Monday, February 3, 2014


"We are different, aren't we? Knitters.
We take strands of fiber and from them
we create wonders. We share what we
know. We're anxious to do it. We want
there to be more of us. A little less gimme
and a little more let me try that. We enjoy
process as much as product. We knit."

~ Amy R. Singer

 I have a question for all the
knitters out there, are you a
product knitter or do you just
love the process?

I have an almost pair of socks
that have been hanging around
for about a year and I finally decided
it was time to finish them. I had
fallen out of love with them because
they were taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r to
finish on size 0 needles, but now
I'm just enjoying making each stitch
and watching a sock form.

So, I think in the beginning I was a
product knitter, but now I'm just
enjoying the process. Will it always
be this way?
Who knows, but I will enjoy each
day trying to decide ;)

I know I've mentioned it before,
but I wanted to share with you
again a wonderful shop,
Fringe Supply Co. * The owner,
Karen Templer has stocked
her shop with quality items
that any knitter would love
to use.

I placed an order at the end
of last week, cable needles
and a leather and brass stitch marker set;
and today they arrived at my
door, that's fast!

And have you seen these? Oh my,
I thought about them all weekend
and placed another order today.

*I wanted to let you know that
I am not compensated for my
recommendation, I just love
this company and wanted
to pass the information along
to you so you could enjoy it


  1. Such beautiful socks! I go through stages with my knitting. Sometimes I want whatever I'm working on done so I can wear it. Other times I enjoy the pattern or yarn I'm using so much that I don't want it to end. I do find knitting to be calming & peaceful so I suppose for the majority of the time I am process :-)

  2. These are some beautiful needles out there in unique materials. I can see how they're tempting. I am both kinds of knitter. I like learning different ways of construction as well as the end product.

  3. I think that it's mostly the process for me Tracey. I find therapy in the motion. I find it hard to sit down if I'm not doing anything but also find comfort and relaxation in knitting. Once I start I don't want to stop...just one more row, and then another.

    One of my sisters has been making those little triangular purses but she cuts her own leather and buys the fasteners separatley...They are lovely. You are all so clever. I could never make them so neatly.

    I love Fringe too and often do links to items and shops because I love them and have been happy with the service.

    Ooh the bone needles are gorgeous too...I bet they are lovely and smooth to work with. I have bone-folder to make books and that feels lovely as well.
    I hope they come soon

  4. I definitely enjoy the process. I have even unknitted finished items because I did not really need them, but I enjoyed knitting them. When it comes to socks however I enjoy both, the process and the product.

  5. I was definitely a product knitter in the beginning as well, but have evolved into an appreciation of the process. I enjoy learning new techniques, watching interesting patterns emerge into product, but must do this in a measured way. Meaning I progress in baby knitting steps. Slowly but surely. And so satisfyingly.

    "Who knows, but I will enjoy each day trying to decide." How that makes me smile. I hear ya, crafty sister!

    And yes, that store carries quite the appealing inventory!

  6. Love those socks! I would say a process knitter now, started as a product knitter. Like you, I just love the process of creating.

    Love the little leather pouch and brass stitch markers..nice!

  7. I think I'm both, I love the process and I love having a finished knit :) Thanks for a lovely link, I'm off to look and dream. Great socks :)

  8. Fun shop! I just forwarded the link to a friend. I think I am both too. I love to knit but I love the idea of the useful item I get at the end. I love those socks. Great happy colors for this grey time of year.

  9. Socks are a painful process for me. I don't enjoy the small needles. I think it depends on what I'm knitting. I love watching how things develop on my needles. But sometimes I just want a particular project finished and out of my hair!

  10. the stuff from that shop is amazing. love those needles.
    i guess it depends on what i am working on. sometimes i am working just for the product and other times i love the process, and just meander thru the item i am knitting.

  11. I'm a process knitter for sure. No question. Thanks for sharing that shop site - their stuff is gorgeous!

  12. most definitely a process person here…i don't care what i'm knitting, as long as i have something on the needles. I love Fringe, too----their project bag is one of my favorites!!

  13. Oh those socks are so bright and beautiful! I think the saving grace for me when I knit socks for myself is that I only give myself a 3 inch cuff. I'm a process knitter which is probably when I hit just straight knitting on a project, I no longer want to do it. Give me stitches to keep me on my toes!


  14. I'm definitely a process knitter. Once I have the concept, I get bored but I'm trying to be more patient and work towards the end product as well. If I don't, I'll never make a dent in my obese stash.

    Your post reminds me that I should really finish my first pair of socks I started in June last year.

  15. I believe the process is the one that identifies me as a knitter. The creativity flows when I find joy in it. :) m.

  16. For me, it used to be about the process. The act of knitting was this wonderful thing. Lately, I just want the project done. I want the socks finished (okay, started) for my kids' feet, the birthday gifts done on time and enjoyed. I think it's a state of mind thing and when I'm feeling more calm and centered the process will be the enjoyable part again.

  17. I have discovered that I am very much a process knitter. I think the evidence is in my bulging WIP basket. I just enjoy the stitches so much. Bonus if I finish something and end up with something to wear. :)

  18. Me? I am both. Lately, since I began my yarn inventory, I'm feeling more like a collector -- both of yarn and projects. Some I love, some just aren't doing it for me anymore. Thanks for the links to the lovely goodies, Tracey. :)