Sunday, November 3, 2013


Grandmother- grandchild relationships are
simple, Grandma's are short on criticism
and long on love.

~ Unknown


This has been a weekend of
waking way before the sun
even thinks about rising,
lots of painting, paper,
cutting and tape...miles
of tape. Reading books
while cuddling on the sofa,
drinking hot cocoa with
little marshmallows, collecting
leaves, twirling, long walks
with new walking sticks,
singing at the top of our lungs,
making mud cakes for fairies,
watching this while sharing
a large bowl of popcorn,
and most of all ....lots of love,
laughter and the best hugs.
It went by too quickly.

Joining with Amanda


  1. Hey Tracey, its been a long time since I've been by. Emerson looks like she was enjoying herself. Hope you and the family are well....sounds like you had a great weekend!

  2. She is beautiful Tracey. I am so glad you had a wonderful weekend with Emerson. Enjoy your week.

  3. there is truly nothing like granddaughter time! so happy you had your weekend with your sweetie!

  4. i watched that movie this weekend, too!!! (minus the bowl of popcorn!) So glad you had such a fun time....-----now, time for a nap, Olie!!

  5. you are the best grandma ever. <3

  6. Sounds like the perfect weekend!

  7. You know - I posted a photo of my grandparents - whom I truly adored and they had such a positive influence on my life - even now they are long gone. Just reading your post makes me think of them and I can see what a precious relationship you both have with each other. Xxx

  8. It appears that your weekend was full of love and life and I bet you are exhausted but in a very good way. She has changed so much since the last posting, I can see a bit of you in her face and I love how she twirls about! So glad you had this weekend with her. I loved my grandma and remember all of the fun we shared while I grew up :)

  9. That sounds like a beautiful weekend. And speaking of beautiful - Emerson is such a gorgeous little girl. She looks a lot like her grandma!

  10. It sounds like a wonderful weekend. Spending time with grands is right at the top of my list of lovely ways to spend time. Have a good week! xox

  11. she is looking so much older! maybe it's the longer hair? earrings? can't put my finger on it. so glad you had time with her this weekend :)

  12. What a wonderful weekend, you are so blessed. She seems so happy!

  13. Such a beautiful little girl! I'm so happy you had such a wonderful weekend. She is very lucky to have you :-)

  14. Gorgeous one there. Your relationship with her is so special and these moments with her will forever be in her memory.

  15. is it just me or does she look a lot like you?

  16. She is beautiful Tracey, and it sounds like your time with her was lovely too!

  17. Me thinks your granddaughter is a mini you, Tracey. :) What a blessing to create such memories! ~Lisa