Sunday, May 13, 2012


What greater thing is there for
 human souls than to feel that
 they are joined for life -
 to be with each other in
silent unspeakable memories. 

~George Eliot

Saturday was spent getting
hot, dirty and sun burnt...

I pulled weeds,
rearranged planters, finally
bagged all the onions that
were drying on tables,

rearranged tables and chairs,
made plans for another herb
bed and a spot for more flowers,
my yard looks nice!
I put up several jars of tiny
cucumbers to ferment, following
the recipe in
Nourishing Traditions,
fed my
sour dough starter for
the first time and have been

pouring over recipes to try next

Sunday has brought rain falling,
vases of flowers, wondering what
is for dinner as that is their
department tonight. Hugs and
well wishes from these grown
people who I still think of as
babies.Tracing feet so I can 
finally order these. Tonight is huge
bowls of popcorn, homemade ginger
ale and the season finale of
I wish all the mother's the most special
of days and I hope you are making
great memories! 
Joining with Amanda for her
weekending post.



  1. Happy mother's day, my friend!!!

  2. happy mother's day, my dear! i can just picture your house, as plain as day, in my mind. your gardens too. and there is an aura pure love. thank you for sharing! have i mentioned that i'm a clairvoyant...only sort of joking! :)

  3. Homemade ginger ale... would love to join you with a glass of that!
    ( in my cider vinegar is... parsley, chives, mint, dill, lemon balm and nettles. I think that was all! )

  4. Happy Mother's Day, Tracey! Sounds like you have a wonderful day planned.

  5. Today I received word that my little brother had his little girl. Wishing I was back in AZ to be there, but enjoying our time here so much. You must tell me how you like those shoes. They are on my very long list.

  6. Have a lovely Mother's Day, Tracey!

  7. Happy Mother's Day to you too.I have a dream for those shoes also.Enjoy your day. xxxx

  8. a perfect beautiful mother's day weekend!

  9. Hope you too had a wonderful mother's day.

  10. Happy Mother's Day, Tracey. Sounds like a wonderful weekend in the garden. Cute shoes!

  11. Your falling rain sounds nice as we climb well over 100 degrees here in Arizona. Sounds like a perfect, peaceful weekend and Mother's Day. (I am wondering how you make homemade ginger ale). Thanks for the post.

  12. This sounds like a perfect Mother's Day weekend Tracey. It wasn't Mother's Day in the UK we had ours in March but my darling daughter Hannah must have seen it on a calendar somewhere and got confused. We'd already celebrated it... She came home for a visit especially this weekend...It was wonderful. She's still my baby but a wonderful friend too and a really good person. Like you we made some great memories this weekend.

    I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on with your sourdough...I started a fresh one using spelt flour...It seems to be thriving but at a much slower pace...I hope it survives.

    Love the shoes by the way.

    Have a happy week,

  13. What a wonderfully productive and fun filled weekend!
    I've got to get around to preping my sour dough starter sometime.

  14. A lovely Mother's Day weekend!

  15. I hope they made you a great dinner :-) I love that shoe company, can't wait 'til I can get my own pair.

  16. Aww it sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!

  17. Now *that* is a satisfying Mother's Day weekend! And I'm going to be ordering a pair of those shoes too, but have to wait until late fall. Please do tell us what you think of yours once you've worn them for a spell.


  18. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Happy Mother's Day!

  19. happy mother's day!

    you will love your shoes! i bought my first pair in '89 and wore them for years!

  20. Oh those shoes look fantastic! Sounds like you had a lovely day my friend.

  21. Sounds like a very happy weekend. Ginger ale recipe, please!

  22. Just as a mother's day should be, sweet friend.

    Our children from California phoned their Mother's Day wishes and we had wonderful memories to share.


  23. Sounds like a wonderful Mother's day for a fabulous Mama. And OH those shoes Tracey, can't wait to see them! Please do share when they are finished!
    Much love to you lovely lady