Wednesday, November 6, 2013


A knitter only appears to be 

knitting yarn. Also being knitted 
are winks, mischief, sighs, fragrant 
possibilities, wild dreams. 

~Dr. SunWol

Knitting this week has taken 
a little detour, while I am 
still knitting away on my
sweater for Emerson, I
cast on and off a little bird
that I think will make a
fun Christmas ornament.
The pattern is offered free
on Ravelry, it's super easy,
quick and the end result
is, I think, pretty cute.

I am reading one of the
best books, The Goldfinch.
I have just begun Part II
and while I am trying to 
take it slow, you know,
to make it last, I find myself
sitting longer and longer 
soaking in the words that
Donna Tartt has so amazingly
arranged on paper. I have 
added The Goldfinch to
my top 20 list of favorite 

Joining with Ginny.


  1. Oh that feeling of make the book last longer so I can savor it but hurry up so I can find out what happens, the best feeling in the world!! The bird is cute and would make a lovely stocking stuffer. Emerson is going to love that sweater :)

  2. I'm trying to read the book slowly, too, so it'll last. Donna Tartt is such a wonderful writer.

  3. What a sweet little birdie, Tracey. Were you lucky enough to happen upon those perfect branch feet or did you make them?

    1. Thank you Courtney. I made the feet from the branches of my Tea Olive Bush.

  4. Thank you for the book idea. Sounds so good!!! And I've made a little bird too. It's so fun to knit animals! Happy Knitting and Reading.

  5. Oh how I love that sweet little bird. So cute!

  6. Well, hello, little guy! He's adorable, Tracey! I'm off to check on that book... You're making it even harder to want to read my book club selection with a review like that!

  7. I can't even stand how cute that bird is!

  8. your wee birdy is super sweet.
    your poem at the top should have added HAIR. i am always knitting my hair into things (accidentally) lol

  9. ahhh, a bird theme going this week!! (i'm reading the goldfinch,too, and also loving it....maybe i knit to knit a gold little birdie!) Yours is too cute for words!

  10. If only your knitting could talk about the sights, smells, and sounds they hear.

  11. I love your wee bird, so cute! I've just reserved the audio book at my library, thanks for the recommendation!

  12. Your little red bird is too cute! What a great idea.

  13. He is so very cute I'm alas not very good at knitting hope to get better one day when I have more time to pratice. Love the tree pic and blue sky :)

  14. cute little bird!

    and so glad you are enjoying tartt - love her writing.