Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Spring has returned. The Earth
is like a child that knows poems. 

~Rainer Maria Rilke


Happy first day of spring!
I hope it's as beautiful where
you are as it is here.

I knit Tidal Leaves and then
decided to cast on another
one, this time using the
a worsted weight yarn,
Gina.  I am using size 7
needles and only cast on
47 stitches to make it more
of a scarf than a stole. I
really like how the color
changes are playing out
and think this will make
a nice Christmas gift for

I have been browsing Ravelry
way too much and keep coming
back to Stira. I did a little digging
in my stash and found I had enough
Cascade 220 Fingering to knit my
own,  so after a little playing
with the winder and swift I am
ready to cast this on too.

I went to my shelf this week and
began reading Gift of Faith. Amazon
shows that I bought this in 2009 and
I can honestly say I am so sorry to
have waited this long to read it.
While I try to live each day with
faith sometimes I get caught up
in this world and forget, reading
Gift of Faith is helping me to remember
how I want  to walk this path I am on.

I want to wish my son, Peter a most happy
birthday today,  I love you son, it's a joy to
be your Mama.


  1. Your Tidal Leaves is going to be gorgeous, as was your last. The colours are astounding! Beautiful photos. They make me feel hopeful and content. Like a child that knows poems. :-)

  2. Your pictures are beautiful. The book sounds very good. I sometimes to need to read books like that to myself on track.

  3. I love the Stria! It will be gorgeous with the colors you picked! And the colors of your newest Tidal Leaves is gorgeous as well! You always pick such beautiful yarns that match the patterns perfectly! I've been reading books like this, this Lent. It's nice to have the reminder every so often through words of the path we want to take & how we want to walk it. A very Happy Birthday to Peter!

  4. Happy birthday to your son!!!! Love the project you chose to do and isn't it nice to stash dive and find THE yarn for it? That makes me happy :)

  5. i love that quote. spring arrived just in time. happy knitting.

  6. lots of knitting fun in your house!

    happy birthday to your son!

  7. a happy spring time birthday! lovely.
    your yarn is beautiful, that is going to be an amazing scarf, love the color changes. is the yarn nice to work with?

  8. Happy spring to you and happy birthday to your son. Now that we're embarking on a season of renewal, I think new accessory projects are a great way to honor the coming of warm days!

  9. Pretty colours in your new project.
    Lovey pictures as always, can't wait to see the new yarn come to life in that project.
    Enjoy your reading.

  10. Ooh, blossom!
    Your blue yarn is gorgeous - I can't wait to see it knit up.

  11. Stria is beautiful! I can't wait to see it knit up! Love the blossoms... we still have snow!

  12. Stria is gorgeous! Happy birthday to your son.

  13. Ooohhhh. Stira is lovely. I find Ravelry to he a giant time vacuum. But I love it!

  14. beautiful tracey, it looks like a fun pattern! happy birthday to your son and to you too mama! and happy spring!

  15. Happy birthday to your son! Or belated by this point :) I love all the spring pictures, keep'm coming!

  16. Happy birthday to your son Tracey!! And happy Birth-day to you Mama!! Your spring knitting looks wonderful, as usual...

  17. You are working on some lovely projects! I love the yarns. I hope your son had a WONDERFUL birthday!

  18. Happy Belated Birth Day to you and Peter! Such pretty blossoms you have (we don't have any flowers or green yet up here). I know exactly what you mean about getting off the path.