Wednesday, May 16, 2012


And the day came when
 the risk to remain tight
in a bud was more painful
than the risk it took to blossom.

~ Anais Nim

At the risk of repeating myself
once again and boring you
to tears,  here are my clothes
line baskets. [I'm sorry ].
While I really love the finished
products, I must be honest
and say that I despised
knitting them; they were
a lot of work and just not
enjoyable.  I can not say
if I will ever cast on another
clothesline basket or not, but
I do know it won't be anytime

And what is up next? Yes, another
repeat, but I am finally at
the border of my cardigan
and then I can move on to
the sleeves so this will be
off the needles very soon.
This knitting is very easy
and now that I know what I
am doing I am really enjoying
myself which is what knitting is
all about right?

I  received a lovely surprise in
the mail last week from a
dear friend, a copy of
Country Weekend Socks.
There are some beautiful
sock patterns in it and I
do know there will be a
pair of socks being cast on
in the near future.

What have you been up to
this week?
I am joining with Ginny
for this week's Yarn Along.


  1. The baskets are beautiful Well done!. And good luck with your socks. And I love the little blue bowl as well. What is it made from?

  2. Love those baskets (and the bowl). Looking forward to seeing the socks you knit.

  3. Your clothes line baskets are really worth the effort Tracy...they are lovely.

    Your cardigan is coming along nicely the rich colour. It's nice when you work with a yarn that you enjoy using. Although I'm really pleased with my Donegal cardigan now it's finished, the yarn was quite rough to work with...I even got a blister on my finger! So I can appreciate how you feel now that you are working on something that you enjoy.

    The sock book sounds good, that's something I want to start working on soon.

    Not so much knitting going on at my end at the moment...I'm doing a spot of sorting out, de-cluttering and even a bit of decorating whilst we have the nice long light days.

    Have a fruitful day

  4. Wow, everything is so beautiful. Those baskets came out so well! I can imagine how hard it was on your hands but I think they're well worth the effort. Can't wait to see this cardi.

  5. those baskets are really beautiful, i can imagine the amount of work that went into them but so pretty!!! can't wait to see the cardi, i'm sure it will be beautiful - the orangey yarn is gorgeous - have a knitty wednesday xxx

  6. Your baskets turned out so lovely. And with the gourd bowl - fantastic. I love all of it. Some times knitting does take a bit and feel like we only talk of one project, but I love hearing about it all. Enjoy your day, Tracey and give your hands a rest.

  7. I love the baskets but I can imagine they were hard work! The quote at the start of your post is exquisite! Thank you xx

  8. I love seeing the baskets! It reminds me that I want to make them :-) I could imagine it would be a lot of work with that thick clothesline though. Hopefully my hands can work it out!

  9. Well the baskets are great and I am sure your memory will dim and you will once again knit another. Just not soon! Sweaters do take a while and I love hearing about your progress in knitting!

  10. gorgeous baskets! I have just finished the cable and fancy stitch socks from this very same book (I chose alpaca yarn) - seen on my yarn along photo today ::
    I have also knitted the wellington boot socks (like a tabi sock)........which pattern are you going to try first?


  11. The baskets look gorgeous. Have fun choosing which socks to knit. Now if only we could smell those gardenias through the screen. They are so beautiful. Jacinta

  12. I love those baskets! What a great idea!

  13. I can almost smell that gardenia here! Beautiful. I meant to grab some clothesline last week and try---mental block maybe. (I'm only happy knitting with tiny needles.....clothesline on jumbos??? Don't know.) Still may try, because I adore you baskets!!!! (and gourds!)

  14. Those baskets are pretty cool; even if they were a pain. That gardenia looks lovely; I can almost smell it!

  15. I love seeing those baskets! You could do many more posts about them before I tire of seeing them :) You've got me thinking I should try my hand at knitting again! Have a wonderful day!

  16. Tracey, your baskests are lovely and your cardi is looking beautiful.

    What a thoughtful friend to gift you with such a beautiful book.

    Take care

  17. I love your baskets but understand why they would not be an "enjoyable" knit.
    Your cardi color is wonderful, can't wait to see the cardi finish.

  18. Those baskets look amazing....but really knitting is for fun...and if they are not fun to knit..I wouldn't do it. But...they are amazing...

  19. What lovely pictures. The baskets are gorgeous but I totally understand them not being an enjoyable knit. I can't wait to see your finished cardigan. I especially love the last picture of your gourd bowl!

  20. Love the baskets but I can only imagine how tired your hands were while knitting them!! Enjoy knitting your cardigan now ... more human size, right?

  21. Is that a gardenia? We have a bush in our backyard that was here when we bought the house. It's been overtaken by weeds and vines through the years. Once I even had B cut it all the way to the ground, figuring that possible death was better than being slowly strangled. Well, it's back. And there's even a bloom on the top - which it's never had. (:

    I love your baskets. Seriously, I'm going to have to give them a try. This weekend I'll check my needle stash and see if I have circulars in anything big and then head to the hardware store. (:

  22. Well all that hard work has paid off - the basket LOOK wonderful. :) Repeats are great in my book - I seem to have lots and lots of repeats when it comes to yarning along recently.

    That flower is gorgeous...I don't know its name. Is it a camellia?

  23. You do some beautiful knitting! I can only with to be able to knit socks like on the cover of that book. But yes, I enjoy knitting my simple projects. I find it very relaxing and that's what knitting is about for me. Have a lovely day!

  24. Those baskets came out lovely!!

  25. I'm sorry they were such an unpleasant knit...the results are amazing! I'm still swooning over the yarn for your cardigan - gorgeous! Can't wait to see what socks you make!

  26. "At the risk of repeating myself
    once again and boring you
    to tears, here are my clothes
    line baskets. [I'm sorry ]."

    How cute are you? I love those baskets and I think you are so creative and awesome!
    You rock my world.

  27. The baskets are wonderful! Your photos show them off so well. I can't wait to see your cardi and the socks you choose. What a great surprise to receive.

  28. The baskets look really beautiful, despite, or maybe because of all the hard work :)

  29. Your baskets are marvelous-well done and congrats for working through it! I think that cardigan color is gorgeous and that book looks very interesting. I absolutely love that last photo. I do miss my Magnolias.

  30. I love the baskets!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  31. well it looks like they were worth the pain - they're lovely tracey!!!

  32. Your clothesline baskets are anything but boring. I love them. But I can see they would be hard work...My arms could use some toning up, though...hmmm.
    That first photo is glorious!

  33. Holy fabulousness. Clothes line baskets? How entirely nautically perfect. Love it. Wow. So cool.

  34. I was so sucked into the gorgeous pictures I almost didn't notice the knitting. Those baskets are really cool, but you make me not want to try them. LOL. I'm working on a project right now that I'm LOATHING, but it's for a gift so I keep chugging along. ;)

  35. I love your baskets!!! That gourd bowl is awesome too!

  36. Your photography is beautiful. And so is your knitting. Did you also make the gourd?

  37. Neat baskets! They do look like they might be a little tricky to knit. I recently took that sock book out from the library. I really like it but I have a bad case of SSS (second sock syndrome) so I don't knit many pairs of socks... only singletons and I don't know many people with only one foot.

  38. I love your baskets! Great knitting! I wonder, would bulky yarn, held double, do the same thing?

  39. I would say the baskets were worth it, they are amazing!!!! And your cardi looks like it will be lovely, great colour.

    1. The baskets look great, it's a shame they were no fun to knit.

  40. Lovely photos and a shame to read you didn't enjoy the making of the baskets - they look great though! :)

    the cardi is the most beautiful colour x

  41. I think your baskets are wonderful, Tracey! It has been an interesting journey watching your progress and hearing your report on making them. I hope you do make them again (just not so soon!).

    Woohoo! Socks!

  42. everything looks so beautiful! and i can almost smell that flower, these have such a wonderful fragrance, don't they?

  43. Oh, I just love those baskets. You did such a beautiful job, they are perfect!

  44. Read your comment on Cory's tonight. I do hope your day is going much better. Sending warm thoughts your way.

  45. Oh, it was a bummer that the baskets were a bear to knit, but the finished product is definitely something to be proud of. Hope all is well with you and yours today. You're in my thoughts!

  46. Love your pictures, as always. Your baskets are awesome, so even though they were terrible to make, at least your finish product is fabulous!

  47. I feel like those baskets would hurt my hands! Don't feel bad about not liking them, knitting is supposed to be fun:) (Sorry it took me forever to comment, I was barely home this week, and when I was, I was in the garden).