Friday, January 10, 2014


The soul, like the body,
lives by what it feeds on. 

~Josiah Gilbert Holland


It has been a good week,
my cold is almost gone,
except for a nagging cough
that wakes me up at night.
I'm drinking cups of hot tea
and taking garlic and ginger so
hopefully this will pass soon.

Getting back into our routine
has been a lot easier than I thought
[home] school is going well,
along with work that needs to be
done around the property.

There was a trip to the yarn store
in which I walked out without buying
anything. I did however find the
perfect yarn to make a shawl for
my son's wedding this November.
Now I just need to find a dress so I
know what color yarn to use.

I spent a day on the beach with
Alex, my son. Walking along
the shore, listening to the waves
nurtures my soul and it's something
I plan to do often this year.

My word for 2014 is Balance
I am trying hard to make sure
each day includes work, play,
nourishment, exercise, love,
laughter, a good book, and rest.
So far my days are unfolding
nicely, how about yours?

Enjoy a beautiful weekend.



  1. Love your word for the year, a good one. So happy to read that your are feeling better and that you found a new yarn for a shawl. Can't wait to here the details! Have a good weekend!!!!

  2. Glad you are feeling much better Tracey. Your photographs are so calming that I feel I'm almost walking along the beach with you both. What wise advice for the new year. I will try to do the same. The end of last year I did get a bit out of balance, waking very early, working equally late, drinking lots of coffee to keep me going. The holiday was good to put work aside for a while and just enjoy life with friends and family. Hannah is still home, we laugh together lots, I drink water and herbal teas again instead of coffee and walk every day, rain or shine. So my days are unfolding nicely too, thank you. And when I forget the balance I can come back and look at your post for a gentle reminder.
    Happy days,

  3. I absolutely love walking near the ocean. I don't know what I will do if I ever move away from it. Wow - how exciting that you have a wedding coming up this year! Balance is a great word.

  4. Happy New Yeat Tracey!! I love walking on the beach and need to do it more often. Balance is a great word for the new year. I can't wait to see your shawl when you begin it!

  5. balance. that is a great word. my word for this year is health, both physical and emotional.
    your photos from the beach are beautiful.

  6. I think you picked a wonderful word Tracey...But as I know you, you seem to already have mastered this- you seem to live a life of love and balance. Lovely images- can't believe your son is wearing a hat in Florida- never thought it cold. Such beautiful beach views- I can just smell the salty sea and sand.
    Have a lovely weekend with your fam.

  7. The sea foam and the clouds, everything seems to remind me of snow - beautiful!

    About the comment you left, mentioning your cat and the yarn - I know what you mean! Mine always thinks my crochet motion and tugging on the yarn is part of a fun game I'm playing with her, so cute. When I found out though (in a bad way, you don't want to know how..) that she eats long strings I needed to stow the yarn away safely when not around since it became too much of a hazard.

  8. Glad you're feeling better and I hope you show that cough who's boss. I like listening to the waves too. Very calming and soothing.

  9. There is nothing like the winter sea--you really captured the power, majesty, and colors in your photos. I am so glad that you are recuperating from your cold and having a good week. That yarn you linked is lovely. I love the bit of shimmer in it; it will make such a beautiful shawl to wear to your son's wedding (congratulations!). Balance is a good word for this year--something that definitely presents a challenge (at least for me!). ♥

    1. PS: what a handsome young man your son Alex is!

    2. PPS : ) Thank you for your kind compliment on my cardinal photo. I don't have a good camera (it's an ancient, cheap, Kodak), so it is really difficult to get a decent picture of anything.

  10. Happy to hear you are feeling better Tracey. I too love being by the water, it soothes my soul. Great word!

  11. The views of the beach makes me miss home even more and I wished I was walking along with you.

    I love your word and the way you're attempting to incorporate it in your daily life. Very inspiring. My word for the year is moderation and when I think about it, it will create more balance in my life. Here's a to the best 2014 we both can have.

  12. Gorgeous pictures Tracey :). I love the word balance. It makes me breathe deeply and sink into wherever I am. Glad you are feeling better.
    Have a beautiful weekend..

  13. Oh those images do my heart good. So peaceful and lovely.
    Glad to hear your cold is almost gone. Sorry about the lingering cough.
    Balance is such a brilliant goal for 2014!

  14. Balance is a great word! I'm loving your beach pictures. Glad to hear you're feeling better. I had the same crud. I think last night was the first night I slept all night and was actually able to breathe through my nose! But now the kiddo has it. We'll be disinfecting everything this week!

  15. Those photos are sooooooo good, I love the beach I feel it really does nourish the soul. Balance what an excellent word, so difficult to get it just right, something we should all endeavour to do none the less. Glad your are feeling a little better.