. It's perfect. As always.

  10. Acer is on my list. One day... What beautiful trees. We have snow here AGAIN today and I am mentally sending some to you my friend!

  11. Every time I see someone's Acer, I fall in love with that sweater all over again! Loved Wild ~ to challenge oneself in that way is amazing.

  12. Love that shade of green. That's a great looking sweater pattern. Can't wait to see the finished results.

  13. ooh clever...knitting from two chart. I struggle with one! I'm working on sleeves to just simple ones.
    I hope that your hiking dreams come true.

  14. I love the coulour and the shine of your yarn! Lena

  15. love, love, love the pinecones. I collect them. Do you?

    Your photos are inspiring, Tracey. My grown daughter is teaching the kids and me a basic photography class (just starting this week) via Skype. Hope to grow in this skill!

    Such a luxurious looking yarn...must feel wonderful slipping through the fingers. :)


  16. Looks lovely! The cover of that book is eye catching, I may have to give it a look!

  17. Gorgeous pictures as always! I hope you enjoy Wild!

  18. Love that quote...and the knits & images....swoon. You are a fast knitter!
    Wild is one of my favorite books- I picked it up the weeks after my father passed away- I would cry my self to sleep- it is SO good.

  19. I get lost in your photos, Tracey. You have a wonderful way of seeing. And, you live in a beautiful place!

    I am really looking forward to seeing your Acer when it's finished. The yarn and color are gorgeous. Everything I am knitting right now is green probably because the world around me is white.

    I read Wild last summer and loved it. Cheryl Strayed is such an honest writer. I dream of hiking one of the long trails some day.

  20. oh tracey.... your photos are so beautiful.... as is your work...

  21. HI Sweet Tracey.
    I have been wanting to get my hands on that book
    Sounds like it's a good one....
    Happy knitting sweet friend, it's looking beautiful as always.

  22. Tracey, that color of yarn is so rich and beautiful!