Monday, August 13, 2012


Without accepting the fact
that everything changes,
we cannot find perfect
composure. But unfortunately,
although it is true, it is
difficult for us to accept it. 
Because we cannot accept
the truth of transience,
we suffer.

~Shunryu Suzuki

... my first time in
years without the wee one
at my side and having no
idea when I will see her
Spent the day at 'my place'.
I'm going to be okay.


  1. Hugs hugs hugs sooooo many hugs!

  2. Oh this is sad. May knitting console you!

  3. Oh my...I don't know what to say Tracey. I hope your place made it a little better.
    I am sure the wee one is missing you too.
    I have "this" with my my mamma too in Norway...know how you feel.
    Big hug.

  4. I've been checked out for a few weeks and I guess I missed a few things over here! I am sorry your wee one has moved Tracey; oh I can imagine the heartache that causes. Skype and Facetime do wonders for long distance relationships these days; I hope you & the wee one have access to that. Sending Big Hugs your way today!

  5. Throwing my hugs in there too!

  6. oh tracey, sending hugs too, and here's something that may bring a smile to you, your box is finally on its way. xxx lori

  7. Long distance relationships - writing, phonecalls, Skype are Ok but nothing replaces and big cuddle and a kiss! Hope its not too long before she visits again.

  8. So hard for you Tracey, but those cuddles will be all the sweeter when you next see her. Sending love.
    FrOm another long-distance Grandmother xxx

  9. sending hugs to you. hoping your place brought you some peace.

  10. Awww, that's rough. She's going to really miss you, too.

  11. Sorry your wee one is moving. I know it's heartbreaking but I also know that you have given her a wonderful foundation on which to build and maintain a relationship on. She'll miss you terribly, but she will think that Skype is the coolest thing. Hugs!!!

  12. oh, that's hard. especially the first few days are hard, and then the same thing every time you get together and part again. skype really helps me! are all of you hooked up? of course it does not replace snuggles and kisses, but it does keep you connected.

  13. Am thinking of you - take care xx Yvonne

  14. I understand long distance relationships with grandkids. It is so hard not to see them a lot and every time you do they have changed. Others are right, skype does help. My grandson tries to give me a bite of his cookie through the screen. It definitely does not replace the cuddles. I will be thinking of you. Absolutely beautiful photos as always.

  15. Hope you're doing well. I moved away from home before having kids and had I known how hard it would be for all of us I am not sure I would have gone.
    Skype helps us keep in touch and now that my mom has an ipad the kids use Facetime with her all the time

  16. Hugs my friend. You will be fine... I know it. But man, I would miss that little one too!

  17. time to start checking out new special places to share with her on her next visit....which we hope will be soon!!!! hugs!!

  18. ouchie.
    missing is hard.
    hugs and lots of love to you sweetie.

  19. Oh...I know how you must feel...sending good thoughts and big hugs over the sea....xx

  20. Tracey,
    What's going on?

    Sending you lots of love!

  21. Oh dear. So hard. Beyond words hard.

    Sending hugs...

  22. Oh, Tracey, I will pray for you during this transition. Change is really hard to accept at times (hence my lack of blotting or posting as of recent) and just when you get used to it, another change occurs... There is the mail, the phone, and the various modes of modern transportation to aid you in reconnecting with your family. I'm always thankful for those things. Hope you feel encouraged too.

  23. ...not blotting...blogging! This darn auto correct is getting in the way...

  24. Hugs to you Tracey.
    Just to let you know Rosie has been slowly improving. She is sleeping less and doing more and feeling much healthier.
    I often think of you, much love xxx