Monday, January 6, 2014


Verses of veggies
poems of fruit
dotted with seeds
raw green rhymes
in melodious bodies

 ~Terri Guillemets

Most of the year I try to eat healthy,
fruits, vegetables, eggs, yogurt,
sauerkraut, lots of salads.

I don't eat meat [a personnel choice]
and I avoid pasta and wheat because
every time I eat any I feel lousy and
who wants that?!

Then December rolled around
and for some reason everything
became a free for all and I ate
candy and cookies at will, always
seeming to grab 'just a bite' as I
passed by the counter.

Now it's January and on top of
a cold I am regretting all the
indulging I did last month because
I feel like a slug. You know, just blah!

Beginning January 1 I have been
consuming about a gallon of
green juice a day, along with
fresh vegetable salads, gallons
of green tea, kombucha, and
a new to me item...
green and hemp cereal
[I buy mine in bulk from
 Whole Foods].

Have you tried it? I have
found I like to snack on
it dry about 10:00 a.m.
and it keeps me full
for 3 or 4 hours. My
only problem is not
eating too much, it
really does taste good.

What about you, do you
have any new food finds
to share?


  1. nothing new, but i do love kombucha every day. and little miss and i love a green smoothie daily... water, lots of spinach (like about 2 cups) blended with frozen pineapple and sometimes 1/2 a banana, or maybe a few pieces of frozen mango. yum. that is one of my favorite ways to get greens in myself.

  2. must check out this cereal! like you, i opted for lots of just-one-bites ;)

  3. I haven't tried that cereal yet but I'm open to new tastes. You have summed up our December eating free for all as well. Time to refocus on the healthy foods :)

  4. I have been having fiberous cereal - with flax and doodads- to start off my day each morning.

  5. My detox started today so I dragged the juicer out of the garage. There isn't really room for it all them time. My favourite is carrot and green apple but I must try some green juice.

    I haven't heard of green and hemp cereal it sounds amazing. I'll go and do some research to see if I can find it locally.
    Thanks for sharing. Sorry I don't have any healthy ones to share, only the sticky ginger curd.
    Happy day

  6. You must be feeling better now! December can really get out of control. I have been drinking tea lately, which is rare for me. I am craving the cleansing!

  7. I've never seen anything like that around here....but anything granola-y is a YUM in my book. I'm probably the only southerner who hasn't eaten broccoli rabe---a friend has been absolutely raving about it, so next time I venture out to the store, this is going to be my new taste treat.

  8. Not something we are likely to see here, but maybe next time i go to the mainland. It sounds good. I do like to indulge over the festive season, i have to say, getting back to normal now, and the days are already getting longer xxx

  9. I was at Whole Foods today and picked up a sack of Greens and Hemp cereal. It has a unique taste, like nothing I've ever eaten before--I like it! (My daughter does, too.) And, you're right; it is very filling and satisfying. A small amount makes a great snack/long-lasting energy boost. Thanks for recommending it. : )

  10. I have nothing healthy to add, Tracey :-)
    I am still in the same food splurge as I was a month ago.

    But I definitely need to come to my senses - - - soon