Sunday, August 26, 2012


The family is one of
nature's masterpieces. 

~George Santayana

Family was center this
Saturday as tuxedos
were ordered and the
first of many shower's
was attended in honor
of the up coming wedding.
It was fun meeting all
the new people that
will now be in my
life because of a new love
and realizing just how
small this world really is.
Now if I can just find a

Sunday has been books
and paper as we start
the first day of school
on Monday and a few items
needed to be tweaked. While
summer has been lovely
and I have enjoyed floating
from one hour to the
next, it really is time
for a little structure to my

My birthday is fast
approaching and that
always means a giveaway,
this year is no exception. :)

Joining with Amanda.


  1. You must find a dress! You have to go to every store and search something will come up! fingers are crossed for success. You have been quite busy with family doings!!!

  2. here's a thought: why not order a dress from jcrew (or go to their stores) something basic and flattering and a solid color then knit up a lovely lacy shawl?????

  3. oh, October 20th will be here before you know it!!!! How exciting (except for the dress shopping thing----I'm really not much of a shopper!!!!) I like Karen's idea!!! Mail order!!!

  4. Holy Horse! That was almost my anniversary date (well, 10-20-2001), but the only date we could coordinate the church AND the reception hall was October 27th. I love a fall wedding, especially where I live with the leaves changing color and all that.

    What a gorgeous couple. I wish you all, all the best!

  5. I love, love, love the idea of a fall wedding. My goodness this is quite the exciting time in your family!

    I've been watching the weather and thinking of you all. Hoping you stay safe.

  6. I have a cousin's wedding next weekend. I do love a good wedding, but hate trying to find something to wear to it. Good luck!

  7. I can't believe school things start tomorrow -- a little open house. Summer might go with tears this time around. I just love the free schedule.
    Your birthday?? How exciting. What's your favorite cake? Know that I'd bring it to your if we were neighbors:)

  8. Lovely summer photos. Shame it is coming to an end and back to school.

  9. Oh dress shopping! A love/hate thing for me! Hope yours is quick and happy! We are very ready for school and routine over here as well. It's been a lovely summer but my little guy is ready for the classroom and this momma needs a break ;) Happy Monday to you!

  10. What a wonderful weekend! I hope you find a dress. Preparations continue for school at our house. I see no rush, so we don't start till the 10th of Sept.

  11. I love weddings! We haven't been to one since our own almost nine years ago. Hoping you find a dress soon.

  12. Somehow I missed the wedding post and didn't know about this, so a belated congratulations! That is exciting and I can't wait to see which dress you pick. Hurry up and choose something so that you can have time to knit a pretty shawl to match! Oct. will be perfect shrug/shawl/cardigan weather :)

  13. how beautiful, a wedding... just having been to one this past weekend makes me still be in the "wedding mood" :)
    i found a gorgeous dress at goodwill, but it is very much hit or miss there. i wasn't even looking for a dress there when my friend found it for me!