Sunday, August 12, 2012


Life loves to be taken by
the lapel and told: "I am
with you kid. Let's go."

~Maya Angelou

:: Spending time with my favorite
person before their big move in a
few weeks

:: Great finds while thrifting-
an old bowl and two cast iron
muffin pans. The pans need to
be seasoned and they each
weigh 7.2 pounds so we'll see
just how toned I can get my
arms. ;)

:: Knitting a fun slouchy hat
that all my hair can tuck in to

:: Enjoying the perfect gift
from my daughter

:: Taking back control of my
herb bed from the weeds and
making lots of pesto

:: Napping while a thunderstorm
raged outside for hours

:: Enjoying a late run, a beautiful
sky and wondering about training in
this event...maybe?

Joining with Amanda for Weekending.


  1. love napping during a thunderstorm! and yay for those cast iron muffin tins...i'm on the lookout for some myself ;-)

  2. That hat looks really good! Lovely photos too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Tracey. Yvonne xx

  3. It does sound like our weekend! Only I didn't bring anything home... haha!

  4. ...sounds wonderful too me.
    Love the image of your little toehead. Great score at the thrift store too. Happy for you that you are running.
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  5. wow--what a weekend. I always knew you were a superhero---triathalon, huh???? :)
    loving the hat---and the tea,and the pans, and the rainbow and the THOUGHT of rain (not yet--still waiting.....)

  6. What a sweet weekend...through and through. It's crazy when life gets so busy that you stray away from the things you love. Thank you for bringing me back to center. xoxo

  7. What a gorgeous picture of that cloud. And then two rainbows! We've been getting some gorgeous sunsets here. I love it! Sounds like the perfect weekend :-)

  8. envious of the cast iron muffin tins.
    and funny...hippie tea!

  9. Oh how bittersweet to see her go. I love Maya Angelou and the quote is just perfect. Yay to you running, I know you enjoy it.

  10. Love my cast iron muffin tins! And napping during thunderstorms! Happy weekend!

  11. So glad you're getting all that time in with your beautiful granddaughter before they move. What cool thrifting finds....7.2 pounds each? Wow!

  12. What a lovely gift. I love herbal teas they are so soothing.

  13. Sounds like a perfect weekend Tracey. Except the bit about family moving sucks...Maya Angelou is one of my favourite authors so full of wise words.

    Love the sound of Hippie tea...and the hat too...and the thrift finds...I got some vintage kitchen ware yesterday too and can't wait to start baking...

    Have a good day.

  14. Those are some awesome thrifty finds! And I was wondering when the move was going to take place :( bittersweet I know. I took a look at the race link! You amaze me~ I say do it! Happy Monday to you :)

  15. A rainbow! It's been raining a lot all over the place lately. Looking forward to your finished hat. I want to make one for myself.