Monday, March 18, 2013


I must go down to the sea, 
for the call of the running tide
is a wild call and a clear call
that may not be denied.

~ John Masefield

Knitting had long been a desire
of mine, one I have even dreamed
of until I finally decided to teach
myself how. May will make three years
since I picked up my first knitting
needles and a ball of yarn, sat in
front of the computer screen and
learned how to cast on. I would
cast on 50 stitches, pull them out
and start over. From there I moved
on to learning the knit stitch. and
how to purl. I made a scarf, then I
pulled it all apart and did it again,
slowing building my confidence.

Since then I have knit a few scarves,
hats, cardigan, fingerless mitts and
a couple of cardigans. I knit every
single day, year round and actually
start to have panic attacks if I don't
have a project on needles.
And since I often visit your spaces
I know you understand because I
know you have the same love for
knitting that I do.

 Knitting never fails to bring me
thrill me and this past week I broadened
my knitting world a little more and
learned to knit from a chart.

Chart reading has intimidated me, so
while I looked longingly at beautiful
pieces others turned out, I thought that
was a skill beyond me.

Last Saturday I sat down and did a lot
of research on pattern reading; while
most knitter's knit and read a chart from
right to left, I needed to make a few
minor changes since I knit from left to
right. I learned that once you know the
key symbols knitting from a chart is so
much easier than a written pattern.

I knit Autumn Leaves Stole using
a lighter weight yarn and making it
a scarf to better suit the climate here.
This will be a gift for my only daughter's
birthday next month.
This was also my first time using
Malabrigo Yarn and I must say it was
a pleasure to use, so  nice, soft and
I really need to make another trip
to the lys to pick up the skein they
had in orange, oh my!

Knitting has opened a whole new,
beautiful world for me, just like
blogging.  Thank you for all the
help, tips and most of all for the
love and friendship you have given
me over the past three years.

Now, can you recommend a must
knit pattern, my needles are empty.


  1. It's fantastic! Looks right at home there with spring pushing to make her presence known.
    Through the Woods by Kalurah is terrific. What about trying Fair Isle knitting?

  2. I never would have known that you only learned three years ago! You have knit so many wonderful things since I've been a follower, I would have thought you'd started ages ago. You definitely need a challenge now (although I'm not sure what it would be).

  3. Charts are easier than written patterns? Huh! I'd never have thought it. Now I'm intrigued. I just may have to explore this.

    I love the way you present your knitting projects. So organic. So beautiful. And such a gorgeous scarf!

  4. that turned out amazing! oooooh, fair isle would be a great challenge!

  5. This is incredible!!! Absolutely stunning! I am shocked to learn that you have only been knitting for 3 years! Wow, you are an inspiration, one day I hope to send you a picture of something I've finally knitted!

  6. Your scarf is gorgeous! And I didn't realize you taught yourself to knit just from the computer! Impressive! And now on to charts? You amaze me, lady!

    I have a fondness for triangular lace shawls - I've knit Icarus a couple of times and love it because the body is mostly stockinette, with a lovely lace border.

  7. how exciting tracey, your scarf is just beautiful. i'm sure what ever you choose will be very lovely.

  8. Oh wow! Such a beautiful scarf! She'll love it. I'm like you. If I don't have a knitting or crochet project, I start to freak out. I learned how to crochet in order to quite smoking. I no longer smoke, but now I have another addiction :)

  9. It is beautiful - everything about this post is just lovely. I remember learning that poem at school too xxx

    is - patternfish have some great projects that I have been eyeing up xx

  10. Tracey, it turned out so beautifully! I'm sure your daughter will feel the love you've poured into it every time she wears it.

    I taught myself to knit about three years ago as well. Youtube videos made things easier, that's for sure. It wasn't until I was knitting at a local yarn store that I found out I was purling "wrong" and making twisted stitches. Oops. (:

    I still don't quite understand how you knit from left to right. Do you mean that you work the stitches from the right needle onto the left?

    As for go-to patterns - I knit Linda's critters when I need something to do. But I'd imagine you knew that already. (:

  11. love your scarf and has it been three years??? I think you should cast on the featherweight cardigan. It is a must knit to me and it would be perfect for your weather.

  12. Oh I love the scarf! And yay for knitting! I learned quite a few years ago, knit a few baby blankets and then stopped for years. When I was pregnant with Ree I decided that she needed a Momma made sweater. I haven't stopped since then. That's just over 3 years of seriously knitting. I love it, and the wonderful community of people that it has brought me to! Even though we all know each just on-line I do feel like those I have met are friends!

  13. It's amazing how far you have come in such a short time. Truly! It's so good to have find something that makes your spirit feel warm and happy, right?

  14. Only 3 years? From what I could tell I thought you've knitted basically all your life, your projects always look so professional! I suppose that's where having a talent comes in handy :)

  15. Absolutely wonderful Tracey- awesome that you are determined and it shows- beautiful work. I bet you will cherish this for a long time!

  16. It is beautiful. I love hearing your knitting story. I recently knit my first charted pattern - what fun!

  17. So so inspiring. I loved reading your knitting story. Beautiful knit too! Btw, you live in such a pretty area.