Monday, September 24, 2012


Anything to do with the
South resonates with me,
because I'm Southern.

Mary Steenburgen

On the road to my favorite beach
is a little Grist Mill that grinds
the best grits and corn meal.

Do you eat grits or is
it really just a southern
thing?  I just learned,
and I have been cooking grits
for many years, that if you
stir them with a 'special grit's
spoon' they won't be lumpy. ;)

Well, me being me, I decided
to make a few and would love
to share a spoon with one
of you. Leave me a comment
telling me your favorite way
to serve grits, I'll randomly
draw a number and post the
winner next Monday.

My family likes cheese grits
and will eat them anytime
of the day.

Clover's Cheesy Grits

5 cups water
1teaspoon salt
1/2 cups butter
1 or two cloves chopped fresh garlic

Bring to a boil and slowly add
1 cup grits, stirring constantly.

Return to a boil, cut heat down,
cover and simmer about 30 minutes,
adding water as necessary.

Add 1 can evaporated milk and continue
cooking another 30 minutes.

Remove from heat and add 3 -4 cups
grated cheddar cheese, stirring to melt.

UPDATE: The winner is:
Shoot me an email with your snail mail address and I will get your
spoon in the mail this week.


  1. Oh man, I LOVE grits! I do think it's a southern thing though. When my mom and dad were living in Florida and I was in St. Louis, on my drives down to visit them, I always stopped at Waffle House and ate cheese grits for breakfast. Nowhere near as good as yours, I'm sure, but I didn't have to cook them, LOL!

  2. I love cheese grits! But the thing is, despite living in the south, I'm kind of a northerner. I grew up on cornmeal mush. It's a sort of mix between grits and polenta. I love it with butter and salt. But throwing in some havarti with dill - oh, it's to die for! (:

  3. We love grits, savory with veggie stock, salt, pepper, scallions and an egg sunny side up on top!

  4. I've often heard grits but don't really know what they are. Not something you hear of here in the South(ern land)

  5. Oh we love grits! But yes, we eat them because my husband grew up in MD (which may or may not be considered The South) The best grits I ever had were goat cheese grits at Tupelo Cafe in Asheville NC. I have never heard of a grits spoon! I am intrigued Tracey!

  6. These are are so clever. I've never tried grits but I have polenta which I think is similar. Love the photographs of the grist all looks so homely,

  7. I am amazed by your talents! I also have another recipe to add to my list, thanks :)

  8. I think it really must be a southern thing. I eat them when I'm in the south, but otherwise they are not on our radar in the mountain west. I am impressed that you made your own spoon though!

  9. I have never made grits - but sure do love the spoon:)

  10. it's a southern thing.
    but I think i should whip some up on my california kitchen!!

  11. Tracey, your cheesy grits sound yummy! I have never had grits, but I will be trying your recipe as soon as I find some in small town Kansas, I think I will have to go to a larger town market. Please enter me in your drawing! Thank you!
    Blessings from Kansas!

  12. Definitely southern. But I'd love to try them--cheesy style!

  13. I think grits are pretty southern. We love them...with cheese... butter and salt...shrimp and sausage...the list goes on and on and on.....

  14. every day for breakfast my dear! everyday! and a spoon for them? who knew? not this south georgia girl! but i think i need one!

  15. Chase is a big fan of grits. It's the one thing he misses since we moved up from the Carolinas (nobody eats them up here!).

    Chase says the best way to have grits is "Cheese! Lots of cheese. Nothing else but grits and cheese!". :)

  16. I love grits... just never make them. I love them with loads of butter and a touch of maple syrup, but with cheese is the BEST!

    I'm taking care of myself, slept like two hours today and felt better immediately! Thanks for all the love!

  17. First off, what a fabulous place!!!!

    And, ahem, yes ma'am I eat grits!!!! Having a had a dad and a grandmother born and raised in Ohio (though not the south), grits became a regular staple in our home. And thanks to a little added flavoring from my Japanese mother, we ate grits with none other than-----soy sauce!! Yep, soy sauce and a little butter-mmmm, still my favorite way to eat them!
    This was fun, thanks Tracey!!

  18. those spoons are amazing! thank you for taking us through the mill, it was so interesting. i had grits once when we drove through the south many years ago, i think i remember liking them very much! and i still have the ones you sent me, just waiting for the right occasion to make them (i think its now!). that's a lot of cheese, is that right? four cups?

  19. do you know, i have never even tried to make grits? but i think i just might try your recipe!!!

  20. I never knew that is what those spoons are for. Brilliant! I think we will have to try your method for grits when we get home to our south (southwest counts doesn't it??)

  21. I've never had grits before. My husband has some relatives that live in South Carolina and they talk about them all the time. I'd love to try your recipe but I'm not sure if I can buy grits here in Canada – I'll have to look. I have seen those wooden spoons around though and I've wondered what on earth they would be used for – now I know! Goodness, I learn something new every day! :)

  22. I must admit I've never had grits before, even after living in Tennessee for 10 years. But if I were ever going to try making them, cheesy would be the way to go!

  23. Oooh grits are a way of life around here. And a grits spoon! I have been on the search for one.
    Lovely give away and even more lovely photos.

  24. We love grits around here. They are great with bacon sprinkled on top, with shrimp or cheese or in a grits casserole. Love them!