Wednesday, September 26, 2012


"Work bears a particular mark of
man and of humanity, the mark
of a person operating within a
community of persons."

~John Paul ll

I am so close to finishing
my Grey Annabel, only
20 more rounds of the
second sleeve , blocking,
buttons and it's complete.
I picked up some Paton's
Classic Wool in Jade Heather
on sale the other day to
cast on another one. I
have the pattern well memorized
so I think I can get five or
six more whipped out by

I am working on a
Corkscrew Scarf for one
of my sister's Christmas
gifts [the one who doesn't
read my blog ;) ]. I am
using another Paton's
yarn, this time Silk Bamboo.
I do adore working with
this yarn, it really is
so soft.

My other project is
Ginny's Sunday Sweater.
I am using Cascade's Sierra
since I already had it
on hand and couldn't
wait to cast on. This yarn
is a cotton-wool blend that
really is better suited for
southern winters. I think the
pink color will look just
right on my little wee one
and I can't wait to see it
on her.
Love, love, love this pattern
[thanks Ginny], it really
is an easy patten with
just enough changes in
stitches to keep it interesting.

I am reading, or I should
say rereading, Universal Father:
A Life of John Paul ll. It
is one of the best books I
have read on John Paul's life,
I find it very inspiring,
and I recommend it to


  1. I love John Paul II, he was very inspirational. I cannot believe that you are nearly finished with another sweater! Just in time for the cooler weather, at least up here.

  2. I have to look for that book. Such an interesting life and I totally agree so inspirational. I can't wait to see your Sunday Sweater. It's such a neat pattern and your color is great :)

  3. love the color of your Annabel sweater! Ginny's sweater is on my to do list as well!!

  4. Your sweaters! Love them! I think I might have to get Ginny's new sweater does look lovely.

  5. Ooh your knitting looks so soft, I could *just* touch it! You are the fastest sweater knitter I know :)

  6. What beautiful projects you are working on! I love Ginny's sweater & really need to get the pattern. I loved John Paul II. I cried so hard when he died. I have so many books by & about him but that one doesn't look familiar. I'll have to look for it later on!

  7. Just love the Sunday sweater.And look forward to the Annabel for next winter.

  8. Such lovely knitting, Tracey! The silk bamboo looks so shiny and beautiful! I really want to support Ginny and her pattern, alas, nary a little girl in sight. Ah, well. I was thinking about maybe buying the pattern and sizing it up (immensely) for myself.

  9. Your pictures are so lovely. Isn't that silk/bamboo so nice and soft?

  10. I loved that silk/bamboo yarn. I made C's aviatrix with it. I looked for some that I like for my SIL's shawl, but didn't find a color I liked. Can't wait to see the Sunday Sweater, it will be in my queue the next time I log into Ravelry!

  11. what a knitter!!! you are the only one I know who would even thing about kniting a sweater for all the women in the family for the holidays---and then actually DO IT!!!! Way to go Tracey!!!

  12. Gift knitting already! Fantastic gifts in my opinion.

  13. i love the silk bamboo yarn it is just yummy to work with. i am impressed, you can knit 6 or 7 sweaters before christmas!? wow!

  14. lovely knitting tracey! the pink is so darling, wishing i had a wee one to make that sweater too. by christmas you will be a garter stitch expert extrodinaire! what a christmas this will be!

  15. Tracey,
    I love seeing your knitting projects. I look forward to seeing the sunday sweater finished, it is such a lovely pattern.

    Love, Taryn

  16. Sounds like you have your gift knitting well in hand.

  17. Wow, you must knit really fast to get that many sweaters done!! (lots of practice, i'm sure:)
    I love that dark charcoal grey, so pretty!

  18. Have I ever told you how I think you're an amazing knitter? Seriously, I am so impressed by what you can do with those needles and a ball of yarn; it's close to alchemy to me. 5 or 6 more sweaters by Christmas?! You go woman!

  19. Such wonderful projects on your needles right now Tracey. Love the pink!

  20. You are rocking and rolling on that sweater...very impressive.

  21. Lovely pictures, very peaceful! I have been wanting to try the annabel sweater for myself, I haven't knit myself a sweater yet, but I think it's time. :)

  22. The pink is very pretty. Lucky little person.
    The scarf is looking cosy akready, your picture really shows off that yarn.
    Enjoy your new cardi.

  23. Perfect projects! Gosh, I feel inspired looking at that cardi. I think I need to cast on another. As soon as I finish Griff's sweater, of course! :)

  24. You are knitting up a storm Tracey! What great projects you have on the go.
    Have a beautiful weekend :)

  25. Your needles have been busy! Can't wait to see your Annabel. Sadly my knitting has been somewhat neglected with my shoulder issues. Fingers crossed I can get back to it soon. Jacinta

  26. I've actually joined you in knitting my own Annabel sweater at last. I got some Lopi Icelandic yarn yesterday. It's on the needles now and I'm really enjoying making it. It's grey too but a much more blue/grey.

    Enjoy all your all looks amazing.

  27. I love the cream yarn... the bamboo is beautiful. Can't wait to see your Sunday Sweater!

  28. What lovely pictures...what lovely projects! I love beautiful pink color of the little sweater. I am going to look for that book. Although I am not Catholic, I believe that John Paul II was a great man of God and I have a lot of respect for him and what he stood/stands for! I do have a little book called Pope John Paul II His Essential Wisdom...neat little book that I started reading. You have inspired me to re-read and finish it! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  29. Interesting reading choice - I have not read this book even though Popes John Paul I and John Paul II were Popes of my childhood and lifetime. Thank you for the encouragement. Great knitting projects as always.

  30. That grey yarn looks lovely. I think I just found my next knitting project - thanks for that!