Thursday, March 21, 2013


Normal day, let me be aware of
the treasure you are. Let me learn
from you, love you, bless you
before you depart. Let me not
pass you by in quest of some
rare and perfect tomorrow.   

~Mary Jean Iron
This week I noticed honeybees
and bubblebees  both
sharing the blueberry
bushes, and filling the
air with their beautiful
Seeing I forgot to cut
back the grape vines
this past winter.
Wondering why I ever decided
to plant mint all those years ago,
it is everywhere.
Baking a just because cake
on Monday
 and a birthday cake on
Wednesday...thank goodness
for teenage boys who can
consume more food in one
day than I can in a week!
 Taking care of the drainage
problem around my kitchen
garden just in time for the
rain that is headed my way.
Practicing my stranding on
a cute little knit
and taking the time to
watch the sun set each

I hope your weekend is
filled with the sound
of laughter, your body
with good food,
and your heart
with love.
Have a great one!


  1. We saw bees this week too! Reece was so excited.

    Have a lovely weekend Tracey.

  2. A beautiful post as always. I hope your weekend is filled with wonder and magic.

  3. Gorgeous, Tracey. Too cold for the bees here just yet. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  4. That's exciting to see the bees getting busy again!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Mint! I've tried so hard to grow mint over the years and I just can't. Which is terrible because I adore the stuff. No matter where I put it, it never makes it. Same with lavender. Sigh.

    I had to get a bee out of the car yesterday. It was angry and trying to get through a closed window next to the Imp. I was very proud of myself for not freaking out - I have an irrational fear of buzzy things.

    Have a great weekend, Tracey!

  6. I love ordinary normal days the older I get. Two cakes in one week!!! Yum! I haven't seen a bee yet but the spiders are out and about. Have a good weekend Tracey :)

  7. Tracey, your blog is lovely. I lurk. :)

    What a beautiful poem you opened your post with ~ words I will need to post somewhere to view every day. Awesome photos (German Chocolate cake? yum...the king of birthday cakes!)

    have a great weekend!

  8. Spring is slow to turn here but it's definitely turning. Enjoy this coming weekend and bake another cake! It looked gorgeous.

  9. Beautiful normal days! And bees! Oh surely Spring is almost here :) Have a beautiful weekend friend!

  10. The german chocolate cake looks divine. It is a favorite in our home.

  11. Beautiful moments! I've determined that my food budget will be cut in half when the youngest heads off to college. I hope your weekend is filled with love, laughter and joy!!!

  12. Lovely photos as usual Tracey. I wish the bees were buzzing here we have weather warnings for the weekend. I have a big pot of mint on my kitchen window sill and have been making tea with it since we went to a Moroccan cafe last weekend and I had lovely Moroccan peppermint tea. The smell was amazing. Funny I was thinking today of planting it out as soon as the weather gets better. I'd forgotten how it spreads. Good job you reminded me I have some big plant pots that will do instead.

    That cake looks amazing. I made some very chocolaty muffins from a recipe on a lovely Spanish blog. But this recipe sounds awesome too with the buttermilk it must be really moist and the frosting sounds amazing. Must get my supper...I'm drooling...

    Thank you for your good wishes for the weekend. We are visiting one of my sisters if the weather doesn't prevent us so hopefully it will be full of all those things. I wish the same for you and yours too.

  13. What lovely pictures today Tracey.
    I trust you are feeling well and making lots of peppermint tea. ; )

  14. beautiful. are you using the manual camera? your photos look amazing.

  15. How were you able to get such close shots of the bees? You are brave! You take some of the best nature photos. The stranding looks good!

  16. Love the bee shots! My neighbor had mint growing in her yard and she would cut it down to the ground every month. We had mint in everything. I made a mint simple syrup and kept it in the fridge for tea and mojitos.

  17. two cakes in one week! that is a sign of a very good week indeed :)

  18. German Chocolate cake is one of my favorites! What a beautiful place your land must be; I love to see pics of your plants (and bees!)

    You know what uses up ALOT of fresh mint? Homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream. I know because I had to BUY fresh mint to make it and it almost made me not want to follow through. But...the ice cream was so delicious that it was worth the expensive mint :)

  19. What a cool weekend! I do love those honeybee shots. We just got our birds back in town! I so envy your mint garden!

  20. bumblebees?!!! already! looks to me like i brought London weather home with me....there are flurries in the air this morning...cold and damp. the daffs are braving the inclement weather, though---so there is a touch of spring out there!
    (nice stranding!!!!)

  21. Fat bumblebees! We've seen a few in our yard as well. The rain this weekend completely flooded our yard, to the point we were watching frogs swimming in our "yard pond"!