Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Forests, lakes, and rivers, clouds
and winds, stars and flowers,
stupendous glaciers and crystal
snowflakes - every form of animate
or inanimate existence, leaves its
impress upon the soul of man. 

~Orison Swett Marden


 Now that my Heat is finished,
[I wrote about it here,] I have
moved on to a project that
I started back in March,
Marsh Grass.

It's a great pattern and honestly
it's going very quickly so I am
ashamed that it has been sitting
in a basket for five months.
Since this is another gift for
Christmas I will be working on
it until it's finished and wrapped.

I am reading a book on my
Kindle, The Gravity of Birds
and loving it. With school
starting last week my only
reading time is late at night,
but it's worth missing an
hour of sleep to read don't
you think?

* The basket is made from sweetgrass,
and very popular here in the Lowcountry.

Joining with Ginny and
all the Yarn Alongers.


  1. I love the colours you've chosen for the marshgrass Tracey.
    I don't think we have sweet grass baskets here in the UK but I'm going to do a spot of googling when I leave here. I'm a bit of a basket obsession...I find them hard to resist.
    Your book sounds interesting...I still have to get a copy of the Glass Castle you were reading...that's on my current list.
    I'm finding it hard to stay up to read. I must go to bed earlier...I say I will every night.
    Happy knitiing.

  2. what a great size basket!!! I treasure my two sweetgrass baskets (both from trips to the Lowcountry!!!---great memories/great souvenirs...but both much smaller!) I do love the colors and pattern you are working perspective; so glad it's going quickly for you!!! I, too, often wonder why things get put into time out when they are just so fun to work on!!!
    Happy 'hump' day!

  3. Love those colours together. And that basket, I will be looking for one of those when we are down south again in March, love it!

  4. Sill levitating over the "heat" - beautiful color way on your new project, Tracey. Love this basket so very pretty. Have a wonderful day.

  5. beautiful knitting, how I wish I could sit and knit with you for the afternoon in your lovely space :) And you keep saying Christmas gifts....sshh. I haven't thought about it yet.

  6. pretty knitting! you are also just doing wonders with your camera. the one that is now not so new anymore, right?
    have a great day Trace.

  7. It really is pretty. And your basket is also gorgeous! Lately I haven't even been reading. I seem to fall asleep before I finish the first page.

  8. as always your photos are breathtaking! Love the colors you chose for your sweater....they go well together!!

  9. Beautiful photos and project. The picture of the dragonfly is amazing. Hope you have a great day. Heather

  10. Lovely colour pairing! The recipient of your gift will be delighted!

  11. I have been drooling over that pattern on Raverly. The colors you are using for it are beautiful.

  12. Gorgeous photos as always! I'm kind of in a knitting blah zone right now. I can't decide what to do next or if I should just work on what I have going. Because you've been working on something from a while ago, I"m going to as well.

  13. oooooh. someone is going to be very lucky this christmas. :)
    and, as always, your photos are stunning

  14. Tracey ~ we continue on the same wavelength!

    I picked my Stria up last week and am just about to the halfway mark...we keep kal'ing with each other :)

  15. I love the blue and white! Can't wait to see the finished project!

  16. This scarf will be terrific. You can't go wrong with blue and white, perfect neutrals for any outfit.

  17. Beautiful photo's and gorgeous scarf, I love your colour choice. X

  18. Not only is your beautiful knitting at one with nature, but so too is your basket! I love how your present your wonderful emerging and completed handknits.

  19. peek-a-boo! i see your knitting!

    another beautiful project, love the colors they are so pretty and soft. and the basket is so lovely too tracey! and have no shame when it comes to knitting.

  20. Very nice colors! I wonder if this pattern would be just as nice in one solid color. Hmm..

    Happy knitting! :)

  21. Beautiful images. The yarn looks so delicate and lovely.
    I can see why that basket would be so popular!