Thursday, October 31, 2013


Life is the fire that burns and
the sun that gives light.  Life
is the wind and the rain and
the thunder in the sky.  Life
is matter and is earth, what
is and what is not, and what
beyond is in Eternity. 


Life this week has been...

My computer blue screening first
thing Monday morning...argh!

Thank goodness for sweet son's
who don't mind sharing their
computer until mine can be repaired.

Receiving a wonderful surprise in
my inbox....a pattern from a dear
friend, my first bottom up sweater.
I have done a gauge swatch and
am now practicing the cabling
to make sure I'm doing it right
and then I can cast on. [Sometimes
knitting left handed can have challenges.]

I finished my In Memory of Dorthea
and was honestly sorry to cast off the
last stitch, it was such a joy to knit.
Next week I will take it to town and
give it away.

I knit a hat, just a fun little project.

Prepared sweet and sour for my guys
from one of my favorite old cookbooks,
they loved it and I promised to serve
it more.

I finished reading The Secret History
and recommend it highly and if
The Goldfinch continues the way it
has started I think I will have another
favorite book to add to my list.

I hope whatever you do, you enjoy
your weekend.
Emerson, my one and only grand
and one of my favorite people is
coming for the weekend so
it should be pretty lively here,
she loves to be busy.



  1. I spy with my little eyes pretty lace in all its glory. I spy a pom pom!!!
    Do be vocal and detailed about how you're experiencing this bottom up pattern, especially when joining the sleeves. I've never knitted such a style before.

  2. pretty, pretty, pretty, yummy, beautiful......have fun with Emerson this weekend! (is computer fixed?? My ipad spent some time with the geeksquad this week...I know the agrghh feeling!)

  3. Enjoy the weekend with your sweet Emerson.

  4. Oh lovely cardigan pattern, I especially like the version with three-quarter sleeves. What a nice surprise.
    That sweet and sour looks succulent. I meant to comment on your pizza with caramelised onion and goats cheese a little while ago. I must try that one out some time it looked amazing too.
    Have a lovely weekend with your best little friend

  5. Have a fun weekend with your granddaughter!!!

  6. So so wonderful that your little buddy will be with you this weekend! Have fun with your first bottom up sweater, I know you will knit it perfectly. Love the pom pom on the hat :)

  7. a sweet sigh while reading this, tracey. enjoy your lively weekend with emerson :)

  8. Have the most wonderful weekend Tracey :)

  9. the shawl looks lovely. can't wait to see how the sweater comes out, that is a beautiful pattern.
    have a great weekend with your granddaughter. <3

  10. You are such a fabulous knitter, my friend.
    And thanks for the book rec's. I look forward to checking those out.

  11. Love everything about this post. Can't wait to see all those beautiful knits. :)