Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I never saw a discontented tree. 
They grip the ground as though
they liked it, and though fast
rooted they travel about as far
as we do.  They go wandering
forth in all directions with every
wind, going and coming like ourselves,
traveling with us around the sun two
million miles a day, and through space
heaven knows how fast and far! 

~John Muir

Now that all the holiday
knitting has been delivered
I have been spending all of
my time knitting on Ranger,
a gift for my 95 year old

This is my first time knitting
a cardigan from the bottom
up, but so far it's been easy.
Lucky for me Jared Flood
writes the most wonderful
patterns that are very easy
to follow.

I have attached both sleeves
and am now working on the
yoke.  Knitting the textured
pattern takes a little more
time, but I really think it's
worth the effort. My goal
is to have it in the mail by
Valentine's Day, so all good
knitting thoughts would be

Last week I finished
reading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.
The setting takes place in 19th
century China and the friendship
between two girls as they grow
old. I learned about many Chinese
traditions, including foot binding
and  I must say I am glad I
was not born in China during
this practice.
Would you like to read it?
Leave me a comment and the
first to ask can have it. I thought
it would be nice to pass it
along to all who want to
read it so maybe that can

I am currently reading
A Year in Provence and
while I am finding it a nice
read I do not like that there
are [small] parts in French,
as my two years of high school
French were ions ago and I
remember very little.

I have appointments in town
this morning, but am looking
forward to a hot cup of tea
and visiting you when I get home.

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  1. What a beautiful setting for your cardigan! We love Jared Flood's patterns, and he produces such a wonderful yarn. Sending lots of positive knitting thoughts your way!

  2. A lovely cardigan. I just finished knitting a few small items for my grandmother and my husband's grandmother who just turned 91. I sure do miss the natural beauty of the lowcountry. I never thought a place would impact me so. Happy Knitting!

  3. I read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan a few years back. It was good, but not my favorite. I love your cardigan. Have a good week.

  4. love the tweediness of the yarn! He is going to LOVE that sweater and you know what ? It was made my you!! Great winter project while we wait for spring.

  5. Tracey, I always enjoy your photos; nature is so beautiful! How sweet of you to knit a sky-colored sweater for your granddad. :)

  6. I hope that you had fun in town and enjoyed your cup of tea. I'm not quite sure where to begin, the quote as usual is lovely but the photo's especially the second and third from the bottom are amazing. I love how closely the yarn imitates nature.
    I'm sure your book is interesting too, but as I'm far, far away from you I won't ask for you to send it all this way...but what a lovely idea to 'pay it forward'
    Have a lovely day

  7. Your grandfather's jumper is coming out wonderfully. I don't read many historical, Chinese stories usually because they're depressing, but that one was good.

  8. love the color of that cardigan you are knitting. :) and the book sounds like it was really interesting. I shall have to see if our library has a copy. :)

  9. The sweater looks fabulous so far and you're on the home stretch now (don't you find it always goes so fast once the sleeves are attached?). Can't wait to see it all done!
    P.S. As always, love your photos!

  10. Beautiful photos as always Tracey and a very on target example from your quote on trees of how to live.

    That F.O. is going to be amazing and I can't wait to see it done.

    I read Snow Flower and The Secret Fan already -- loved it. The historical themes were very eye-opening to me. Although on one level, I don't understand how anyone would bind their daughter's foot, I understand on another what it meant culturally for everyone involved.

  11. Grandpa's sweater is moving along beautifully!!!! V-day will be no problem!!! Your winter outdoor photos are so's time to drag the camera out with me (as soon as I finish mopping.....the pipes burst!!!! whheeeeeee!!!)

  12. I really love your pay it forward idea with the book. i haven't read it but i am interested in chinese history, i devoured "Wild Swans" a few years ago. i'm quite far away though so I don't know if you would want to pay all that postage...

    your grandfather will be so pleased with his cardigan! what a special special gift!!

  13. The cardigan looks lovely. The girls and I read half of Provence last year but never finished it... I should pick it back up.

  14. What a lovely blog you're having! I love your photo's... beautiful. And the cardigan for your grandfather is so special too!

  15. Your photos are beautiful Tracey, as always. The cardigan looks lovely.

  16. I have thought about that...doing a book share. I'm glad you went ahead and posted it. I read the book a couple of years ago. I remember I liked it, but also thought it was a bit disturbing, but since it was based on things that actually happened in China, I can also say I'm glad that I did not have to go through it.

  17. What a blog this morning, so many things, blue berries, blue wool which I love, I have read about chinese foot binding before although have not read this one you mention. But I would love a year in Provence. A 95 year old grandfather wow!

  18. I love discovering what you are knitting thru your images- just lovely color and pattern. I read the year in Provence- great book.

  19. You will get that done in time for Valentines Day without a problem! You take the most beautiful pictures Tracy. I hope my photography skills can come close to that one day!

  20. sending you good knitting juju for grandfather's sweater, Tracey :)

  21. What beautiful photos! And, what a gorgeous sweater. I think it's so nice that you're knitting it for your 95 year old grandpa.♥ You haven't got far to go on it; I'm sure you'll get it done in time for Valentine's Day.