Sunday, September 23, 2012


The foliage has been losing its freshness
through the month of August, and here
and there a yellow leaf shows itself like
the first gray hair amidst the locks of a
beauty who has seen one season too many. 

~Oliver Wendell Holmes

I saw a falling leaf Saturday
as the temperature climbed to
88 degrees and the calendar
said the Autumnal Equinox
had arrived, ahem!

There was a trip to the
LYS to just pick up a
smaller circular needle to
knit sleeves for my grey Annabel,
I am hoping for more speed
compared to dpns, and
leaving with yarn to cast
on Wingspan. My goodness,
the yarn store is just as bad
as the bookstore and I just
can't help myself! ;)

There has been a lot of
food this weekend...
sushi, olive salad with pita
bread, portabella mushrooms,
and peanut butter cookies
are baking in the oven right

My home has been given 
it's weekly deep clean loving,
school lessons have been
mapped out, the weekly
menu is planned and the
rest of the day is up in the
air so I am just going to
roll with it.

I hope you are enjoying
this day wherever you are
and that you are sharing it
with someone you love!

Joining with the ever lovely


  1. funny how the equinox was the day the temps decided to venture back up into the 90s :( dislike!

    so glad you are enjoying knitting another annabel! and your eats this weekend sound amazing. enjoy the rest of your sunday, tracey!

  2. Your food sounds delicious!! Would you come cook for me? I soooo wish I was organized like you with the weekly menus planned out and lessons all set. I keep telling myself "someday" when I really need to make someday today! (But you know, not TODAY today ;-) )

  3. You know what's better than warm homemade peanut butter cookies? Nothing!
    Sounds like a wonderful weekend :)

  4. yes, if feels like fall and no, it doesn't. i suppose that's what living in the south means :)

  5. that yarn is going to make such a pretty wingspan!!! and the new little circlular will make those sleeves much more tolerable to do!!! glad the weekend was's to a wonderful upcoming week!!!!

  6. Yarn stores are like book stores but kinda better. Lovely yarn choice for a great pattern!!

  7. I like the comparison of yarn and book stores, and really besides the grocery store those are the only two stores I frequent :)

    Happy fall Tracey.

  8. that sounds like a perfect weekend to me tracey! how pretty your wingspan is going to be in that wool. and i hope your new circular works well for you, and i hope you get some cool weather soon!

  9. I have exactly the same problems with yarn stores and book stores :)
    Your weekend sounds lovely and peaceful!

  10. Oh dear...peanut butter cookies...yum! How sad that I focus on that? You're weekend sounds lovely! Hope to hear good news from you soon!!!

  11. Oh dear, you're definitely not the only one.. I am trying to avoid both yarn and book shops at the moment!! :)

  12. I'll bet your house smells delicious!
    Oh yes, book stores and yarn stores...they're both so overwhelming and each require at least a few hours.
    I keep telling my husband that all I want for my birthday is to be dropped off in front of either store, and left there for the day.haha

  13. Oh yarn and book stores are simply deadly to the budget. I'll add art supply stores to that list too. You know if it's not to personal, can you share your cleaning schedule/routine? I am still trying to find my rhythm. Love your meals from this weekend! I hope I can send some of cooler weather your way (my house was freezing today but I refuse to turn on the heat). :)

  14. I bet you had fun in that LYS. It's been months since I've been to one. And homemade peanut butter cookies....yummy! I always leave your space feeling so happy and light.