Wednesday, September 4, 2013


"But I do need yarn. For me
it represents the purest essence
of what is good about knitting:
possibility, an open road, limit-
less potential. Like the soil we
work and the food we eat, yarn
gives life."

~ Clara Parkes ~ The Yarn Whisperer


In the last few days I have managed
to cast off not one, but two scarves
that have been in my baskets for
much too long.  I am feeling
pretty proud of my knitting skills

I have heard tell that this winter
is suppose to be extremely cold
[maybe my year for snow?!] and
since I only heat with wood my
thoughts have been going to
knits I can wear in the house,
nothing too cumbersome, but
a little something to keep the
chill away...Vests are what
keep coming to mind.  I cast
on  Venetian Rib Tank using
Lion Brand Fishermans Wool
instead of a cotton/linen blend.
This top is knit in pieces and
must be seamed, and since
this isn't one of my strengths
I thought it was about time
to practice.

I cast on a hat, not following
a pattern, just knitting what
feels right, to match my
Marsh Grass Scarf and I am
hoping to have enough yarn
to knit a pair of fingerless gloves
to finish off the set.

I took a little trip to my lys
and picked up some Lambs
Pride red wool to also cast
on Hiker's Waistcoat once
I can decipher the pattern,
it's a little confusing.

On Tuesday Clara Parkes'
book, The Yarn Whisperer
was released. What can I
say, it deals with yarn and
knitting....I love it!

I am having a little birthday
giveaway if you would like
to enter.

Joining with Ginny and all
the Yarn Alongers.


  1. I really like both the vest patterns you chose - and I'm not usually a vest person!

  2. I think we are in for one very hot summer. I love those vests and I am a vest sort of person. any idea what sort of pears they are? they look very similar to one we have growing and I don't know the name of them.

    1. Hi Kate.
      The pears are Turkey Pears. It is a wonderful producer and if I can get the squirrels to stop taking them, I will be canning pears soon.

  3. I think I see sparks flying off needles in South Carolina!!!! Great FOs!!! Super great WIPs!!! Love it all!!!

  4. Lovely casting off projects and making room for casting on projects. I love that feeling of finishing a project and calling it done. I hope you get the deep freeze this winter and the snow you dream of :)

  5. Lovely scarves! I have been hearing the exceptionally cold winter bit as well...and considering our winters are already pretty cold in Maine, I am hoping it is a bit exaggerated! But, some warm wool knits would be a good idea regardless for us :-)

  6. You are a human knitting machine! So many beautiful knits knit so fast Tracey. The scarves are so pretty- the color way is nice and the pattern :)
    Maybe you'll have a white Christmas?

  7. You've certainly been busy! Wow! Your scarves make me wish I could wear things around my neck (I have this weird claustrophobia/asphyxiation thing). I think that I'm going to try to actually take a picture and post with the Yarn Along today. I've been neglecting my blog for quite some time now. :/

  8. What? You have a pear tree? I'm a little jealous. Both of your scarves are beautiful! And I just added the hikers waistcoat to my queue!

  9. Gorgeous scarves, I love your baskets, too. Have a good week. Deb x

  10. I've been looking for the release of that book. The quote you shared I think pushed me to the edge of getting it! Your photographs and work are beautiful. I especially love the picture of your rainbow scarf. I love color in winter. It just fits!

  11. Busy, busy. I've heard tales of a colder than usual winter as well. Wood is our source of heat, too, so lots of cutting and stacking going on 'round here. Lovely projects, FOs and all! :)

  12. Beautiful scarves! The vest looks like an interesting knit with the different textures- I'm sure it will be gorgeous in red. :)

  13. Goodness you do have a lot of wonderful projects going on. Love the way you photograph them.

  14. Beautiful knitting as always. The neutral scarf is gorgeous.
    The book title has me intrigued.
    Enjoy your vest projects, perfect for layering in cooler weather.

  15. my goodness you are so super busy! your stuff is looking AMAZING! and your project list is awesome!

  16. Lovely knitting! I've been queuing waistcoat patterns for ages, never being able to decide - now I've added another one! ;)

  17. So much goodness Tracey, it all looks so wonderful!

  18. Love your scarves!

    For some reason a vest/waistcoat seems rather appealing to me this year, too. I hope it's not just because I dislike knitting sleeves so much. ;)

  19. Vests are such great layering pieces especially when you don't want to deal with sleeves that don't stay rolled, etc. Hooray on finishing the scarves!

  20. Great vests! And your pics are a real joy to look at.

  21. I think the layering pieces are a very good idea. We live in a very, ahem, rustic farmhouse and layering is the key to my personal comfort in the cold months! LOVE the red wool for the vest, too. Can't wait to follow your progress on this. And finally, CONGRATS at finishing waiting projects!!!

  22. I get such immense pleasure and peace, viewing your images. Love them all. As always the knits just take me to my happy place.
    I am also reading the Yarn Whisperer, isn't it a lovely read?

  23. i always love a peek at your knitting projects :)
    and are we really expecting a cold winter? oh, i hope for snow!!!