Friday, August 24, 2012


Too often we underestimate
the power of a touch, a smile,
a kind word, a listening ear,
an honest compliment, or
the smallest act of caring,
all of which have the potential
to turn a life around.
~ Leo Buscaglia

Once again I find myself  eternally
grateful to all of you who take the
time to visit, to leave a comment,
send an email, inspire me, cry with
me and laugh with me. I am touched,
honored and awed by all of you.

I have been enjoying a new little hobby,
button making and would like to share
with you. I am giving away two 1 1/4
inch buttons made from a whitetail deer
antler shed. The buttons have been
sanded, polished, oiled and polished again.

Leave me a comment letting me know what
you are most looking forward to this fall [or
spring if you are on the other side of the world].
If you live in the US the last summer holiday
is next weekend so I will wait and randomly
draw a name on my birthday, September 6.
I like giving gifts on my birthday so I thought
that would be a perfect day.

Much love to all of you and have a great


  1. Awww, those are really nice buttons. Fall is my favorite season-the colors, smells, and crisp air are divine. Love you.

  2. Your buttons are beautiful!!! I can't wait until fall....the leaves will hopefully be oranges, yellow, and brownish. I am looking for a good recipe for a sugar-free apple crisp. We will go apple picking this weekend.

    Happy Birthday have been such a sweet friend!!!


  3. Your buttons are beautiful Tracey!

    I'm so very much looking forward to those cool, crisp mornings and evenings when you need to grab a sweater. Also – apples!

  4. That is neat! These buttons are beautiful; what a cool hobby. I guess I'm looking forward to the cooler weather (though not much cooler here in HI) this fall...that saying "got a bun in the oven" certainly felt true this summer.

  5. Tracey, they are gorgeous. I am continuously humbled by the people I've met through blogging. They are such a generous group of people.

  6. They're so beautiful. Of course , my answer would be that I'm most looking forward to meeting my dragon baby in September! Eeeeek!!!!

  7. Oh please please count me in - I am in love with those beautiful buttons. I love the autumn, strangely the smell of autumn in the air brings for me a sense of anew. As the trees carry out spring cleaning of their own, shedding their old leaves, shaking off the remnants of the summer just gone. Isn't it strange how we spring clean ready for summer and nature prepares in this way ready for winter. It's back to front but I love it especially living so close to the forest, the new colors, the crisp sounds and the very best thing for me the smell of woodsmoke on the air. Oh and I'm rather partial to a pumpkin or two.

  8. my goodness, friend, you simply can do anything!! wonderful looking buttons!!

    autumn is my FAVORITE season----no mosquitoes and bitey little black things and SWEATER weather!!!! and pumpkins and apple crisp and fires in the fireplace!

  9. Tracey you are wonderful!! The buttons are gorgeous! My most favorite time of year is autumn. I LOVE IT. It's not too cold that you can't be outside; the air smells so fresh & crisp; the colors of the leaves are unbelievable; sweaters and jeans; fires in the fireplace; autumn festivals; pumpkin picking; apple picking; apple pies; pumpkin pies; warm food from the oven; sooo many things!!

  10. oh hello my dear! i have been thinking of you often...i have been in so. georgia for the past week for my parents' 50th and was sitting around with my family last family and friends and mentioned you and your chanterelles...we are going to gather some today out in the country.

    i love fall. i love the passive action. the letting go (rather than all that work of emerging) it's a deep sigh that says 'let's collectively relax a little'.

    and i love your buttons! you rock, of course.

    hope you are well. happy late anniversary and i'm wondering if your youngest sailed away (not too far) on that lone sailboat.

    much love!

  11. with my family and friends last night

    proofreading is good


  12. Tracey! They're beautiful!

    Fall. Oh, Fall! I love Fall! I'm looking forward to opening our windows again. To my Imp's fourth birthday. To the end of morning sickness! To the smell of Autumn air! The list could go on forever! (:

  13. The buttons are great. Thanks for the chance to win. I'm looking forward to crisp nights, sweater and jeans, watching my boys play baseball and football.

  14. Beautiful Tracey! I'm also looking forward to jeans... but mostly, to getting to wear socks, handknit, of course!

  15. Oh they are gorgeous Tracey! Molly and I made some out of twigs last year, but shed cool. I am looking forward to everything about fall (my favorite season) I guess I most look forward to the colors and the crisp early morning air on a fall camping trip.

  16. What lovely buttons! They would be perfect for a sweater that I plan to get around to one of these days. My fav thing about fall is the cool crisp mornings... everything always seems so fresh. My birthday is Monday.... happy upcoming birthday to you!

  17. happy early birthday wishes! Lovely buttons, you are so talented :)

  18. Your buttons are gorgeous! I love the crisp mountain air in fall and the warm mild days and chilly nights. It's a great time for me to make oodles of socks!

  19. You never cease to amaze me, Tracey!

    I am looking forward to the smells that comes with autumn. The crisp leaves, the chill that occurs in the early morning hours, and the warmth from apple pie and a good handmade sweater.

  20. I did the same last year, it's so lovely to give something away on your birthday.
    The buttons are amazing, what special pieces of work.
    I was just digging through my wardrobe this morning, and found myself wishing for cooler weather so I can finally wear my shalom cardigan. I made it just before summer rolled in, and it didn't get a lot of wear yet. And how am I supposed to justify wanting to knit another one already?
    Have a lovely week, Tracey!

  21. They are such beautiful buttons. Thanks for your generosity Tracey. I'm looking forward to the longer days, the flowers and the smells of spring. Already the jasmin is starting to flower and on the evening breeze the sutble smell of spring is in the air.

  22. Leo Buscaglia...his words are so lovely and timeless!

    And the buttons are so so wonderful, what a talent you have. Love the chance to win!

  23. Those are absolutely beautiful. It's amazing to be able to see the internal workings of antlers! I like the smell of leaves in the fall but I love the apple cider the most!

  24. Those are beautiful buttons! I enjoy fall so much--especially the cooler weather, falling leaves and baking!

  25. What beautiful buttons! Hmmm -- for our family, fall brings a lot of FOOTBALL. I now have three football players (varsity and middle school players who play in a Christian football league) and one flag football player. It will be busy, and hopefully I will have lots of time for knitting during the games. :-) God bless -- Michele F.

  26. Tracey, those buttons are beautiful! The color is so very pretty! I'm looking forward to fall, the cooler temperatures, the fall colors, spending time outside without feeling as if we're about to melt...

  27. I love the buttons!
    Just recently found this blog! Adding to favorites.
    Oh and I love the colors of fall its just so pretty!

  28. Love the buttons Tracey. Fall is my favourite time of year - beautiful colours, warm days cool nights, hot tea, more knitting, hiking, so much to love about the change in seasons.

    Thank you!

  29. These are beautiful Tracey.

    I'm looking forward to so many things but mostly family meals around the table. Gathering apples and blackberries from the woods then baking in a warm kitchen. Wrapping up for long walks by the river then coming home and curling up with a book and lots and lots of knitting.

    Happy day.

  30. Those buttons are lovely. I'm a teacher, and while I dread getting up before dawn once again, what I always look forward in the fall is catching up with and meeting new students!

  31. Beautiful buttons! If we win, the shepherdess/s might have to arm wrestle for the... or we could each use one to decorate a hat. That would be lovely.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  32. How am I just now seeing this!?!? Love these buttons! I would use them on two of my coffee/tea cozies! Love love love them!

  33. After this dry summer, I'm looking forward to the return of some cool temps and maybe even some rain for our dry, dry Missouri.
    Fall for me this the beginning of celebrations.
    September brings the celebration of the birth of daughter #2 on the eleventh, daughter #1 on the fifteenth, older brother on the seventeenth, the celebration of a dear friend's birthday on the 19th, and the autumnal equinox the twenty-second.
    October brings the celebration of one of my younger brother's birthday, as does November. December is the month of my dear Hubby's birthday and on to the celebration of the first day of winter.
    Now, I can add your birthday to this list of celebrations, dear friend.
    Each of your posts brings thoughts to carry me though the quiet times of the day.

  34. Tracey! Your buttons are beautiful! How did you make those?wow! I love them, and found some in Alaska too, but I must say I'd love to have ones from you.

    And a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!! I hope you are having a perfectly lovely day! :)

    xxx Lori