Monday, May 14, 2012


The fact that I can plant a seed
 and it becomes a flower, share
a bit of knowledge and it becomes
 another's, smile at someone and
 receive a smile in return, are to
me continual spiritual exercises.

~ Leo F. Buscaglia

I still knit every single day,
but now I have also been
making little bowls from
the huge supply of gourds
we grew last year.
I give the gourds a good
scrubbing, then cut the
top off, saving the seeds.
I paint and seal the
gourd, punch holes around
the top then sew a little
hemp string around the
it. I think they have turned
out really cute. I thought
one of you might like to have
a little bowl of your own
along with a few seeds
to plant in your own yard.
The gourds are Hawaiian
Dance Mask. My seeds
originated from Sand Hill Preservation Center
and are an heirloom seed.
Let me know if you are
interested and what color
you would like, I'll draw
a name on Saturday.
I also wanted to remind you
that there is still time to
sign up for the State & Country Swap
which will also close on
Good luck, I hope you win!
UPDATE: Pick any color you
like in the world, I have
more paints.


  1. How simply lovely !
    I have several painted cottage gourds, but nothing like your 'bowl' gourds.
    Very unique :)
    If I were lucky enough to win, I would enjoy a blue bowl, or yellow, or

  2. Just loving the quotations you include at the beginning of your posts. And those gourd bowls - now on my to-do list. They are simply gorgeous.

  3. Those bowls are lovely and very unique. Your blog is quite special Tracey what with all you make, your quotations and your pictures.

  4. Put my name in your hat..I would love to win one of your bowls. So are so creative!!!!


  5. These little bowls are so pretty and colorful. It would make my day to win your give-away so please enter me. I would also love to have some seeds for my own garden. Thanks in advance. I would gladly take any color.

  6. I would love to have one of your little bowls (in any colour) but realise they could be quite difficult to post - but I would really love some of your seeds to plant my own gourds. Love the little quotes always so poignant.

  7. Oh beautiful....
    seriously, you make these? You are amazingly talented and from something you grow???? ;D
    (Love it)
    The turquoise is fabulous ;)

  8. These are positively BRILLIANT, Tracey! Well done. And thanks so much for sharing the love :-)

  9. That is really cool! Your bowls are beautiful Tracey.
    I have seen some actual Hawaiian face masks in the Bishop Museum in Honolulu and they do look like they certainly could have started as one of your gourds. We call them "Ikaika" masks which means "Warrior".
    You are so crafty; I love it!

  10. GORGEOUS!!!! This is definitely going on my Crafty Things to Do list too :-) One can never have enough bowls around. Especially stunning bowls. If I had to pick a colour, I'd pick red. Or orange. Or, um, they're ALL beautiful.


  11. Oh my you are industrious and sweet! They are incredible! I love that you grew and made them. I am just in awe. Any color is just brilliant; put me in please. I still can't get over it. Thanks so much for sharing the beauty you grew and made-just too sweet.

  12. Aren't you clever! Those are so adorable! Any color works for me, but I'm partial to red😉

  13. You are amazing Tracey!!! I love your bowls, so beautiful. And I would love to win one, doesn't matter which colour, I love them all.

    My fingers are crossed.

  14. those are beautiful - great idea! I live in Australia so you wouldn't want to post one all the way over here, I will just store the idea away and hopefully one day make my own.

  15. Tracey, is there no end to your creativity
    Your bowls are excellent ! ! !
    Wouldn't I just love to have something from such a talented gal.

    I have a trellis or two that would be great for a vine-ing plant LOL


  16. These are all beautiful Tracey I especially love that you have grown and then made something from them preserving the seeds.

    Probably one would have to travel to far to reach me...but I can still admire their beauty from afar...


  17. Gorgeous and so creative! I would love an aqua or a red one for our front porch. You amaze me my dear!

  18. Honestly, is there anything you can't do??? (and do well????) These are gorgeous! And the colors stunning. One is as pretty as the next. Love them all. Couldn't pick a favorite.

  19. Tracey you are so creative!! These are gorgeous! The red one is my favorite although they are all gorgeous. I just looked at the picture again and the aqua one is beautiful too. OH they all are!!!

  20. Is there anything you don't create beautifully?! (:
    I love that orange bowl (orange is my color, don'tcha know!).

  21. uh wow, i looove those bowls!! it's hard to pick a color... my hubby's favorite is orange, so i'll pick that color for him!

  22. You are wonderful Tracey....
    That turquoise is a beautiful color, if not that a green would be nice.
    Much love to you.

  23. What a beautiful giveaway Tracey, and the fact that you made them makes it even better. I would love to win a turquoise gourd--Thanks for the chance!!!

  24. what a fun thing to do! and they are darling - you are so creative tracey :)

  25. i love these bowls, they turned out great!!! i like yellow best. if you ship internationally i'd love to take part in the giveaway! thanks so much!

  26. you've done it again. so very cool! i love the stitching!

    turquois or orange!

    thanx for the shot!

  27. Awesome!! These look fantastic, Tracey. Count me in for the giveaway... I can already think of a few uses. As far as color goes... surprise me if I am lucky enough to win. ;)

  28. Those are really neat! I especially like the red one!

  29. Very cute giveaway, thanks!
    I would choose orange.
    rjs682 at yahoo dot com

  30. I'm sorry Tracey, I just don't know how I missed this post. They are just so beautiful. And I don't know if I could choose a colour they are just gorgeous. If I win send me a surprise. I still can't believe I very nearly missed this post I check your blog everyday! I just love what you do and wish I was your neighbour. xxx

  31. Tracey! They are wonderful! We have a gourd here from last fall that we've been trying to decide about. We were going to take out the seeds but hadn't come up with an idea for the gourd itself. I don't think we'll get around to this now but I am definitely going to show Elizabeth and log your idea for later!

    I would love one in that bright cheery blue if my name gets drawn. :)

  32. How wonderful! Chase tried growing gourdes last year (the vines ended up the Maple tree) because he wants to make things from them.

    I would love the chance to win one of your wonderful bowls. I love red. :)

  33. I would love to win a bowl! Ocean blue is my favorite color in the world! Beautiful, my friend!

  34. Oh, Tracey! I was so admiring the gourd bowl in your yarn along post before I scrolled down to read this one. What talent and creativity you have! I would be honored to have the chance to win. Green is my absolute favorite color. :)

  35. Wow Tracey these gourd bowls are just beautiful! I would love to win. What a wonderful giveaway, you are so creative.